Life long Friends to lovers – 02

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Life long Friends to lovers – 02 continues..

“Hello, Sam. You’re my patient for the day.”

I blinked and stared at him.

“You? You’re my therapist?” I gasped.

He locked the door and came back to the recliner and touched my shoulder.

“Of course I am.”

He pointed at the degrees and certifications and all on the wall. I hadn’t even looked at them.

“You are my only patient this afternoon,” he said, “I saw that you had some range of motion in that shoulder last night. Please take off your sweater,” he said, sounding professional.

How could he be so cold after what we had done the night before? I felt my temper starting to build.

I took the sweater off and he moved closer and said, “The tee shirt too, love,”

I took it off and then I felt his hands on my bra strap. He unsnapped it like a pro and then sat on the side of the recliner and looked at my shoulder. He lifted my arm and let it down and gazed at the scar and leaned over and kissed it.

“It’s healing nicely, Sam. How long has it been since your surgery?”

“Six weeks,” I replied.

“Take off your skirt and shoes. Get naked for me,” he said, his voice in my ear.

I didn’t resist. I slid my skirt and panties down my legs and he took my panties and sniffed them and smiled at me. He stood up and slipped out of his shirt and then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. His eyes never left me as he quickly and quietly undressed. I didn’t know what to think except I was again admiring his beautiful body. His hair was pulled back in a pony tail and I noticed how long his lashes were. I had never noticed that before.

He climbed onto the recliner over me and kissed me, a gentle sweet kiss, his tongue probing inside my mouth. I was breathless. His kisses trailed down my throat to my shoulder and he kissed my scar again.

“Do you feel any pain in your shoulder?” he asked.

“No,” I whispered, “no pain at all.”

“That’s good, baby,” he said, “good. I’m going to give you a complete and total check-up today. Head to toe, inside and out. I want to make sure you feel good when you leave. Is that alright with you?”

He was licking my nipple. It had gotten hard in half a second and was getting harder.

“Yes, that’s all right,” I whispered.

“Does this feel good?” he asked, sucking my nipple.

“Am I black?” I retorted, caressing his face.

He stopped and looked at me, laughing, “I remember you always said that. I want you to feel good, Sam. I’m going to make sure you feel good. I know this will make you cum and I want you to cum.”

He went back to my breast and it didn’t take long for me to do just as he wanted.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand and he made a sound down in his throat. I pushed him back onto the recliner and I slid down and took his cock in my mouth. I licked around the head and sucked it hard and then held it in my hand and gazed at it.

“I never knew you had such a big dick, Gregory,” I told him.

“You just thought I was a big dick, didn’t you?” he asked, his eyes dark with lust.

“I’m learning how wrong I was,” I replied, sucking him again. He groaned and reached for my head.

I sucked him for all I was worth. I licked that big thing and sucked and kissed his balls and licked my way back up to the head of it. I enjoyed it. He was groaning and moving his hips as I worked on him. I really did like to suck a man’s cock if I liked him and if he didn’t try to make me do it. Gregory was enjoying what I was doing which made me love it even more.

“Oh baby, baby….oh God Sam, baby…I’m gonna cum….”

He moaned. I felt his cock jump and his balls tensed and I fastened my mouth around him and sucked harder and he cried out and came. I didn’t spill a drop.

He got up and turned me over on my stomach and began to massage my body.

“That was so good, Sam,” he said, his big hands relaxing me. “I dreamed of you doing that to me for years. You suck a mean cock. My cock better be the only one you suck for the rest of your life.”

I smiled. I liked that.

“I want you to relax,” he said. “I’m going to massage you and loosen all your muscles. I want you to let all that tension go. Forget everything that has happened between us except for last night. Concentrate on my hands and my mouth and my cock and how I make you feel. You understand me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good. I am going to massage you and then I’m going to eat your pussy. I’m going to suck your clit and make you scream for me. Nobody will hear you. I told them all to close up and go home. It’s just you and me the rest of the day. I know you love Pink Floyd and I know you love David Gilmour. Listen to him sing to you while I fuck you all day long.”

I couldn’t talk. His hands were on my ass and he was sliding his fingers down between my cheeks and probing to find my clit.

His fingers found my clit and then he eased them into my pussy. I was wet and juicy and he licked his fingers and then he started licking and sucking me from the back. He squirted some warm oil on my butt and rubbed it in and I knew what he was going to do.

I didn’t mind anal sex – in fact, it was one of those things I liked but I wasn’t sure about Gregory’s big cock in my ass. I knew it would hurt. But he made sure I was ready for him. I felt his tongue on my clit and I moaned his name.

“Yes, baby,” he said, ‘does your pussy feel good?”

“Yes, it does,” I sighed.

“It tastes good too,” he said, licking me again. His fingers were then going in my butt, and he was gentle. He massaged and rubbed me and I was so hot I didn’t really care what he did. He climbed up on top and slowly eased it inside me. He gave me time to relax and get used to it and then he leaned over and kissed the side of my face and pushed it all the way in.

“Oh my God, baby,” he gasped, “your ass is good. Oh God, it’s good…oh shit…”

I held on to the recliner and pushed back and he started fucking me, long slow strokes that felt so damn good! My head was spinning and I wanted him to never stop, but he did. He pulled out and I looked back at him and he was grinning at me as he reached for a wet cloth and wiped his cock. He put some more of the oil on it and started to stroke himself.

I rolled over to watch him. I love to watch a man pleasure himself and when he saw I was watching, he grinned and kept doing it.

“You like to watch, baby?” he asked.

“Yeah. I love it. I love to watch a man jerk off.”

“Show me your pussy. I’ll do it for you.”

“That’s ok. Jerk off for me another time. I want your dick hard and I want it in me again.”

“That’s my Sam that I love, you bossy little wench. You want my dick?”

“I want your dick.” I told him.

He climbed up on top of me again and rammed it into me.

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