Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 07

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 07 continues…

“It does make masturbating twice as much fun,” she giggled. “Amongst other things.”

Don had passed everyone a drink, though not many were actually doing so, mesmerized, and still taking their respective turns, and time to have a closer look at the two women’s sex organs.

“I think one of the more amazing things we can do, is that we can actually fuck one another simultaneously. It takes a little effort to manage it, but we can.”

“Fucking A! What I wouldn’t give to see that!” Don suddenly exclaimed, once more garnering a little laughter from the two women.

“We hear that one a lot too. But if you’d like, we’d be more than happy to show you how we actually do that.”

Once again, no one said anything about them not doing it, though Candy did stipulate one condition prior to them doing so.

“Before we even attempt to do that, I think it’s only fair that the four of you now get naked as well.”

No one had to be asked twice.


With Candy and Randy both still the center of attention at the moment, everyone else merely stood around now looking on.

“Actually, the easiest way for us to accomplish this is for Candy to be on her back, and if someone could put a pillow under her head, as well as her ass, we’ll show you how we can do this.”

As Candy positioned herself, she invited Iris to fondle her prick, to help make it harder before the attempt. Iris was only too happy to comply, scooting over to now kneel beside the woman, taking delight in working the woman’s foreskin back, more fully revealing that slim, tapered cock-head. In moment’s Candy was fully erect, and roughly the same length and size as Daniel’s dick, which he now stood uninhibitedly fondling all the while looking on.

And though he couldn’t explain it in any way shape or form, there was something wildly erotic about watching his wife, playing with this prick, though attached to what he could only see and accept as a very beautiful looking woman. It was an eerie thought in a way, but an extremely arousing one.

Randy had likewise invited Amber to prepare her, which she was now doing, though preferring to suck the woman’s much lengthier prick into her mouth. In addition to that, she enjoyed the feel and sensation of actually worming two fingers inside the woman’s cunt, thus fingering her in this way, still sucking, and enjoying the incredibly wild feeling of being able to accomplish all this so easily.

“Ok, I know I’m ready,” Randy moaned, literally forcing Amber away from her.

“As am I,” Candy quipped, adding that she’d already had two pussy climaxes with Iris likewise sucking her cock, and fingering her cunt as well.

“Lets show them how we fuck one another,” Randy indicated, sliding into position above Candy, sliding down over the woman’s cunt, though facing towards her feet as she did this. Once she was fully impaled, she then moved forward a bit, the angle just right with the pillow now under Candy’s ass.

With a slightly longer prick, and somehow still manageable in bending, she somehow accomplished it. With the flat of her hand, she pressed herself into Candy’s wide open split, the head of Randy’s prick suddenly dipping inside. She bent a little further, careful not to uncunt herself from Candy’s cock, and slid a little deeper inside as well.

“Jesus H!” Don exclaimed, coming around to kneel by the two women, looking on, though Daniel quickly joined him, the two girls already there in the first place. But all four now look on with wild-eyed expressions on their faces. “They’re actually doing it! Fucking each other! This is…unfucking believable!” He exclaimed once more, glancing back and forth, watching Candy’s prick easing it and out of Randy’s pussy, and then watch Randy’s cock, as it continued working itself in and out of Candy’s cunt.

The girls continued for a minute or two longer, but then Randy finally spoke, actually rolling off and away from her partner.

“As fun and as interesting as that is to do, and feel…it can also be a little taxing,” she said somewhat breathlessly. “Which is why we don’t do that very often. It’s actually more fun, to simply take turns fucking one another, as well as playing. So…having said that, who’d like to fuck me first?” Once again Daniel smiled, indicating that he would, though Don was more than happy to start off with Candy anyway.

Now it was Randy’s turn to lay on her back, placing a pillow beneath her ass as she did. Daniel quickly came up to kneel between her legs, placing and aiming his prick towards the woman’s pussy. As he did that, he realized he hadn’t put on a condom, looking over towards his wife. To his surprise, Iris nodded her head smiling at him. Without further thought, he slid inside her pussy, relishing in the all too familiar feel of a normal, wet, horny woman’s cunt.

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