Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 03

 Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 03 continues…

“Perfect,” she said, sliding in on one side, as Kathy slid in on the other, though the two of them were now meeting somewhere in the middle of the semi-circular seat they had chosen. Beyond, a few tables, some seated, some not. Not particularly busy for a Friday, at this time of night. But it was still early. The waiter had already come and taken both their drink and dinner order, having just returned with two glasses, and a carafe of wine.

“A toast to what I hope will be a very enjoyable, and pleasurable evening…for both of us,” Kathy added.

Izabel’ clinked glasses with her in agreement. “And let me assure you, it will be too, after all…I really do owe you one.”

“Just one?” Kathy jokes, to which Izabel of course boldly laughed.

“Let’s just say, to many…many tonight. Starting with this one,” she grinned wickedly. And as she said that, she felt Izabel’s hand worming itself down between her legs, as she easily spread them for her in order to accommodate her seeking fingers to her sex. “Oh my…you’re already nice and wet,” Izabel spoke almost a little too loudly.

“See? You’re not the only one who’s apt to be sticking to their seat before dinner’s over. Which reminds me. We should probably ask the waiter for a couple of additional napkins too, just in case.”

“Good idea,” Izabel agreed, and then sipped on her wine looking out over some of the tables as her fingers slowly slid in and out of Kathy’s hot, wet, cunt.


Kathy had one very nice little orgasm halfway through her dinner. And then reciprocated, by giving Izabel’ one, while finishing dessert. Soon after they headed upstairs to their room. Clothes came off in a hurry after that, without much fan-fair or preliminaries. Both women were in need, horny as hell, and wanting. Which is just where Kathy knew she needed Izabel’ to be. Hornier than she’d ever been, and begging for more even afterwards. It was imperative to her plan that they soon come together again.

But for now at least, setting all that aside. There was no reason why she couldn’t thoroughly, and completely enjoy herself. And especially after discovering one more little secret that Izabel’ had shared with her. She liked it a bit rough.

They had stood there waiting for the elevator to come down and take them up to their room on the 16th floor of the hotel. “I’m so fucking horny, I could eat you all the way up, regardless of whoever’s in there,” Izabel’ teasingly suggested.

The elevator arrived, and two people got off as Izabel’ and Kathy stepped on. Unfortunately, one single guy jumped on behind them as well just as the doors began closing.

“Floor?” Izabel’ asked with just a little bit of a tone in her voice.

“Twelve please,” he stated, allowing Izabel’ to push the button’s for him. Kathy had actually stepped back slightly behind Izabel’ in order to give the man plenty of room for distance between them. With an evil smile on her face, she suddenly reached around, lifting Izabel’s skirt up just enough, to allow herself to run one of her fingers up and down her still slick furrow. The movement didn’t go unnoticed either.

“Think you can cum before we get to our floor?” Kathy asked as her finger continued to strum the hard little nubbin that she found there.

“Oh hell yes!” Izabel moaned. “Just keep doing that, keep rubbing my clit, just like that!” She groaned deeply. Kathy looked over at the stranger that had gotten on with them. She wasn’t at all surprised to see him staring at the two of them, his mouth halfway hanging open, and oddly enough, one hand actually palming the front of his pants, no doubt in some fanciful expectation perhaps.

“Don’t even think about taking it out,” Kathy warned. “Or I’ll bite the fucker off for you,” she added, meaning it. “And not in a good way either.”

The minute the doors opened on the twelfth floor, the stranger ran. Literally. Both Kathy and Izabel laughed at that, allowing the doors to once again close by themselves as Kathy continued fingering the woman’s pussy.

“You’d better fucking hurry cunt, or I’ll make you take off all your clothes and walk to the room naked if you don’t make it. And no faking it either, you know I can tell,” Kathy warned.

Izabel stood, holding onto the railing in the elevator as the doors opened, her knees weak, shaking as she climaxed, the growl in her voice accentuating the feel of her pleasure as she came. Which of course startled the somewhat young couple who’d entered, and then nearly got off again.

“You should try it,” Kathy told the two of them. “It’s really quite exhilarating!”

The young woman was blushing, the young man was smiling as the doors closed.

“Alright bitch, get your ass to the room. You need to eat my pussy!”


Kathy smiled inwardly watching as Izabel’ fumbled with the card-key for a moment, needing to slide it again before the door actually opened. She even stood back, holding the door as Kathy stepped by, taking a moment to reach out and almost painfully tweak on one of the woman’s breasts.

“That’s for screwing up on the door,” she reiterated, and then walked over towards the enormous bed, standing in front of it. She slowly turned, seeing the look of pure lust and desire etched in the woman’s face. “Now, hurry up and finish undressing me, and then yourself. I want you naked and between my legs in about a minute after that.”

Kathy was fairly sure it had taken less than a minute before Izabel was in fact licking her clit. It had been a while for that too, and she was going to enjoy every fucking minute of it.

She allowed Izabel’ to bring her as close to the edge as she dared without going over. Then she would stop her, and tell her to stand up there on the bed, and play with herself as she watched until she was ready to go again. Izabel was more than willing to do that, and seemed to become more and more aroused the longer this particular game continued.

“Ok, get down here and fuck me with your tit!” Kathy demanded. At first Izabel looked bewildered as to what she meant. “Get on your fucking hands and knees, and fuck my cunt with your tit!” She said a bit more sternly, though spreading her own legs even more obscenely than they already were. Izabel now realizing what was intended and required, quickly taking up a position, balancing herself with one hand, the other clasping her own breast, now pressing it against the wet, juicy folds of Kathy’s cunt. “Oh fuck, yeah…that’s it baby, that’s it. Titty-fuck my pussy baby, titty-fuck me!”

It was a thrill feeling Izabel’s soft, firm breast pressing fully against her own cunt. That, and the tease of a very hard, very erect nipple likewise dueling with her own hardened clit.

“Want me to titty-fuck you after this?” Kathy asked.

“Oh yes, hell yes!” Izabel’ half spat, a now wild look in her eyes as she continued rubbing her breast back and forth, up and down, and then side to side at Kathy’s direction.

“Too bad, maybe later, or maybe even next time,” she told the woman instead. “Right now, I want you to count on me. So get your ass over, and up her, and settle in between my legs,” she instructed.

Quick as a bunny, Izabel had done that, taking up a scissor-like position, their respective legs now over and under one another, bare pussy to almost bare pussy, pressing all slick and juicy against one another.

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