Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 04

Revenge is sweeter when done slowly – 04 continues…

“Jesus Kathy, you know damn well that’s exactly what I mean, but shit…I mean, hearing you…”

“Talking nasty you mean? Dirty? Filthy? I like doing that now Bruce. A lot has changed in me since we were together, I’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot…done a lot. Hell, I’ve even learned to love eating pussy now. What do you think about that?”

“No shit. Really? You’ve, you’ve been with…women?”

“Oh hell yes, and I love it too. Especially love naughty little threesomes, another woman, or another man, either one. Damn fucking fun.”

“Holy fucking shit Kathy, you really have changed haven’t you?”

“Yeah, too bad you weren’t around to see that, who knows, maybe things might have ended up different between us.”

Kathy took a chance and glanced over, and then down. Sure enough, there was an obvious bulge pressing against Bruce’s pants. She had a hard time suppressing a smile as she looked away again. “Bet you have an erection don’t you?” Kathy asked, once more looking over and down again, though Bruce did too.

“How could I not?” He questioned almost a bit hopefully. “Like I said, best fucking blow-job I’ve ever had.”

Kathy stood silent for a moment as though thinking. “What would you say if I were to say maybe I should do so again, for old times sake. Closing this particular deal the way we started it. What would you say to that?”

“I’d say that you’re not really being serious, and just teasing me. Though I’d love it, if you really were serious about doing that.”

Kathy then turned towards him, and began lowering the zipper on his pants. Undoing his belt, and then pulling down his pants and briefs, Bruce stood there before her, his raging cock only inches away from her face, throbbing of its own accord.

“I’d almost forgotten how big and hard you can get,” Kathy told her Ex-husband, and then wrapped her lips around his prick, softly sucking, teasing, just as she’d done so many years ago now.

Kathy prided herself now on her ability to suck cock. She’d learned many valuable lessons, and knew even now as she sucked on Bruce’s prick once again, it would be even better than it had been back then. She teased, tickled, sucked and licked, bringing Bruce so close to the edge before backing off again, that he was actually trembling.

“Oh fuck SIN!” He cried out, calling her by the pet name he used to use for her whenever they were fooling around together, especially when he was horny, like he was now. It had been a long time since she’d heard him call her that, and she realized she’d actually missed it.

“You like huh?” She asked, mouthing the words around his cock, still sucking. “Better than the last time even?” She asked again, still sucking.

“Oh fuck, way better,” Bruce trembled, shaking even more now, his knees actually starting to buckle a little. “Please Sin, please…let me cum now, I’m fucking dying to cum.”

“Ok, but only if you watch me taking it. You would like that wouldn’t you Bruce? Seeing your hot sticky cum spurting into my mouth?” She was jacking him now, slowly, yet steadily. One hand cupping and gently squeezing his balls, something that never failed to bring about his orgasm.

Bruce stood, looking down at her, eyes open, yet almost glassy. Hands on his own hips for support as he gazed down at her.

“Ready baby?” Kathy asked. “Ready to give me that first delicious spurt of yours?”

“Oh fuck baby, yes! Yes!” And then suddenly, he was indeed filling her mouth. Kathy took what she could, holding the rest of it inside her mouth, allowing him to see, just as she’d done before, and then swallowing…once more opening her mouth to show him that she had indeed taken it.

“How was that?”

“Incredible,” he said honestly. “Fucking incredible!”

“Glad you liked it. Now…now it’s your turn to do me baby. Time for you to lick my pussy until I cum. And then afterwards, when you’re nice and hard again…you can fuck me. I mean after all, we really should end this the same way we started it so long ago, wouldn’t you agree?”

Bruce was almost shell-shocked by his ex-wife’s words and demeanor. This was so totally different from the way he once knew her to be. Admittedly, it was hot…sexy, and erotic. But a little unnerving as well. It was almost like he was with a stranger, a woman he didn’t really know, especially with her new look, the dark hair, and blue eyes now. It really was like being with a completely different woman than the one he’d once known, and being married too.

Maybe he didn’t eat pussy as well as his own wife did, but he could certainly still fuck well. Better than she’d had in a while too. And she even told him that. Not about the pussy licking, but certainly about the fucking.

She’d cum twice while doing that, once doggy…one of her favorites, and specifically because he’d fucked her doggy here too after all. And then standing, much to his surprise as she placed one foot on his leg for support, and then cunted him, fucking him that way while standing until he eventually managed to get her off again, as well as his self.

“Well, I guess that completes our business then,” Kathy said, beginning to dress. It was in fact the last of the original properties they had gone in together. Everything else had been purchased and acquired separately.

“Yeah, I guess…no more celebrations huh?”

“I guess not. Though I have to admit Bruce, it was really good. Almost too good now wasn’t it?”

“Really good,” he agreed. “So good, that to be honest, I’d like to do it again.”

“So you’d be ok with the two of us sort of doing this in secret then? No one else knows? Just us? I mean after all, should anyone find out, it could hurt the business, you know…reputation and all.”

“Yeah, the business,” Bruce agreed. “Just our secret, no reason for anyone…” Bruce emphasized, “to ever know or find out.”

“Maybe,” Kathy said as though mulling it over. “Tell you what. Let me think about it for a bit. And then when I decide, one way or the other, I’ll call you. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” Bruce hoped. And then Kathy kissed her ex softly on the cheek before heading off towards her car.

Things were indeed working out perfectly.


It was Saturday, and Kathy knew that Susan would be jumping at the bit to hear what had happened. She even answered on the first ring, no doubt anticipating and expecting the call. She didn’t even say hello.

“Spill it!” She’d said excitedly. “What happened?”

“Well, like I told you. I left an extra key card for Bruce to pick up at the front desk. I’d first given him explicit instructions to follow, telling him he wasn’t to show up before eight, and no later than eight ten. If he was late, he’d find the door latched, and I wouldn’t even open it outside of the time I’d given him.

I told him that I’d have a surprise waiting for him when he came into the room, if he showed up specifically when I told him to. As planned, I met Izabel’ about seven and took her up to the room. I teased her for a bit, and then told her I wanted to blindfold her, and tie her to the bed so that I could tease the hell out of her. Naturally, she was all for it.”

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