Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 01

This is an erotic story which shows some art of revenge and this is a great story which has some exciting pleasuring parts. Let’s begin…

Kathy sat inside her car, confused as well as torn emotionally. She sat there toying with one thought after another, dismissing most even before they took shape. Others, she allowed to play out for a moment or two before clearing her head and tossing them away as well.

The past had just shown up to taunt and haunt her a little. And though she felt angry, for reasons that really didn’t matter any more, she felt confused…and curious about what she had just seen, what it meant, if anything. Once more thoughts entered her head, this time memories of a time several years ago now.

She’d been married then, going on nearly three years to a wonderful man, or so she’d thought anyway. Bruce, though she had always called him Bruce, had been her Knight in shining armor. And though she hadn’t been a virgin on their wedding night, she was certainly back then still quite naive, though more than willing to learn.

 She knew going in that Bruce had quite a reputation as a “ladies man”, he’d been known to date several girls at once all through high school, and then on through college. And as rumor had it, he was fucking everyone of them at the same time, and most…maybe even all of them knew that he was too. For whatever reason, that didn’t seem to matter to them, or so she had heard anyway. But it had made her curious as to why, and an opportunity that soon came to her to find out the reasons behind it.

They had been introduced at a Frat party. And against her better judgment perhaps, they had ended up spending the night together. Six months later, they were married. Against her parent’s wishes, along with most of her closest friends. All of them warned her that it was a marriage destined for divorce. And perhaps in the back of her mind, she wondered about that too. The thing was, Bruce was an incredible lover, attentive, as well as having the kind of stamina that most women would only dream of their lover having.

Early on, even with masturbation, Kathy had had difficulty climaxing. And then Bruce came into the picture. It wasn’t long after that, he had her turning inside and out, with more intensely satisfying orgasms than she’d ever thought possible. And it mattered not what he did to her, whether it was orally, or through intercourse, or simply pleasuring her with his fingers. Whatever he did, and however he did it, he never failed to get her off in ways that she had only once dreamed of. And better still, several times in one evening, long before he ever did.

It had indeed been the perfect life, the perfect marriage with the perfect man. And then in one eventful evening, everything had come crashing down around her feet. What made her the angriest about it was her total self-denial that anything was going on. However, there were subtle signs at first that something was. Most of which she had ignored. Too afraid to confront them, choosing to ignore, or pretend that the truth of what was, really wasn’t. Something she’d managed to convince herself of for several months until she was by chance confronted directly with it. And once she had been, she’d been forced to accept the truth, and painfully deal with it.

Had Bruce not owned a flashy, rather expensive red sports car, she might not have even caught him (at least for a while yet) when she did. He’d phoned her earlier during the day, stating that he was showing a potential client one of the many properties they still owned together.

And as such, he would be late getting home. Because of that, she had decided to drop in for a visit with her parents, which was a bit out of the way on her normal drive back home. She had just started out on her way over to her parents place when she spotted what she was sure was her husband’s sports car just up ahead of her.

At first she thought about calling him on her cell phone, letting him know she was just a short distance behind. But then she decided it might be even more fun to hurriedly catch up to him, and then surprise him with a friendly wave and a smile instead. And then moments later, she was the one being surprised instead.

She watched as Bruce pulled his car into the parking garage of a rather expensive looking hotel. And as he did, she clearly saw another woman sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat. A woman whom she recognized as one that worked with Bruce in the office. At first, she again tried to reason out their being together as part of business perhaps. Something to do with this client that Bruce had told her earlier he’d be meeting with.

Against her better judgment, she pulled into the parking garage as well, just catching the tail lights as they turned off as Bruce pulled his car into an available spot. Kathy did the same, though a short distance away, and thankfully with her car being mostly shielded behind a large cement support beam. She sat watching, surprised when they didn’t get out immediately.

Minutes passed when they finally did, as Bruce came around the car to open the door for her. Stacy, as she recalled the woman’s name, slid out of her seat, and then into her husband’s arms. The two of them standing there, now kissing one another passionately. But it even went beyond that, right there in front of her own eyes. Bruce always had been one for doing things in public, or semi-public places where they could be seen.

She’d even gone along with that a few times herself, finding it arousing and exciting yes, specifically because of the danger, though they’d never been caught at it. Kathy sat there in her car, looking over towards them, her view just clear enough to see the woman’s hand unzipping his pants, fishing out his rock hard prick, and then lifting up the front of her own dress so that she could better accommodate him as he stood there fucking her, fucking this woman in front of his own wife!


It had been a long, drawn out messy divorce. But Kathy was pragBruceic enough that she knew destroying their business, or even allowing Bruce to buy her out, wouldn’t have been in her best interests. As such, they had kept the partnership intact, though she had taken her father’s advice, and allowed someone else to act in her stead whenever it was required so that she didn’t have to spend any real time dealing with Bruce one on one, unless it couldn’t be helped. So far, she had managed. And as the years passed, she’d even gotten back onto a more cordial, though not quite friendly relationship again with her Ex.

Eventually Bruce had gotten remarried, though not to the woman he’d been having the affair with. Someone she had never met, though in time she had spotted a picture of the two of them sitting on his desk during one of the rare encounters when she’d been forced to drop by and sign some necessary paperwork.

Admittedly, she was pretty. Bright red hair, which she wore long and fell well beyond her shoulders. She reminded her in fact of a once well-known Movie Star, Maureen O’Hara, and wasn’t at all surprised that Bruce would marry someone like that. He always had a thing for redheads, and had often tried to get Kathy to dye her own blonde hair red, just for that reason. Though she never had.

And now, here she sat, ninety-nine percent sure, that this very same woman, Bruce’s current wife, Izabel’ as vaguely recalled her name, was walking into what everyone knew to be a lesbian bar.


After the divorce, Kathy had taken comfort in her friends, one of which had to this day remained one of her very best friends, and a lesbian. Though Kathy had of course wondered about such things, and been curious about it, especially in college, it was something she had of course never acted upon. Her relationship with Susan had remained just that, a friendly relationship, until one evening after a night out with the girls, when she had finally succumbed to the need to let her hair down once again.

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