When Ben felt love for the trippie Bailey – 04

When Ben felt love for the trippie Bailey – 04 continues…

To understand this following story you will have to read the first two.

These three work it out, and more.

We stood up and headed towards the car park. I slipped my arm round Baileys waist and said. “Rosalie is going with you. You may have some things to talk about.” A worried look passed across her face.

Rosalie saw her worried look. “No, don’t worry. I’ve had ideas about what to do for ages should this happen. But I need to chat to you about it.”

She looked at me and said, “What about Ben?”

Rosalie stroked her face, glanced at me. “I’m afraid he will just do as he’s told, this one time.”

We got to the cars. Rosalie drove Bailey’s car. I was in front, so they could follow. The sat nav might be useful this time. We used the emergency services exit onto the local roads and headed home. I had to stop for fuel, so they got home first. I was about half an hour behind them. When I got home downstairs was empty, But I could hear noises upstairs. I went upstairs and saw our bedroom had been tidied up, the bed made and the ropes taken off the bed. I don’t think Bailey was ready for them.

Another problem had occurred to me driving home, we wouldn’t want to leave Bailey alone tonight. I made the decision then, it might be a bit cozy, but she would have to sleep with us. As Bailey’s suitcase was in our bedroom I think that decision had already been made, especially when Bailey and Rosalie came back carrying some of her clothes. I think some of the clothes Rosalie and I didn’t often wear have been dispatched to Bailey’s old room.

We decided we needed a shower and then went to bed. It was very late. We all had work tomorrow, well today actually. And I am sure the girls will have a lot to do over the next couple of days. I would just let them organize it. They were probably the best people to do it.

And I would do as Rosalie said. ‘Just do as I’m told’.

Bailey went into the shower first, whilst she was there Rosalie told me she had told Bailey all the gory details about my mother’s first marriage. Rosalie had got all the details from my half-sister. Some of them she suspected even I didn’t know about. She would tell me all about them later, but for now it was time to look after Bailey.

We went to the airing cupboard and got our big fluffy white towels. Whilst Rosalie dried her, I had a quick shower, then we swapped over. We both dried Rosalie when she came out of the shower. It appears I was the only person who had to dry themselves.

It was time for bed. Rosalie clambered in followed by Bailey, there wasn’t much room for me. That was when I decided if this was going to be a regular occurrence, we would need a bigger bed. I soon heard gentle snoring as the girls fell asleep, and I wouldn’t be far behind them. It had been a harrowing evening.

It was a strange week, well Tuesday didn’t count, we were all still shattered from Monday night’s antics. We all got in from work, Bailey cooked, normally my job. Rosalie put some washing on and I laid the table. I felt a little bit like a spare prick at a wedding. I know the girls were only trying to be helpful.

Over dinner I told them we would have to sort out some sort of a rota. I wasn’t thinking. Rosalie giggled. “Do you mean I get you first on Monday and Bailey gets you first on Wednesday. You could have Tuesday off for a rest.” Trust the women, they were thinking about sex. I was thinking about household jobs. Bloody hell.

Bailey spoke up, but she had a serious tone to her voice. “I’ve been thinking about that as well.” She looked at Rosalie. She reached a hand across the table and took her hand. “We do need to set some sort of pecking order. You are his first lady, his first love. You should go first or at least have the first choice.”

I think that brought Rosalie up short. “You’re right, we do need to talk about that sort of thing. But not tonight, I’m too tired. So tomorrow night we’ll do it. And that’ll give us time to think.”

We went to bed about 9:30, I wasn’t as tired as last night, and I had a problem sticking out in front of me as I was laid between two beautiful sexy women. I knew I couldn’t touch either of them. It wasn’t laying right, it was uncomfortable. So, I put my hand round my cock to tuck it up. Rosalie felt me do it, she whispered to me. “Hands off that or I might have to tie you up.”

Her whispering wasn’t quiet enough. “Kinky already.” Came from Bailey.

“He’s got a raging hard on and I’ve got plans for that later in the week. So, he can’t play with it.”

Bailey turned over, faced us, got up on one elbow, looked across me at Rosalie and said. “Thank you, but I don’t think that’s very fair on him, he’s laid here between two sexy women and he can’t touch anything. The poor man.” She swung herself out of bed. Stood up, looked at us and said, “I need a cup of tea, I’ll bring you two a cup, it will be ten minutes.” She walked out the bedroom door, closing it behind her.

I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but Rosalie was faster. Her head went under the covers and quickly had me in her mouth. She was very good at this. She knew just what I liked, biting down the side, nibbling underneath and taking me all the way in. I tried to turn her over to share the pleasure. She pushed me back, took her mouth off my cock, looked at me and said. “This is about you sweetheart. Just enjoy it.” I was not about to argue.

I think it was about the seven minute stage when I shot into her mouth, she swallowed.

I was nodding off as Bailey came back in with a tray and three cups of tea, it would be rude not to drink it after what she had done. I sat up in bed, took the cup from her hands when she offered it. Looked her in the eyes and said with as much feeling as possible. “Thank you.” And I wasn’t talking about the tea.

She smiled at me and said. “My pleasure.” She gave a little chortle. “Well, I hope it will be later.” Oh bloody hell.

Wednesday night after tea, we sat and worked through a rota for household jobs. Rosalie and I didn’t have a list, we naturally did where our skills lay. I was a good cook, but rubbish at stacking the dishwasher, well, so I’m told.

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