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As the game started, we stayed behind that bar and couldn’t see any of the customers inevitably falling down and making a fool of themselves. We continued serving drinks as the crowd laughed and cheered while the players tried to win. The final winner had come so close, that Tom had to get out a ruler to see who was actually closest. The three men who had actually placed their stickers on the asshole were so close that Tom was hesitant to call a winner. After a quick consultation with his friend/owner of the restaurant, Tom proclaimed a three-way tie and announced that they could all choose three employees to take on a date.

The entire place cheered and patted the players on their backs, as they made their choices. They were all buff men in their 30s and definitely looked like they were total tops. I wasn’t overly surprised to hear them all choose from the twinks that worked here. The choices came down to Andy, Tim, and me. We all smiled and waved, as our names were called out. Our dates worked their way over to us and introduced themselves.

I was paired with a white male about 30 years old, with black hair, and a bodybuilder physique as big as Brian. He had a friendly smile and said he looked forward to our date, as he introduced himself as Robert. I smiled and said that I was too. Tom said he would handle all of the details about the dates and take care of making the notifications. With that, Tom announced that the raffle would begin soon and for everyone to make sure that they had purchased their tickets.

The rules for the raffle were pretty standard. Everyone could purchase as many tickets as he wanted and they would be placed in a large container. All of the employees also had our names written on tickets in a separate container. Once the game started, a customer’s name would be drawn, and that player would then get a puck from the employees’ container to see who he had won. The pair were then allowed to dance, hang out at a booth, or do whatever else they both consented to inside the club.

The employees were not all allowed to go at the same time, we had to stagger our “dates” so as not to leave the bar, doors, stage, and cages unoccupied. So the basic rule was that only one bartender, bouncer, gage dancer, and main-stage dancer could be on a “date” at one time. To keep any one rich guy from flooding the container with a thousand tickets with his name on it, every time a customer was picked, his name was disqualified for being picked again.

As the raffle got started we clapped and applauded as winners began drawing employees. We cheered as Brian and another bouncer were paired with two customers who looked attractive. Even though none of the employees had to actually do anything with the customers but dance or sit and talk, most of us took it as a granted that some of the more adventurous among us would have a little more fun.

I just planned to dance and hang out with my “date.” But all of us hoped for an attractive “date” just for aesthetics and bragging rights. Robert was paired with a guy that looked like he could kill a bear with his bare hands. Robert leaned over to me and said, “You might need to cover for me, I think I might make a trip to the “Fun House.” If I’m not back in an hour and a half, just wait longer and I’ll make it up to you.”

We both laughed at this, as I smacked his ass and said, “Go for it. He looks like he could actually handle you.”

Robert nodded and replied, “Oh, God, I hope so!”

My attention was drawn to Tom, as he called my name for a pairing. My “date” walked up to the bar and held out his hand as he introduced himself as Jonathan. He was the size of Brian and was wearing black leather pants and black boots, with no shirt. He had brown hair and looked like he was carved out of marble. I smiled as I shook his hand. I said that we could hang out as soon as Robert got back. He smiled deviously and replied, “Oh, I think your ass is already hanging out. We just need to see the rest of you.”

I laughed and nodded at his joke/innuendo before he indicated that he’d be at a booth. I shot Tim a crooked smile and arched eyebrow, as he flipped me off and stuck out his tongue. The rest of the raffle went off easily and I couldn’t see any of the employees being upset about their dates.

As I really looked around, I noticed that all of the customers were the best-looking and most in shape of our usual clientele. I asked Tim about this and he replied, “Oh, Tom screens the invites for the party to root out anyone who’s a troublemaker or is unappealing. He usually plays around at parties too, so he only wants the best here on these nights. There is a reason it’s a ‘private party,’ after all.”

I nodded at this and replied, “I’m surprised I didn’t notice during the Roman party.”

Tim then leaned over and added, “Just so you know, no one actually expects you to do anything tonight or on your date. This is all just fun. It’s not like you’re a rentboy.”

I looked at him confused as he laughed and explained, “A rentboy is a twink prostitute. Now don’t get me wrong, most of us will play around and some of us might even get frisky, but we don’t have to. There’s a lot of yummy bodies here tonight and I hope to go home with a smile on my face and possibly a few names and numbers for later. But Tom won’t care if you just talk to the guy tonight and on your date.”

I nodded as I replied, “Yeah, I know. Honestly, I’m not really worried about tonight or my date.”

Tim nodded and said, “That’s good.”

He then smirked as he added, “Of course, I also heard your moans when those guys were rimming you. You might try getting a blowjob out of this. Your guy looks like he’d go for it.”

I laughed and shook my head as I replied, “Yeah, I don’t know. The banana split thing just kinda happened. Asking for a guy to blow me, seems…”

Tim smiled deviously as he finished my sentence, “Gay? Trust me, no one will handle your cock better than a gay guy, dude. He’ll know exactly what feels best and will probably make your toes curl. It’s your choice, but if he offers…”

I laughed again as I shook my head, still skeptical as I began making drinks for several customers, Tim let it go and we went back to work. As Robert disappeared for his “in-house date,” Tim and I were left to run the bar. Tom then announced the next game. This time the customers were playing a ring toss game with each player having to land a ring around an upturned dildo.

Each ring was just big enough to fit over the dildo. And each dildo had an employee name and picture off to the side. The winners were the men who could actually land a ring on a dildo and they would then get to choose between receiving a lap dance from their paired employee or giving them a lap dance.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to this game, because it took so long until every one of the employee’s corresponding dildos had a ring around it. After the challenge portion was over, four other employees and I were called to the center of the club.

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