Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 05

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 05 continues….

“My tit’s don’t move much,” Aiko actually complained, looking down at herself, and then back towards Iris again. “I quite like seeing your very big, very beautiful breasts moving like that.”

“Thank you Aiko, however…I like your cute little tits too, even if they aren’t moving. Your nipples are incredibly long, and I wish I was sucking on them,” Iris told her. Hayate then asked what she’d said, as she translated back. He again smiled, nodding his head, speaking.

“He says, he is very much looking forward to looking at the two of you, maybe sucking on my breasts soon after,” she stated. “As am I,” she then added to that.

They continued fucking side by side for quite some time, eventually however it became obvious that Mr. Isamu was getting far to close to continue like this. He suddenly pulled out, an obvious sign, ripping the condom off almost fiercely, and then waddling over towards his own wife. Not sure of what was going on, Daniel likewise unsheathed himself from Aiko’s pussy.

“Hurry, he wants you to take off the condom,” Aiko explained. Daniel tore the sheath off his own prick, though somewhat confused by this. Hayate was again smiling, now placing his own prick against Daniel’s, jerking himself off. He came quickly after doing that, covering Daniel’s prick in a copious display, rubbing his prick against that of Daniel’s until he was fully well spent. “Now if you would please, fuck me some more…without the condom.”

It was evident that this too was something that Hayate had wanted to see, especially as he stood by, once again fisting his prick, which surprisingly hadn’t diminished all that much in size.

“If you’re going to do that, let her turn over onto her back so that I can suck on those amazing nipples of hers.”

Daniel took his wife’s advice, though seizing on an idea. It took only a moment to clear off the few things remaining from the table, before placing Aiko onto it. Indeed, the height was perfect as he remained on his knees, scooting her forward just off the edge. He soon slid his hard prick deep inside her once more, again noticing the tightness of her slightly smaller pussy. Iris quickly joined, leaning over the woman now in order to suckle upon her breasts. Aiko moaned as she did, relishing in the sensation of it, that…and the slow, yet steady thrust of Daniel’s far larger, thicker prick as he fucked her.

Hayate found all this quite stimulating of course, and came over to sit next to Iris, his hands quickly finding her much larger American breasts. He played with them, exploring them as though he’d never touched anything quite so soft, and yet…quite so large before. He too was much like a kid in a candy store as he went back and forth, paying equal homage to each.

“Don’t cum in me,” Aiko warned moments later.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Daniel assured her.

“It’s not really that,” she said, once again, though she paused, the tone of her voice sounding unsure.

“Go ahead, what is it?” Daniel asked.

She even lowered her head just a bit when asking. “He would like it, very much, if he were allowed to taste your seed.”

“Really?” Daniel questioned, actually looking towards the man, though he sat now with a stoic, almost hopeful look in his eyes. “Tell him…if he’d really like to suck my cock, to have at it.”

Aiko giggled as quietly as possible. “I’ll tell him, though not quite in those same words,” she said trying not to giggle again, and then spoke to him hurriedly. He again smiled, bowed even, and then moved forward expectantly. “Whenever you’re ready,” She said.

In the meantime, Iris moved back over towards Aiko. “And while he’s doing that, my turn to pleasure you,” she stated. Once more Aiko lay back on the table, though her eyes were fixed on her husband as he presented himself, and then drew almost the entire length of Daniel’s cock into his mouth.

Although it felt a little odd, this man kneeling there before him, slowly drawing his prick into his mouth, back and forth, and then at times merely licking it up and down, it felt damn good. The sounds of Aiko’s little cries of ecstasy added to that however as Daniel’s wife hungrily devoured the woman.

Aiko came hard, quickly and often. It was almost funny when she did, making a strange, almost quiet little “E” sound over and over, “eee…eee…eee,” bouncing and thrashing about at the same time.

Hearing this, seeing this, Daniel wondered if he should give warning to his pending release, thrusting now himself, face-fucking this man as his impending orgasm neared. If anything, Mr. Isamu coaxed him as well, one hand now grasping Daniel’s shaft, Danieling it, his mouth suctioned over his sensitive head. With a cry of release, Daniel’s prick began to spurt, filling the man’s mouth with what he knew was a torrent of cream.

Daniel stumbled back, pulling away and sitting down on the small table near the women. Almost immediately, Mr. Isamu came over, placing his lips and mouth over his wife. It was soon obvious what the two of them were doing. Daniel took a little delight in knowing that, surprised that he was in fact still aroused even though he’d just climaxed. Mr. Isamu too must have been, his cock only inches away, once more stiff and erect.

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 05 will continue in the next page.

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