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Pleasures with Guilt – 2

“pleasures with guilt” Part-2 Continues…… I honestly didn’t believe I had heard her correctly, so I asked her again. “What did you just say?” This time she didn’t hesitate. “I asked you, if you’d like to fuck my son,” she said simply…even more importantly, seriously. And quite naturally, I said, […] Read More… from Pleasures with Guilt – 2

Holding mood and time for her – 2

“Holding mood and time for her” Part-2 Continues…. “Not even once, except for dad,” she then added, blushing…but you obviously heard me say that. By the way…where were you anyway?” “Standing just outside the door,” I finally admitted to her. “So you heard everything then?” she asked. “Oh yeah,” I […] Read More… from Holding mood and time for her – 2