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This is a new story called “Anonymously making love” Let’s begin….

I had a long drive ahead of me the next day where I would spend a day and a half in a very boring town where there was nothing to do. I’d been there on business before, and it wasn’t one of my favorite places to have to go. But a job was a job. Even the hotel I had stayed in before (and would be again) didn’t offer much by way of programming on the TV. Hell, they didn’t even have cable. Needless to say, I had learned my lesson.

I decided to swing by a particular ‘Adult Bookstore’. If nothing else, I could pick up a few dirty magazines, preferably a few that claimed to be based on ‘true stories.’ Even then I figured half the time they really weren’t. But at least some of them seemed feasible and worthwhile reading. I really didn’t go in for the T & A picture magazines, preferring to let my own vivid imagination produce images for me as I read along.

Since it was in the middle of the day, and during the workweek no less, it certainly wasn’t busy. So I wasn’t surprised at all when I pulled into the lot and saw only a couple of cars sitting there, pulling in and parking next to a rather nice looking truck with one of those equally nice camper shells sitting on it. I walked into the store. Got a nod of the head from the guy behind the counter, and then sauntered towards the back where most of the books I was interested in were.

As expected, there was one guy browsing the really raunchy stuff. I half expected to find him with one hand in his pocket while thumbing through a few of the open “sample books” the store actually allowed you to look at. As I neared the far back of the store where the sex-digest type books were that I was more interested in, I was surprised to find an older couple standing there glancing through a few of them as well.

It wasn’t so much surprising that it was a man and a woman as much as it was that they were easily in their early sixties perhaps. The guy had a full head of white hair, well-aged admittedly as was his wife (as I assumed her to be).

She was considerably shorter than he, around five foot three, four perhaps…and a little stocky. A real grandmotherly type, though she certainly didn’t dress the part. But it was again a bit of a surprise to find the two of them standing there looking at various books together. I didn’t want to seem like I was intruding on them, but they were glancing at some of the books I was interested in too. I walked up, immediately catching the man’s eye as I did. He merely smiled my way, nodded his head and continued browsing. I soon found myself doing the same, moment’s later lost in my own search for something dirty to read the following evening.

It took a moment for me to realize that the gal had come over to stand on the other side of me, leaving me sandwiched now between the two of them.

“Oh that’s a good one,” she said, actually speaking to me. “We’ve read that one. There’s a great story, second or third one in, that someone wrote about,” she again smiled.

I smiled back, said “thanks”, and opened it. Luckily it was one of the few sample books you could look through. Again to my surprise, she stepped over, actually next to me, close enough that I swore I felt her as she did.

“Not that one…next page,” she instructed. I turned the page looking, saw her finger come over and point out the title of the particular story she’d meant. “That’s the one…very hot!” she laughed softly, and as she did, I noticed that she had a very friendly laugh that put me a lot more at ease for some reason. Thankfully it had, as her husband suddenly stepped closer to me from the other side. He was glancing over now too.

“Oh yeah…that one. Maria is right, that one was hot. At least it certainly made her hot,” he chuckled, stepping away again to replace the book he’d been glancing at, picking up another.

“Cooper Knows I love any stories having to do something with having sex outside. Just something about that really gets to me. I guess it’s the excitement and danger of maybe getting caught that turns me on so much.”

I was surprised we were actually having this conversation, but admittedly this older couple had completely disarmed me. Their total uninhibited approach about discussing something they obviously liked and enjoyed, had caught me a little off guard yes. But I found it equally refreshing too.

“Can’t say as I’ve ever really had the opportunity,” I found myself confessing. Maria, as I now knew her name, looked at me incredulously.

“You can’t be serious!” She laughed. “Haven’t you ever at least gone to a drive-in movie with some young woman and fooled around a bit during the movie?”

Now I really did laugh. “I know you’re not going to believe this, but I’ve never even been to a drive-in movie. The last one I knew that still existed closed two years ago. So no…I never had the pleasure.”

“No lovers lane?”

“Oh I’m sure there’s one or two of those in existence, but I’m pretty sure they’re for the younger set. I think anyone seeing me there would find it odd.”

Although I had only turned forty a few months ago, and didn’t even look like that, I highly doubted that anyone else even close to my age went up to any of those places to “make out” as we used to call it.

“I suppose so,” she laughed again, though finally turning her attention back to where her husband was, seeing that he’d obviously found and selected something.

“Ready Maria?” He asked.

“Ready,” she said, joining him though once more turning towards me. “Hope you find something interesting to read,” she winked…throwing me off a bit, though she again pointed at the book I’d placed back on the shelf. “Get that one for sure. You won’t be disappointed.” And with that she turned, heading towards the front right behind Roger. I stood for a moment staring at them, then returned to my search. A minute or so later however, I picked up the book they’d suggested reading, along with two other ones all based pretty much on the same subject. “Daring sexual adventures.”

Moment’s later I stood up front paying for my purchase, and then headed back outside towards my car. Imagine my surprise as I reached the driver’s side door, looked over…and saw that it was Maria sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck I had parked next to. Cooper was sitting in the passenger seat. I was again a little taken aback by all this, though it had perhaps only been five minutes or so since they’d left. Even so…the fact they were still sitting here said something.

I could see Cooperlean forward in his seat looking around and past Maria towards me. He was waving me over with his hand. As though we were in the midst of a drug deal or something, I glanced all around, threw my small sack into the front passenger seat, and then walked around the front of my car towards them. Curious as hell now. As I did that, Maria rolled the window down. It was warm out, so they had the air conditioning on in their truck as they sat there with it still idling. I stood now by their door looking in, once again…curious.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Would you be interested in seeing Maria’s tits?” Cooperasked. I looked from him to her almost immediately. Already I could see that she had both hands on the hem of her blouse. The right word from me, and I knew damn well I’d be staring at them.

Anonymously Made Love Yours will continue in the next page.

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  1. That was a lot of fun. It’s always interesting to see how the seduction for something like that will be handled. Great job!

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