African Gold

African Gold

It was the winter of 1859 that I finally secured my first respectable job at the Grant Mining Company. My degree in geology was finally going to pay off. The company had operations in several countries looking for new sources of gold, silver, and copper. The first assignment would take me into the heart of Africa.

It was difficult to convince friends and family that I would be safe in such a hostile country, but that’s what the job demanded. As a 24 year old, I felt invincible and ready to conquer the world. The company’s management had been influenced by rumors of lost cities where gold was as common as tin.

I departed by sailing ship in the late spring. In about a week we arrived on the northern coast of Egypt near the mouth of the Nile River. My work mates boarded a small steam powered boat to traverse the river through Egypt, then on to our destination at the southern tip of Sudan. The river boat was slow but it afforded me time to enjoy the diverse wildlife and jungle vegetation.

It was the rainy season and the river had crested. The captain was trying to fight the current by adding more coal to the boiler, pushing the engine to it’s limits. Thickblack smoke billowed from the stack as the boat vibrated and struggled to make headway. Suddenly there was a violent explosion that ripped the boat apart.  Survivors of the blast found themselves in the water fighting for their lives. Some were clinging to bits of the vessel while most were pulled under the swift moving torrent. I was struggling to keep my head above the water, gasping for each breath.

The next thing I remembered was being pulled onto the shore coughing and gagging. As I regained my wits, I could see four naked savages hovering over me holding spears. My coworkers were nowhere in sight and I feared all had perished.  I was escorted miles through the jungle to their village. A group of curious natives gathered around me acting like they had never seen fair skin before. Modesty seemed to be an unknown concept as they all stood there with absolutely no clothing.

An elder approached who tried speaking to me. The language barrier was an obvious problem. More curious villagers joined the group to see what was happening. He motioned to a few females who began undressing me in front of everyone.  I was horrified but thought it prudent not to resist, considering the number of unhealthy weapons that were pointed in my direction.  In a few moments I was just as naked as the rest of them. The elder stepped forward and began looking me over.  He seemed fascinated by my circumcision and took the liberty to fondle. He persisted until a cumbersome erection was on display.

A female was called out of the crowd who got down on her hands and knees. It didn’t take a translator to understand what was expected.  I began to shy away but a few of the warriors shouldered their spears. Obviously there was no choice in the matter. The woman turned her head and nodded at me as if to say, don’t be afraid.  I reluctantly dropped to my knees in the animal mating position and grasped her wide hips.

The villagers began to chant as I nudged and wiggled my way inside. When I started to move, the chanting turned into hoots and screeches as they stomped their feet in rhythm with me. My partner was grunting passionately as she recoiled with each thrust. This public display seemed to be some sort of ritual to them. The group’s encouragement continued until the woman was flooded with the pulsing surges of my release.

Dizzy from the heat and exertion, I struggled to rise to my feet. Their leader patted me on the shoulder like I had successfully completed a tribal right of passage. Fruit and water were offered, which I eagerly accepted.  My nakedness still felt extremely awkward walking among them because everyone wanted to touch.  I noticed that some of the females were adorned with jewelry that appeared to be made of gold. If I could locate the source, perhaps all this humiliation would be worth it.

As the day drew to a close, I was directed to a grass hut.  Upon entering, I was greeted by a younger girl who was apparently instructed to stay with me for the evening. She was extremely attractive and had unbelievably full breasts. Her affection was hard to resist as inquisitive hands began exploring. Another erection prompted her to assume the mating position. I paused and thought it might be more enjoyable to make this encounter last a bit longer than the earlier episode.

There was a large tiger skin covering the dirt floor, so I directed her to lay down on her back and spread her legs. She appeared nervous as my face lowered. Her youthful body stiffened as my tongue made contact. She shivered and convulsed while I took my time arousing her. Perhaps she had never encountered this form of pleasure. My eyes were glued to those remarkable breasts as they bounced and swayed with every movement. Her panting and moans were becoming more spirited until she cried out in orgasm.

I noticed another woman peering in to see what was going on. My companion began feverishly explaining what had just occurred. The visitor stepped in as the conversation continued. Suddenly the woman laid down and spread her legs, apparently wanting the same treatment. My housemate watched enthusiastically as I pleasured her friend.  I had obviously introduced something new to their village.

The woman soon had a dramatic climax, pulling into a fetal position. I turned my attention back to my beautiful partner who seemed anxious to continue. She laid down on her back again and I slid the full length of my erection in with absolutely no effort. Her warm lubrication was delightful. As I vigorously engaged the young native, I almost forgot about our visitor until she began lightly running her fingers across my back.  Soon I felt myself winding up and experienced another thrilling explosion.  Both women fell asleep at my side, culminating my first day in the jungle.

In the morning the elder stopped by and smiled when he saw two sleeping women. I pointed to the jewelry and tried to express my interest. He nodded and fetched a young boy.  I was escorted back into the vegetation.  In a few minutes we stopped and the boy pointed to a large hole that had been carved into the hillside. I walked in and noticed flecks of glitter everywhere! But instead of rejoicing, I considered what would happen if the company claimed this area and exploited the natives for labor.

As I stepped back into the daylight I interrupted the boy taking advantage of his time alone. I chuckled because it reminded me of my own youthful indulgence. Upon arriving back at the village, I was shocked to see multiple women laying on the grass pleasuring each other in the same manner that I had revealed. Apparently new ideas spread fast. A few of the young men were watching in confusion. Was I corrupting this utopia?  And what more harm would the company cause when they descend like vultures to strip this land of its wealth and innocence.  I wasn’t one for making quick decisions, but I needed to leave and never speak of this place.

Although my departure could wait until I spent a few more days in this naked paradise.

African Gold ends.

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