Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 02

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And though Kathy had no designs on actually doing anything either, the simple beat of the music, and the words being sung were suggestive enough to allow for it. In seconds, she and Izabel were sliding against one another, occasionally bumping, before pressing against one another again, in a rather suggestive sort of way.

Obviously Izabel was really into it, and no novice about it either by the looks of things. Kathy was suddenly glad that she had chosen to wear a fairly low-cut blouse, showing just enough cleavage without it being too much. In addition, she had also worn a black lacy bra that would hint at even more flesh hidden beneath, along with a reasonably short skirt that showed off her still toned legs. Something she noticed Izabel’ looking at as they danced.

Even when the music stopped, and Kathy half expected Izabel’ to walk off the dance floor, back to her table, she didn’t. Hesitating, perhaps expectantly, and then asking. “Another?”

Kathy nodded in agreement, even upon realizing that the next song was to be slow and sensual. Izabel’ noticing it too, though drawing Kathy towards her then without any hesitation. Kathy had full breasts, not overly large, especially for her five-five frame.

But Izabel’ truly did have large breasts, and whether they were real or fake, Kathy would have been hard pressed to tell the difference as the two of them actually came together now, intiBruceely close as Kathy encircled her arms about the woman’s neck, and as she, encircled her arms about Kathy’s waist, their respective breasts pressing firmly and snuggly against one another as they danced. To her surprise, Kathy felt a naughty little chill of lust and desire actually running up and down her spine, and wondered if Izabel’ might be experiencing something similar herself.

As they danced, they finally spoke. “I haven’t seen you in here before,” Izabel questioned. “Do you come here very often?”

“Not very often, no…once a month perhaps, you know…just to let my hair down a little.” Izabel laughed at that, shaking her own red mane of hair back and forth just a little. She looked very seductive when doing that, and Kathy couldn’t help wondering if she was trying to be just that…seductive.

“Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen you in here before either. I don’t come here very often myself, you know…work and all.”

“Ditto that,” Kathy offered, once more feeling the purposeful press of the woman’s breasts against hers, along with a touch of leg as she more or less slithered up and down against her for a moment.

“So…are you here with anyone?” Izabel asked, though Kathy was pretty sure she’d already guessed the answer to that.

“Nope, and not committed to anyone else either,” she offered, wondering if Izabel’ would in fact offer the same up to her, though she didn’t. She simply smiled upon hearing that.

This time when the song ended, they walked back to their tables again, though still holding hands. And this time, after seating again, turning towards one another instead, continuing their conversation, as well as their light intiBrucee touching. Kathy smiled inwardly at the slow soft caress of the woman’s hand as it ran up from her knee, falling just short of the hem of her skirt where it stopped, gently caressing and squeezing that spot for a moment.

After ordering a fresh round of drinks, Kathy took that opportunity to move her chair more closely to the one Izabel was sitting in. And then Izabel’ likewise adjusting her own so that they had purposely turned themselves a bit further away from prying eyes. When Kathy felt the soft delicate trace of a finger along the side of her breast, she knew then that this was headed into some interesting territory, and found herself even more curious, and more determined now than ever to see where it might actually end up.

Maybe it was wrong. But Kathy couldn’t help herself. This was after all Bruces’ wife, and she was curious to discover just how far this gorgeous young woman was willing to take things. Kathy knew she had a few years on her, though not many. But she also felt confident in the way she looked, especially as she had kept herself in shape and worked out regularly. She might have been in her early thirties, but Kathy knew she certainly didn’t look like it.

“You know what I need…is a smoke,” Izabel’ suggested. As it was a smoke-free bar, they would have to go outside, and well away from the building too.

“I don’t smoke,” Kathy told her, though she had stood. “But I will go out with you, it is getting pretty hot in here.” Kathy wondered if Izabel’ would catch her meaning, not at all surprised when she did.

“Isn’t it though?” Izabel’ purred sensually. “I’m actually quite damp myself…in several places,” she smiled wantonly, purposefully.

“Ditto that,” Kathy replied, accepting Izabel’s hand now as she led her outside towards the parking lot.

“Over here,” Izabel told her. “I left my smokes in the car.”

Kathy almost choked as she followed behind, arriving at a black BMW, very similar to one that she knew Bruce preferred driving now. She wondered in fact if it actually was his car, or if he actually drove something different now, though she didn’t ask for it of course.

Izabel’ opened her door, and then leaned over reaching inside for her smokes no doubt, before turning around again, surprisingly still holding onto Kathy’s hand. “This is awful I know, but I don’t recall hearing your name!”

For a moment Kathy was flustered, and then throughout the first name that came to her. “Samantha. Samantha Jones.” The moment she’d said that, she regretted it. Especially when she saw the surprised look on Izabel’s face.

“Really? Just like the character in…”

“Sex in the city? Yes. I know. I got teased about that a lot there for a while. Thankfully, I don’t really look like her at all.”

“No…you don’t,” Izabel said , actually running her tongue over her upper lip briefly. “You’re much prettier, and sexier too,” she added.

Kathy actually felt herself blushing upon hearing that, though mentally making a note to herself to draw Susan back into the bathroom again as soon as possible and inform her of the name she had chosen, stupid as it was. She didn’t want there to be any slip ups now…especially if any of this was headed where she thought it was headed.

“As are you,” Kathy now offered. “And I really enjoyed the way you felt pressing against me on the dance floor,” she threw out.

“They’re real you know,” Izabel spoke without specifically stating what. And then as though to prove the point, she lifted Kathy’s hand, which she’d still been holding, pressing it against herself. “Go ahead, feel and find out.”

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