Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 02

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 02 continues….

“Home sweet home,” he announced, turning, already shedding his suit Danielet, throwing it over one of the chairs. “Make yourselves comfortable, while I fix us something to drink.”

Alan walked over behind the bar, loosening his tie as he stood there. He produced a single glass, and began pouring himself a shot of whisky. As he did, he smiled looking at them. “As in…undressing one another while I watch,” he informed them both.

Daniel began by stepping behind his wife, undoing the small upper clasp on her gown, and then slowly drawing the well-hidden zipper on her dress. As he did that, Iris looked over, noticing that Alan seemed to be fumbling with something, though the bar counter continued to conceal whatever it was he was doing. Now with her dress easy to climb out of, she began doing so as Daniel helped, holding on to her, and then taking it from her as it came away.

“Very nice. Beautiful.” Alan commented. It was evident, even behind the bar, what he was doing. The subtle movement of his hand is obvious. “Ok Daniel, now it’s your turn.”

It took a bit more effort to help Daniel out of his clothing, but soon he too was as naked as his wife, standing there next to her. Alan had poured himself yet another drink, still behind the bar, watching, looking at the two of them.

“Stroke his cock,” Alan instructed Iris. “And play with her tits while she does that,” giving Daniel something to do as well. It was obvious that this was the way he wanted things to be, and the two of them couldn’t help wondering if they’d be performing for him like this all night.

He had taken his tie off earlier, and at some point had managed to drop his trousers and underwear, likewise slipping out of his loafer. Alan now came around the bar, prick in hand, as he continued playing with it. He wore only a light blue dress shirt, and a pair of dark socks. Iris might have found the image of what she was looking at almost funny, had it not been for the very sizable, and very noticeable knob on the man’s prick. He wasn’t overly large in length, no more so than her own husband was, but his cock-helmet reminded her a bit of a flowering mushroom as big and round as it was. He walked over, stepping closer and then standing in front of the two of them. Only then did he begin unbuttoning his shirt.

“Rub your husband’s cock against my prick,” he asked, his voice taking on a bit of an excited quiver to it as he spoke. Iris began doing just that, though taking a moment to look towards her husband, wondering of his thoughts at the moment. They had spoken of this, the possibilities, but neither one of them had been a hundred percent sure at the outcome. To her surprise, the expression on her husband’s face seemed more of surprise at the interesting sensation perhaps. Especially as she continued to fondle her husband’s penis, using it to caress, fondle, and play with Alan’s stiff hard erection. She now felt one of Alan’s hands gently squeezing her left breast as she continued. “Ok, now…take my prick, and rub it against your husbands.”

Daniel had certainly been in a room where he could see other men’s cocks, while being sucked, fucking or merely fondled. However, he’d never actually touched another man’s cock himself. And though technically Iris was doing all the direct touching, he did find it curiously interesting. It wasn’t long however before Alan directed them both back towards the bedroom, though not crawling into it as they’d expected.

“Suck us, lick us with our pricks together,” he again instructed. Now tip to tip, Iris knelt on the floor before the two men. Placing her hands on each, it was again evident that they were comparable in length, perhaps even in girth. The only real difference, and again a major one for her, was the fat bulbous head of Alan’s cock, in comparison to the much slimmer, nicely shaped head of her husband’s dick.

Iris found that she was actually enjoying herself, holding the two cocks in hand, still pressing, and at times rubbing them against one another, though she made much effort in actually trying to suck them simultaneously as well. A feat not too easily accomplished.

“Get on the bed,” Alan suddenly announced, once more the excitement and tone of voice escalating, demanding. He directed Iris to lie on her back, legs spread and bent at the knee. He then told Daniel to get up close to his wife’s pussy, as though he was going to fuck her, but not to do so. After Daniel had indeed so positioned himself, he waited as Alan finally crawled up onto the bed, now kneeling off to one side between them. It was then that he reached over, clasping Daniel’s cock in his hand, exploring it for a moment as he gave it several slow strokes, likewise palming and then thumbing the head. “Nice hard cock,” he announced, once more sounding breathless, certainly aroused.

Again, Daniel found the sensation of another man’s hand on his prick weirdly stimulating, especially when he guided it forward, now using it to run over and around Iris’s well-exposed pussy. He teased her clit with the tip of Daniel’s cock, even slapping it at times, and then once more dipping it inside, though not far enough to go much beyond the head.

“You like that? Like the way that feels?” Alan questioned. And Iris did. The wonderfully teasing sensation as Alan entertained himself, using her husband’s prick to stimulate her with, was doing just that. That and the thought, the simple thought, that it was another man’s hand on her husband’s cock that was bringing her such pleasure. It intensified the sensations perhaps, though only skirting the edges of her personal little fantasies.

“Oh yes, yes. I like that. It feels good. So fucking good!”

After a few more minutes of this, it became evident that Alan was ready for more. “Ok Daniel, you can fuck her now. But slowly. A nice in and out while I scoot over here to watch, and to lick some,” he grinned.

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 02 will continue in the next page.

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