Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 01

This is a story a group sex story called “Daniel’s new position demands him to do more” under the series The association. This story comes in 7 parts and it is a great burner and read every parts to get full climax.

Author’s note: WARNING At the request of several of my readers, I’ve been asked to “venture out there” and do a realistic story and portrayal of another group of characters. This story includes a lot of “group” sex, much of which will include bi-sexual relations and situations.

In other words, both FF as well as MM sexual activity. As such, I have stated here in this note that if Bi-sexuality isn’t your cup of tea, then neither is this story. Thus I would invite you to by-pass this one and go on to something else as opposed to starting to read, only to discover it has bi-sexual situations throughout this entire storyline.



Daniel and Iris had recently moved into their new home. At thirty-three and thirty-one respectively, Daniel was a typical up and coming executive. His recent promotion at the firm had nearly doubled his wages, but in addition to that, he and Iris had been put on an exclusive waiting list into a secure gated community where many others of his firm lived.

To their surprise, not long after his promotion, the offer for them to move had come through. Just being in such an exclusive and safe neighborhood might have been reason enough, but the house itself was twice the size of the one they’d been living in.

It was essentially a dream come true for the both of them, though it…like anything else, had come with a price along the way.

Early on Daniel had been “informed” that there were certain aspects and requirements about the job that sometimes crossed the proverbial line. But that was business, and it wasn’t something that everyone else wasn’t doing either. When at last the specifics of what that actually meant finally came out, Daniel was forced into a decision. He would either find himself on the fast track of promotion, or whither away on the vine of up and coming sales personnel that didn’t have such qualms.

What made things slightly easier for him, was the fact that he and Iris had the kind of relationship that was always close, and always informative in their communications. He’d never once hidden anything from her, nor she him. No matter what. And as they both soon learned, this was one of those times. Even then, Daniel was still nervous about discussing it with his wife on his arrival home. But discuss it they must. An answer and a decision needed to be made the following Monday morning.

One of the other things Daniel most loved about his wife was her open-minded attitude about most anything. They could certainly talk about anything, and had. There were even a few things, a few parties they’d gone to, together that had turned out to be a lot more than what was initially expected. Even those, they’d taken the time to discuss alone before doing anything. The results of which ended up being one hell of an erotic memory for the both of them.

The fact that Iris was damn fucking attractive didn’t hurt either. He was almost more than half-sure it was his wife’s beauty that had helped in making him one of the three finalists for the position of Direct Sale’s Manager for the particular team he was on. The only person he’d be reporting to would be Rob Edwards. And Rob Edwards only reported to the CEO, Chandler Donnelly.

Though Iris was thirty-one, she certainly didn’t look like it. She looked far younger, more like twenty-four, perhaps twenty-five. And as Rob Edwards himself was married to a woman almost twenty years younger, it wasn’t at all surprising that he had a thing for younger, more attractive looking women. Iris wore her dark brown hair reasonably long, down to her shoulders.

Next to her eyes and lips, she liked the way it framed her near oval face, once more giving her that much younger sort of look. Though Daniel was also sure, it didn’t hurt that his wife also had a nice rack that she wasn’t too shy about showing off on occasion. Her breasts might not have been gigantic, or even close to that, but they were certainly more than a handful, and he’d caught both Rob as well as Chandler staring at them on more than one occasion.

“So, how’d it go? What did they say?” Iris asked when Daniel had come home that evening, a week before accepting the offer.

Daniel explained everything to her, short of the rather unsubtle innuendos that he’d also been given. One of the few, yet very important mandates that had been stressed, was that anything, short of something illegal, was expected. Whatever it took to land a potential client, especially when profits were in the millions, meant just that. Whatever it took to do it. Period. And then Rob had given him a primary example.

“Anyway, after he told me that, I knew right then and there we needed to discuss this tonight so that I could give them my decision come Monday morning. I didn’t want you hearing it from anyone else for one thing, and I didn’t want to try hiding anything from you either. Like I said, even Rob said those kinds of situations are rare, and not generally the rule of things. But they do happen, and that I…or rather we, needed to be prepared for that.”

Iris sat back thinking about it. They had come so far, and so fast. She wasn’t a prude by any means, and she certainly trusted her husband implicitly. In addition to that, she also wasn’t naive enough to think that this was indeed how BIG business, and how many corporations were run. It was all part of the game.

Daniel’s new position demands him to do more – 01 will continue in the next page.

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