Kiara and Gracie with terrific measures – 03

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Kiara and Gracie with terrific measures – 03 continues…

Spurred on by that fear, Kiara threw everything she had into it. The muscles in her stout thighs stood out, as did those in her ass. She could feel the fire, the burning sensation that told her she was pushing past the point where her body was comfortable, but she ignored it. She was really worried now and she began to want Gracie to come. Gritting her teeth against the discomfort as she slammed the thick cock into Suze.

Gracie was making the most incredibly sexy noises now, little whimpers and moans, punctuated by occasional squeaks and barks. Her body was tense and Kiara found almost as much relief as she did satisfaction when Suze cried out and her body came unglued. She plunged and jerked, thrusting back as best she could to meet Kiara’s lunges. She screamed, the sound raw and feral, but softening towards the end into a delicious moan.

Kiara kept driving into her, until Suze lay still. She was babbling now, soft incoherent murmurs. Kiara pulled out, and sat back on her heels, breathing a big sigh of relief. She caught her breath, let her heart rate get back to normal and then carefully stood. Her legs protested, but not badly, and she wandered into the kitchen where she began to rummage around. She found exactly what she wanted in a drawer, a wooden sauce spoon. It was light, but sturdy and stung when she slapped it onto her palm.

She returned to the living room and took up a place behind her bound friend. Suze’s ass was still up, ripe, pale and vulnerable. Kiara brought the spoon down on it hard. The resultant sound was neither a smack, nor a splat, but a mixture of both. Suze screeched and threw herself forward, actually sliding the table a few inches along the carpeted floor.


Kiara ignored her, watching the skin become pink. She smacked the other cheek and Suze reacted violently again. Satisfied that the spoon wasn’t doing any real damage, she began to rapidly spank her smaller friend. Kiara applied the spoon to each cheek, alternating and aiming for any spot she hadn’t hit yet. Gracie’s skin went from pale, to pink to rosy and then to an angry red. Protests, threats and curses gradually gave way to pleading and begging. Kiara ignored it and continued, until she could place her hand near her friend’s ass and feel the fierce heat radiating outward.

Suze dropped in her bonds, letting the straps go slack as Kiara put the spoon down. Her victim was panting, and sobbing now, but Kiara was too busy to worry about it. It took a lot of work to get the slippery toy to disconnect from her harness. Her hands kept slipping off and she found there wasn’t really anything to hold onto. Eventually, she hit upon getting her fingers under the base, and with some effort, it finally came free.

From her bag, she took the anal toy and attached it with little difficulty. More hyperglide was used as she slicked it up. Kiara scooted behind her reluctant lover and slowly worked some of the lube into the crack between Gracie’s scarlet cheeks.


“Feel good, baby?” Kiara said in a soothing voice.

“Yes, it’s so cool,” Gracie sniffled.

Kiara smiled, applied some more and let her finger settle on Gracie’s rear entrance. With infinite care she worked it in, pushing a gob of the hyperglide before it.

“What are you doing?” Gracie cried in alarm.

“Just getting this fine ass ready for some action,” Kiara replied.

“Action?…Oh No! Kiara you can’t!”

“Watch me,” the novice top replied, scooting into position and holding the toy before her.

Kiara was unprepared for what happened next. Gracie went absolutely apeshit. She screamed for help, threw her body violently forward and struggled mightily against her bonds. Kiara actually released the toy and tried to calm Gracie down. She was afraid the girl would hurt herself in her wild bid to escape. The table held, as did the bonds and after a while, Gracie wore herself out. As she lay there, panting Kiara took the opportunity to line her cock up and press it forward. The flared tip penetrated and Gracie went berserk again, but this time Kiara just held on grimly and rode it out.

When Gracie’s hysterical strength failed a second time, Kiara was able to get her weight behind the toy. She had both hands on Gracie’s trim waist, bearing down with her weight, which kept the girl from wiggling.

Kiara had intended to go very slowly, she knew how painful anal could be if done wrong and she had no intention of hurting her friend, but she hadn’t counted on the design of the toy, nor had she factored in Gracie’s strong reaction to the muscle relaxant in the drug. The thin toy shot into Gracie’s ass in a rush, driving deeply enough that Kiara’s hips bumped the girl’s ass.

“Ow!” Gracie cried, but it was almost as if she was more surprised than hurt.

“Did that hurt?” Kiara asked.


“You okay?”


“Suze, unless you want another ass tanning, don’t fuck with me. Now are you all right?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

The reply was so soft it was almost inaudible, but Kiara smiled.

“It gets a lot better, girlfriend,” Kiara said, as she began to carefully fuck Gracie’s gorgeous ass.

The experience was grand, but frustrating. It was a whole new angle, a whole new approach, and it took her much longer to establish a rhythm she liked. Once she did, Kiara really poured it on and Gracie’s moans and cries let her know it was a mutually enjoyable cadence. When she got really comfortable, she reached around Gracie’s hip and began to tease her clit. The small woman gasped, but moved slightly to give Kiara better access.

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