Straight Guy Working in a Gay Club – 05

Straight Guy Working in a Gay Club – 05 continues…..

As I continued to suck his cock head, I moaned out an affirmative answer, as I began to push my head down the length of his cock. I was sucking and licking along his shaft as I took more and more of his big hard cock into my mouth. He was moaning in pleasure and I felt my hard cock jump and my asshole tingle knowing that I was giving him so much pleasure. Seriously, what the hell was I doing? What was wrong with me? Why was I acting this way?

Without hesitation or conscious thought, I began bobbing my head up and down as I sucked and licked his hard cock. I brought one hand up to stroke his shaft as I used my other hand to massage his balls. Jonathan moaned out, “That’s it, boy. Show me how much you love a hard cock in your mouth.

I knew those pretty lips would feel amazing wrapped around my hard cock as soon as I saw you smiling. You should just accept that you were made to pleasure a hard cock, boy. Your lips and tongue are already doing their jobs. I can’t wait to feel your tight little asshole tremble and stretch around my hard cock when I fuck your virgin ass. I bet you’ll moan like a true fuckboy as I blast your ass, boy.”

I listened to him taunting me and continued to wonder what had happened to me tonight. I surprised myself again when I moaned as I pulled my head back and sucked and licked his cock head before returning to bobbing my head up and down. Jonathan then moaned as he pulled me to my feet, turned me around, and positioned me to be bent over leaning against the wall again.

I moaned softly as he plunged his tongue back into my asshole and licked deep inside me. I could feel him using a lot of spit and saliva as he tongue fucked me. I moaned louder as I felt him gripping my ass cheeks tightly and then massaging them in either hand. I gasped when I felt his tongue begin to flick up and down inside my ass, causing tingles to shoot up my spine.

I was caught off guard, as he suddenly spun me around again, picked me up, and placed my back against the wall before kissing me deeply again. I moaned into the kiss, as he began positioning me in his arms. He snaked his arms under my knees and gripped my ass cheeks to hold me up. He kept my back pressed against the wall for more stability as he seemed to be positioning his feet into a weight-lifting stance.

I was unsure what was happening until I felt his cock head teasing my asshole before slowly pressing inside me. I moaned into the kiss as I felt his bulbous cock head stretching my asshole to accommodate his wide girth. I actually felt the moment when his large cock head slipped past my asshole and lodged itself in my ass with a definitive “popping” feeling. I sighed and tried to comprehend how I had ended up making out with this guy as he shoved his hard cock up my ass. And that was after I had willingly sucked his hard cock and balls.

Jonathan held me securely against the wall and in his arms, as he began easing his hard cock deep into my ass. He continued to kiss me possessively, as I felt every inch of his hard cock slowly skewering my asshole and slipping easily into my spit-soaked ass. I suddenly felt my whole body stiffen, electricity explode from inside my ass, and my hard cock jumped, as his hard cock fully entered my ass and did something amazing inside me. I moaned deeply into the kiss and clung to his arms, as I felt my asshole clenching and relaxing involuntarily.

He laughed into the kiss, as he began to pull his cock out of my ass. I whined into the kiss and tightened my grip on his arms as I clenched my asshole, trying desperately to keep his hard cock inside me. But he kept pulling out until only his cock head was inside me. He then moaned into the kiss and tightened his grip on my ass cheeks, before slamming his hard cock deep inside me.

I moaned loudly and my body stiffened again as the electricity exploded from my ass again. I had already been horny, now I was practically in heat. I wanted more of this feeling. I didn’t care how I got it or if he touched my cock again. This was what I needed. His hard cock had given me more pleasure with just two thrusts than any orgasm I had ever experienced. And he wasn’t even close to stopping.

Jonathan was now battering my ass with enough strength and speed to push my back up and down the wall behind me. I was moaning into the kiss and clawing at his arms and back, as I tried to bounce my ass on his hard cock or do anything to add more strength and speed to his thrusts.

He was already breathing hard as he blasted my ass and I could tell that he was putting all of his strength and determination into fucking me. Was this what Robert, Tim, and the other bottoms loved so much? I could certainly feel why. Even after a few minutes of this I was prepared to suck Jonathan’s cock and swallow his cum if that’s what it took to get fucked like this again.

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