Kiara and Gracie with terrific measures – 02

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Kiara and Gracie with terrific measures – 02 continues..

“Men are like that. If they aren’t getting it at home, they go bird doggin’,” Kiara said carefully.

It seemed like a good lead in. She was going to try to reason with Gracie first, but if that failed, she was now pretty much prepared to try the second option.

“That’s not very nice.”

“Oh, hell, Gracie. You gotta keep your man happy. I’m not going to lie to you.”

“I’ve tried.”


“Yes, really,” she said defensively.

“So what have you tried?”

“The usual things.”

“Get some sexy lingerie?”

“No, of course not.”

“Meet him at the door naked and on your knees?”

“Kiara! There’s no need to be so crude.”

“Men like crude things sometimes. You should try it.”

“I’m not a whore!”

“I meet Freby naked at the door, with a beer and a blow job at least once a month. You sayin’ I’m a whore?” Kiara replied, her voice icy.

“No. You know I’m not. Let’s change the subject, ‘kay?”

“No, not yet. Just what have you tried, Suze?”

“Just regular stuff. You know, letting him know I would let him if he wanted to.”

“Did you ever tell him you wanted to?”

“No, I’m not like that,” she said blushing.

“Girl, a man’s got a fragile ego. He has to feel wanted.”

“I want him. I really do.”

“But have you ever told him that?”


“Suze, you gotta loosen up. Nobody wants to be married to his mother in law.”

“Bren, you’re really pissing me off. Let’s just drop it, okay? You just don’t understand.”

Oh, I understand perfectly, she thought. The only question is, can I make you see the light?

“All right, girlfriend, we’ll drop it. I brought some flicks, you wanna make some popcorn?”

“Sure,” she said, smiling.

That was the thing about Suze, Kiara mused. The redeeming quality that made putting up with her bullshit worth it. She had been hurt and upset, but she instantly forgave Kiara. She didn’t have a vengeful bone in her body and didn’t carry grudges. Beneath the puritanical attitude, she was genuinely sweet and loving. But that wouldn’t be enough to save her marriage, and Kiara knew it.

“What can I get you?” Kiara asked, as casually as she could.

“Vodka Martini.”

“That shit will rot your guts. How bout something less toxic?”

Kiara really didn’t have anything against martinis, but she wanted something with some color to it.

“I dunno, have something you think would do me good?”

Oh yeah, that I do, she thought.

“How bout a Harvey Wallbanger? I see Brian picked up some Galliano.”

“Never had one of those, sure,” she replied.

“What kind of flick do you like?” Kiara called.

She kept her eyes on the entrance to the kitchen as she mashed up the Cainockflorin into a powder and mixed it with the sugar she was adding to Suze’s drink. She had it done and was carrying both drinks to the table when Suze came in with a bowl of popcorn. Kiara popped in a girly flick and sat back, sipping on her rum and coke. She watched from the corner of her eye as Gracie sipped the drink.

“Wow!” she exclaimed.

“Like it?’

“Yeah, it’s sweet and kinda…I dunno…”

“Don’t try to explain,” Kiara laughed, “There are no words for how Galliano tastes. You either like it or hate it.”

“I like it,” Gracie said, taking a much larger sip.

Kiara paid no attention to the movie, but watched Gracie closely. At first there seemed to be no effect, but after a while she started to sway and her eyes dilated.

“Gracie?” Kiara asked.

When she didn’t respond, Kiara put down her drink and moved next to her friend. She waved her hand in front of Gracie’s face and snapped her fingers.

“Gracie!” she shouted.

“Huh? Ummmm… I’m feeling woozy…Feel…” her words trailed off into an incoherent mumbling.

“Feel like some serious fucking?” Kiara asked.


Well, the first part of her plan seemed to be working. Kiara knew she would have to hurry though. She had only used .5 mg and while the effects were stunning, she knew the intervention dosage was meant to be applied to someone who had already had a serious IV dose in their system. Left to her own devices, Gracie would fall asleep and wake with nothing worse than a drug hangover, and maybe some sore muscles. Kiara had no intention of leaving her to her own devices, however.

Kiara hurried out to her car and got her gym bag. By the time she returned, Gracie was slumped over on the sofa and curled up. Kiara opened the bag and pulled out the restraints. She glanced around the room, her eyes finally settling on the coffee table. It was a stout piece of furniture, fashioned to resemble an old style cedar chest. The legs were squat, stout ovals and looked to be sturdy enough to handle the most violent struggles.

The restraints Dana had suggested were thick leather bands, with a double row of holes running down the length. One end held a heavy, stainless steel clip, the other a buckle. Their best feature, besides being incredibly strong, was their versatility. It took Kiara only a few minutes to attach one to each of the table legs and she left only about an inch of play in each. She looked in her bag, looked at Gracie’s limp form and did what she promised herself she would.

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