When Ben felt love for the trippie Bailey – 05

When Ben felt love for the trippie Bailey – 05 continues…

“No nothing, but I have developed feelings for Rosalie. She has looked after me, she’s helped me get my heart’s desire, she’s supported me all through this and I think I’m starting to fall in love with her as well.” She looked at me. “Am I allowed to love two people?”

There was a simple answer to that. I did, so she could. But I was worried about Rosalie with this declaration of love. I looked at Rosalie, reached my hand across and touched hers and said. “Sweetheart, how do you feel about that?”

“I’m not sure, I’ve never thought of myself being that way inclined. I do love Bailey, but more like a sister. I’m going to have to think about this.”

I had an opinion. “You don’t kiss sisters like the way you kissed Bailey last night.”

Rosalie looked at me. “No, I don’t suppose you do unless you’re in love with your sister. So perhaps my love isn’t as sisterly as I thought. I will still need to think about this. It’s all new to me.” It was new to all of us.

It had been a long day and there were things in the bedroom we wanted to explore. Rosalie asked me to tidy away the dishes and lock up. Her and Bailey were going to bed and could I come up as soon as I’d finished. She was planning again.

I got to the bedroom and Bailey was helping Rosalie put on the black corset. Bailey was already wearing the white one.

I started taking my clothes off whilst they were putting theirs on. Rosalie smiled at me as she clipped her stockings to the suspenders. When she finished, she took Bailey by the arm and came towards me. “Sweetheart, yesterday we used you. We took full advantage of you; we used you as our love pleasure machine. We think it’s time we paid you back for that. It was a long night, they sucked, they teased, we kissed, we fucked, and we all came. I have no idea how many orgasms happened in that room that night.

Rosalie and Bailey kissed and touched each other. But they seem to stay away from any sexual activity between themselves. I saw Bailey’s hands caress Rosalie’s breasts. Rosalie lifted the hand off her breast, kissed her palm and put it back on her waist. I think it was too soon for Rosalie. Bailey took the hint. It was a fantastic night, one I will never forget.

Sunday was a quiet day, we were all still knackered. Rosalie was a little quiet. I had the impression she was thinking. Was the caress of her breast too much for her yesterday. I made sure I held her and cuddled her. I think Bailey sensed there was something not absolutely right and stayed quietly in the background.

It wasn’t my turn, but I cooked dinner anyway. We had fallen into a routine, after dinner I cleared the table, Rosalie stacked the dishwasher, Bailey took the drinks through to the living room and turned the television on. We settled down to watch some rubbish and then after about half an hour. Rosalie picked up the remote control and turned the television off.

She turned to look at me and said. “I think I would like to explore with Bailey, but I’m worried about you. We only have one rule so far, that you can’t do anything with Bailey without me knowing, and you know I would like to be there. I would like to add another one. That Bailey and I do nothing without you there. Not just with you knowing about it, but you must be there.”

I’ve known Rosalie for a large number of years and if I was a betting man, I would have bet exactly that was what she would come up with. She knew my fears and she had her own.

Bailey got off the sofa where she was sitting and knelt in front of Rosalie. “I totally agree, I would do nothing to upset this man.” But that was where it finished. Rosalie turned the television back on, and Bailey got back onto the sofa next to me. And that was it. No rushing upstairs, no plans, just the acceptance that it would happen all in its own good time.

There was no love making that night, just a lot of cuddling.

On Wednesday we introduced Bailey into our gentle kind of bondage. Just some restrictions. I had her tied spread eagle standing at the bottom of the four-poster facing onto the bed, she was blindfolded as well, she would not know what pleasure was coming, or who it came from. I laid on the bed with my head between her legs and used my tongue and fingers. Rosalie straddled my chest so she could kiss Bailey.

We teased her quite a lot in the end, she was begging us to finish her off. I got off the bed and went behind her. I saw Rosalie’s hand go up into Bailey’s hair, she pulled her head to one side and started kissing her neck as she fondled her breasts. Every now and again she would stop kissing Bailey’s neck and kiss me on the lips over Bailey’s shoulder.

Rosalie was fondling Bailey’s breasts. That was their first sexual contact and there was nothing Bailey could do about it. I don’t think she was complaining. Bailey said something as I ran my hands down her belly and through her hairs. “Please can you put your finger up my bum.”

Bum play is not a thing of ours. Rosalie had said to me often. “You can’t have my bum” She was denying me something I didn’t want. It was a bit of a standing joke between us. Bailey may have heard that over the last couple of months and thought I wanted some bum play. And this was her way of letting me know it would be okay with her.

My hands were already wet with her juices. So I slipped my middle finger gently up into her bum hole. I left it for a few seconds and then pulled it out. I had other things to do.

I eased my cock into her pussy, put my hands on her hips and pumped into her hard. Bailey shook, her legs collapsed under her when she came. I was still inside her and holding her up. I wondered if the bed would hold her weight. I held her up whilst Rosalie undid the knots. I picked Bailey up and carried her round to the bed. Rosalie took the blindfold off as I did that, she had fainted.

Rosalie and I looked at each other and smiled, we think we had converted Bailey into our style of tying up games. I did not mention to Rosalie her fondling Bailey’s breasts.

I hadn’t come, and neither had Rosalie. With Bailey flaked out we took care of ourselves. It was lovely.

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