Straight Guy Working in a Gay Club – 06

Straight Guy Working in a Gay Club – 06 continues..

Hardly anyone is drinking anymore, boy. They can handle things without you for a few more minutes.”

I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock and moaned softly as I stroked his shaft. I felt my mouth water as I thought about what he wanted. I had never actually given a blowjob before. Sure I had enjoyed sucking Jonathan’s cock, but I had been worked up and horny. Now, I just couldn’t force myself to let go of his hard cock or say “no.” He smiled and tightened his grip on my cock and balls, as he asked, “Do you like that hard cock, boy?”

I nodded as I breathed out, “Yes, sir.”

He massaged my cock and balls, as he asked, “Don’t you think you should finish what you started when you gave me that lap dance, boy? My hard cock has been rock-hard ever since. I think you know what to do, don’t you, boy?”

I nodded as I replied, “Yes, sir.”

He gently pushed me to my knees as he unzipped his shorts and removed his rock-hard cock. I still didn’t know why, but I immediately wrapped my hands around his cock and plunged my mouth down his entire length. I began stroking and twisting my hands around his cock, in sync with my bobbing head.

I was sucking and licking as hard as I could along the entire length of his hard cock. I felt a surge of accomplishment and pride, as he moaned out, “Fuck, boy! Where have they been keeping you? You have some talented and enthusiastic cock suckers working here, but I think you have them all beat. You keep going like this, I won’t last a minute.”

I smiled around his cock as I tightened my grip as I stroked him into my mouth. I remembered Robert bragging about sucking off his “In-house-date” three times. I didn’t think I was ready for that, but I was pleasantly surprised to be enjoying myself right now.

Remembering a trick that I knew felt amazing but had never considered trying for myself, I took a deep breath and swiftly plunged my mouth down his cock until my nose was pressed against his pubic bone, his smooth balls were tickling my chin, and his cock head was firmly resting in my throat.

Surprisingly I was ok and didn’t feel any discomfort or the need to gag. I began to experimentally swallow around his hard cock to see how he would react and what it would feel like. I felt pretty good and thought I was doing well, but moaned loud enough to cause chuckles and applause to emanate from other guys hidden in the dark.

I continued on in this way until I needed air. I then backed off and concentrated my sucking and licking on his cock head. After I had caught my breath, I resumed bobbing my head up and down his cock as I got the hang of sucking cock. Robert and Tim were right, even at only my second time ever sucking a cock, I already knew what I liked so I could easily translate that into what he should like.

I smiled around his hard cock as he moaned again, warning me that he was close. Wanting to show off again and also wanting to see what it would feel like, I deep-throated his cock again. He moaned loudly again as I swallowed rapidly around his cock.

His hips suddenly bucked as I felt his cock head swell in my throat. I then moaned as I felt spurt after spurt of hot cum flow out of his cock and right down my throat. He was moaning almost nonstop and his knees were shaking, as I gently massaged his balls. His cock finally stopped cumming and I drew my mouth up his cock until I was sucking and licking his cock head again.

I stroked his cock shaft and felt a few drops of cum flow onto my tongue as I sucked. Given that this was my first taste of cum, I was surprised that I didn’t mind the taste. I moaned softly as I trailed my tongue along his cock head, making him moan and his hips buck again at my overstimulation of her overly sensitive cock head.

Smiling to myself, I carefully put his softened cock back into his shorts, zipped them up, and stood up, as I said, “Sorry, but I really do have to get back to work now.”

I then turned and walked away without a glance back. I heard him moaning softly and a few deep breaths as I walked back into the club. I smiled to myself for a blowjob well done and then frowned as I considered that I had done it again. I continued to question my own submissiveness as I returned to the bar.

What was it about me that made me feel compelled and enthusiastic about having gay sex whenever a guy acted just a little dominant towards me and especially if he called me “boy.” Robert and Tim were all smirks and wide pleasing eyes, as Tim said, “We saw that guy in the shorts pull you in there by your cock. Spill!”

I shrugged and replied, “I was just hanging out with my “in-house-date.”

They both smiled excitedly but I didn’t continue. Robert looked like he was going to pounce, but Tim shook his head and they both let me be with my confused thoughts. I continued to ponder my actions, reactions, and feelings towards what had happened tonight. I had enjoyed all of it and I didn’t know why. I acknowledged that I would happily and enthusiastically do all of it again if it meant cumming like I did when Jonathan fucked me. I just couldn’t work out what the issue was.

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