Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 03

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 03 continues….

“I am sure you’re all curious about this,” he actually grinned. “But I thought it was a great way to let you all know, we’re sending a special team over to the Islands. And not just one Island either, all of them. We’ll be spending a minimum of two weeks over there.

Let me just say, that this could very well be one of the biggest projects and opportunities we’ve ever had to work on. We’ll be spending the first week looking at potential development sites, and then putting together the visuals for client review. All that in the first week, so it will be a damn busy one.

And that is why of course, I am bringing all of you along. That first week will be concept and design, location, etc. The rest of your respective teams will be brought in during the second week, which is when we’ll get down to the real nitty-gritty. I will expect numbers by the end of that week. Real numbers, honest one’s, that we can present to our client. We’ve got one shot at these people, so I expect the best out of each and every one of you.”

Chandler paused, taking a step back behind Julie as she came forward with an arm full of packets for itinerary…hotel and flight accommodations. She took her time going around the table, placing one in front of everyone there. Daniel couldn’t help noticing as Chandler’s eyes looked almost longingly at his assistant’s sweet ass, though Daniel also took the opportunity when it came, to stare down the front of her rather revealing top too.

“Inside those packets you will find airfare for two. So yes, you are bringing your wives, or lovers…whichever you prefer,” he grinned trying to make a joke out of it, “along with you.” Once again, he paused however. “But there is a reason for that as well. Your wives, or significant others, will have a role in this as well. Our clients shall say, enjoy certain, interesting nighttime festivities.

So not only is it important that we put together a working proposal, but that we also show them that we are a group of people that will be exciting to work with, especially if we’re awarded the development contract. So go home, pack, tell your wives or lovers that we’re all heading to the Islands the day after tomorrow.”

He finished, and then invited everyone to partake of the refreshments, browse through the binders, and ask questions if they had any. He sat down then, kitty corner to Julie at the end of the table, talking quietly, though Daniel was fairly confident that Chandler’s hand was busily caressing one of Julie’s legs as they sat there.

Iris was of course ecstatic when she heard the news. “Two weeks in Hawaii!” She exclaimed once again. “I need to shop!” She likewise added to that, though Daniel reminded her that the women had actually been given a “suggested” list of things they’d be wearing.

Most of which could actually be purchased over there. And funny enough, most of them being wraps, or bikinis according to the specifically laid out itineraries. “I’m getting a sense that some of those evenings, those parties, are apt to get a little crazy?” She questioned. Daniel nodded his head in agreement.

“Chandler did mention at the close of the meeting that everyone who was going needed to keep an open-mind, and come without any reservations, or inhibitions. If they couldn’t then team leaders would need to leave them behind rather than jeopardize the final proposal.”

It was the first time ever that Iris was able to pack everything of hers into one suitcase, though she was also taking an empty, second one.


The very first night there, they were scheduled to attend a very private and intimate luau on a section of beach that was one of the prospective properties they were looking into. As Daniel and everyone else had learned, their clients were mostly Japanese business investors. The three principles would of course be at the luau as well, but Iris found it odd to discover that their wives wouldn’t be.

Everything was set up and waiting for them upon their arrival, including the Hawaiian dancers they’d been told about. What neither Daniel nor Iris expected to find however, was just how traditional the entertainment was to be. Though the women wore grass skirts, the only other thing they had on was flowered lei’s, which barely even concealed their breasts, if at all. Even the male fire dancers were skimpily clad, which promised even more amusement for the ladies.

The traditional roasted pig was excellent of course, along with so many other of the Islands traditional fish and delicacies. And then it was time for the dancers to perform. Even Iris had to admit it was erotic in a way, seeing them, the slow at times waving movements, and then other times, almost wildly gyrating in comparison.

When the other women were suddenly invited to stand up and dance, there was a brief hesitation on their parts, including Iris’s. It was perhaps with the consumption of several Mai’tai’s, as well as a pressed look from Chandler himself, that each one of the women present eventually stood. To Daniel’s surprise, Julie was the first to remove her bikini top, though he wouldn’t have bet her doing so without Chandler’s intentions for that to happen in the first place. And then quite naturally, one by one, the rest of the women followed, including Iris.

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