The Cave

The Cave.

The four of us were thrilled by our discovery. We cleared away the vines from the cave entrance and couldn’t wait to do some exploring. Roger ran back to the Jeep and returned with the head lamps.

We quickly removed all of our clothing except for our hiking shoes and put on the lamps. Susan winked at me when she noticed my freshly shaved twinkie. Roger was ogling at both of us while showing off his erection and expecting us to bow down and worship him. Jerry just chuckled and motioned for us to follow him inside.

We are members of a local caving club called ‘Going Down’.  It’s a chapter of The National Nude Spelunking Society.

After following Jerry in about twenty feet, it was time to switch on the head lamps. The cave walls had a glistening sheen to them, like they were covered in some sort of organic slime. We watched our step because the floor was becoming slippery as well.

Each of us made our way down the narrow passage until it opened into a large subterranean chamber. There was an unusual smell that hung in the air. Jerry and Susan were holding hands as we continued exploring. There were none of the normal calcium formations like I was expecting. All I could see were smooth surfaces, almost as if the enormous room had been hollowed out of the solid rock.

Jerry started kissing Susan and fondling her huge boobs, which were acquired from an expensive plastic surgeon. She’s such a show off. I focused my light on both of them and watched Jerry’s enthusiasm grow long and firm. Roger caught me looking and smacked me right on the ass. I pulled him close and we began kissing but were suddenly interrupted by a weird noise.

We turned to see that something gigantic and horrifying had blocked our way out. Roger pushed me away and started running but tripped on something and went down hard. He lay there motionless as a second creature moved out of the shadows slithering towards him.

Jerry and Susan rushed to his aid, but were caught up in the monster’s slimy tentacles.¬†They battled to break free as their naked flesh was covered in thick sticky ooze.

Jerry shouted for Susan when a tentacle started dragging him towards its mouth. Susan continued to struggle in vain. A tentacle was firmly coiled around one of her tits. It looked like a balloon ready to pop! I pulled off my shoes and threw them at the ugly creature but couldn’t even get its attention. I desperately wanted to help but was too frightened to get close.

Jerry cried out in terror as his slippery body was sucked inside. Our eyes met for a moment just before he was swallowed.

The monster’s jaws opened again and the tentacle clenching Susan’s boob started pulling her while she screamed in hysteria. I turned and saw Roger who was still unconscious.  His limp body was being picked up by the other creature and I was powerless to do anything but witness the insane carnage.

I felt so frustrated as I turned back towards Susan whose upper body was now inside the creature’s mouth. Her legs were still kicking as I watched her outline slide down its throat.

Things got quiet for a minute until the fucking bastards turned and spotted me. They began to inch closer when my head lamp picked the absolute worst time to flicker and fade out.

I was left standing naked and alone in the darkness, waiting…

The Cave ends.

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