Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 06

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 06 continues….

“Fuck…me too,” Daniel exclaimed, watching all this, as his wife’s mouth came down again, capturing their pricks. Daniel felt the first glorious spurt of his cock as he began to erupt, his deep-throated grunt doing it perhaps, as Don likewise released a cry of his own. He then knew that both he and Don were simultaneously filling his wife’s mouth full of spunk, and even heard her gag a bit, trying to handle it, before finally giving up. She allowed the massive amount of cum to spill from her mouth then, once more drenching them both as it fell much like the waterfall behind them, only this one creamer and thicker.

“Oh fuck that’s hot!” Amber squealed in delight. “Now I want to do that!”

Daniel laughed upon hearing that, his cock finally spent. “Well sweetie…if you do, it’s going to be a while.”

“I think we’ll have plenty of time. How about we eat? And then maybe go for another swim later. See how we all feel after that?”

They had enjoyed their lunch and relaxed for a bit, until Iris actually stood up and made her way over to where Amber was laying on one of the large fluffy towels.

“Sorry, I can’t help myself, I need to fuck you for a bit,” she told her. Amber lowered her sunglasses, peaking over the rim, looking upwards.

“I was just thinking the same thing myself,” she answered, looking over towards the men, though Daniel, as well as Don had taken immediate interest upon hearing what Iris had said. Already Don was flipping his somewhat flaccid prick back and forth within his hands, as Daniel now joined him, doing the same.

Iris slid beneath Amber, one leg over, and one leg under each of hers. In seconds, they were pussy to pussy, easily able to grind against, and hump one another, which they slowly began doing.

Once more, both Daniel and Don were stiff again, coming to stand over on each side of the women looking down as they lay there, the squish of their soaked pussy’s actually beginning to make noise as they humped, fucked one another in that way.

“I like watching two women trib one another too,” Daniel groaned, working his cock.

“What’s that?” Don asked.

“That’s when two women actually rub one another clit to clit, they call it tribbing.”

“Interesting expression,” moaned now as well, a long thin streamer of pre-cum fuck juice only then oozing out of the tip of his prick to hang there dangling for a moment, before finally separating from his prick tip to actually splash down on the junction of where the women’s cunts met.

“Nice shot,” Daniel quipped, having watched it, though so had the women.

“Speaking of which,” Amber began breathlessly. “Might be nice to see the two of you jerking one another off trying to aim your cum on us while we’re doing this.”

Iris agreed, still grinding, and now pulling on her own breasts, teasing herself as she looked up, coaxing the men on.

Daniel nodded in agreement, as did Don, and the two of them now reached over, grasping one another’s pricks and began Danieling them in this way, each one aiming the others downwards towards the two women.

“Let’s see who does the best job of actually hitting the target,” Don challenged.

“You’re on,” Daniel responded in kind, as the two men continued yanking on one another, while the girls below, continued their own style of hump-fucking one another.

It took all of five or six minutes more before Don’s warning came. “Oh yeah, almost there buddy. You’re gonna make me cum!”

Don had briefly left off jerking Daniel’s prick, in order to enjoy his orgasm. Daniel now aware, concentrating, even better directing the aim of Don’s cock as the first white bubble of sperm appeared at the tip. Another bubble, and then the explosion as suddenly a long thick streamer of spunk suddenly leapt from the head of his dick, followed by another and another. Daniel did his level best to ensure that most of it, if not all…hit the target. In seconds, there was a nice white sticky blanket of cum covering the women’s respective cunts.

“You ready?” Don asked moments after that.

“More than,” Daniel moaned as Don’s hand soon after took him over the edge as well.

Both men stood back, drained…satisfied, as the girls continued grinding their cunts together until their almost simultaneous orgasms came. Now using the additional lubrication of the men’s spunk in doing so, they both began shaking, crying out, and even holding one another’s hands as they did so.

Almost reluctantly they took another quick swim, and then began to gather up their things for the hike out.

“Hey, if you two aren’t doing anything later on this evening, we met another nice couple at the hotel last night. We thought they were…interesting,” Don stated looking at his wife who was giving him an almost secretive smile. “Anyway, we invited them up for drinks after dinner if you’d be interested in joining us.”

Both Daniel and Iris nodded their heads in agreement.

“Sounds like a plan,” Daniel acknowledged as they headed out, and already looking forward to it.


They arrived back at the hotel and found their bags still waiting for them in their room. They unpacked, showered, and then merely lounged around for a bit as there was still a couple of hours yet before they were to meet Don and Amber for dinner. They had a nice little balcony overlooking the sea as Daniel stepped out onto it for a smoke, not even bothering to dress as they were still fairly secluded. Anyone else stepping out into their balcony might have seen him perhaps, but at the moment no one else had appeared.

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 06 will continue in the next page.

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