Kiara and Gracie with terrific measures – 01

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This is a non consent story about Kiara and Gracie, its a great story and please read the whole story.

“He won’t even look at me anymore,” Gracie sobbed into the phone.

“Oh, stop it. You just delivered and you’re hormonal. He’s probably afraid you’ll bite his head off.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Oh, hell. Look, I’m at work. Freby hasn’t exactly been the man of steel of late, and I know where you’re coming from. When I delivered Fred Jr., I put my teenage daughter to shame. And you know what a cock hound Rachel is.”

“I’m dying, Kiara. I’m in such need of a good….fucking.”

“Christ, Suze, what do you want me to do? Lez out on you or something?”

“No, I just wanted some sympathy, damn it!”

“Look, we got ten admissions going on, Doc Ritigliano is cursing me in Italian, the nurse just ran out in tears. The trash hasn’t been emptied in a week. I can’t spare you any sympathy right now. It’s not that I don’t care, but I’m not in a position where I can play with my girlfriend right now.”

“All right.”

“Oh, fuck, don’t even give me that wounded puppy voice. I know Freby and Brian are off to Lake Pickwick for a weekend fishing trip. I get off at ten, if I’m lucky. What say I grab a bag and I’ll spend the weekend with you and the baby?”

“Mom has little Jimmy.”

“Even better, I’ll bring a fifth with me.”

“I can’t drink.”

“Of course you can. You aren’t pregnant any more.”

“But I’m still breastfeeding.”

“So what? You got a pump. It’ll all be out of your system before the rugrat is back.”


“Oh, fuck. Look, I gotta go. See you around eleven.”

Kiara Miles hung up and let out a big sigh. Being the admissions nurse at Baptist was bad enough, but on a Friday night, with a gang war going on and the janitorial staff on strike, it was sheer hell. She just didn’t have time to stroke Gracie’s ego tonight. Not that she felt bad about blowing her off, Gracie could be a real pain in the ass when she was in JAP mode. Which was all too often since she got pregnant.

Actually, Gracie was a high maintenance pain in the ass most of the time. She could also be the most kind, considerate and generous of friends. The problem was, she was strung tighter than a wasp waist corset. Kiara kept up the hope that she would eventually let her hair down and learn to enjoy life. It was a fading hope, as Gracie had become insufferable after the kid was born, obsessing over her weight, the kid, the house and Brian’s seeming disinterest. Kiara hated to admit it, but she had been avoiding her friend. Gracie was just more emotionally draining than Kiara could handle at the moment.

She knew from Freby that Brian was having his own problems with his wife. Kiara had coaxed Freby into taking Brian out and giving him a talking to. The boy was getting desperate, and she couldn’t deal with Gracie going through a divorce. But if the girl didn’t lighten up, she was gonna drive Brian to it.

Kiara laughed out loud, causing several people to stare.

Good old Freby. King of the horn dogs. His solution had been they try wife swapping. She wasn’t that into Brian, but she had to admit, if anything would loosen Suze up, Freby’s cock would do it. Not only was he fantastically hung, but he knew how to use it, and imagining little Gracie with Freby’s black dick slamming her pussy was about the funniest thing she had thought of in a long time.

Actually, it wasn’t just funny, it was kind of hot. Suze was a dish, even if she didn’t know it. Back in their early swinging days, Kiara had been pretty naïve. Once she got started though, she had gone a little cunt crazy. She told herself it was just a passing thing, she hadn’t been with another woman in a couple of years. The couples they regularly partnered with were pretty much straight. And none of the wives really did much for her anyway, but Suze? She had to admit, she could get into that.

Of course, it was all the more funny because Suze would never go for it. Brian would, Kiara had seen him surreptitiously checking out her tits and ass when they had pool parties. But Suze? Not with all the rum in Jamaica in her.

Kiara paused in the middle of her admission paperwork and frowned. No, you couldn’t get Suze liquored up enough. But what about drugged up? She pushed the thought from her mind and went back to her paperwork, but it kept coming back. On her break, Kiara slipped into the pharmacy and perused the shelves.

Most of the tranquilizers were just too strong. And she wasn’t really knowledgeable about the psychoactives. Several painkillers might work, but they might also make her sick. Kiara had only entered on a lark and was about to leave, chalking the whole crazy thought up to the bad idea column, when she saw the bottle of Cainockflorin. It was a new drug, and only Doc Ritigliano used it. He was still heavily loyal to the old country and the fact that an Italian firm had developed it made it good enough in his estimation.

He only gave it to the real whackos, but it really seemed to work on them. She had seen him calm a Schizoid-affective down from homicidal rage to sleepy and fuzzy with a single shot of the stuff. Curious, she grabbed the work up on it and took it back to the break room.

She read through all the cautions first and was surprised to find there were very few. She noted pregnant or nursing women weren’t among the proscribed patients list. The side effects were interesting as well.

Common side effects include: Drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, impaired judgment, impaired vision, confusion/disorientation, short term memory loss and impaired concentration.

Rare Side effects: Enhanced Tactile sensation (particularly in the extremities), Muscle soreness, breathing difficulty, Somnambulism, Hallucinations, Incontinence

In clinical trials one patient in 100,000 experienced an allergic reaction, which resulted in coma. Of these reactions .001 percent resulted in death. This side effect must be treated immediately with epinephrine delivered intravenously as well as antihistamines and oxygen.

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