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I danced about once a week after that, but for the most part stuck to bartending, though I did ask Tom where he got the shorts and how much they were, thinking that I might make some better tips if I wore them when I was behind the bar too. Me and the other bartenders sold body shots on nights when it was really lively and always made a lot more than usual. This Saturday was another private party that promised to be even wilder than the Roman orgy. The party was part auction and part raffle.

Anyone including employees, could put themselves up for auction. The winning bidder could then make use of his prize at the club. Any meetings off club grounds were completely optional. The raffle was much the same, but was completely blind. The participants had their names written on a piece of paper and the customer paid a hefty price to pick from the bowl. The same stipulations applied to the raffle.

I was a little nervous about putting my name in the bowl or entering the auction, but everyone said that I had to. They said that I was sure to receive a blowjob out of it and that I wouldn’t have to do anything. Robert added, “Unless you want to.”

I was conflicted. It was going to be good money. I wouldn’t actually have to do anything. Plus I hadn’t had a blowjob or had sex since my breakup, months ago. This could also be fun. I had come to enjoy flirting and playing around without having to worry about screwing up and not getting laid.

Boy, could I use a blowjob. Tom said I was sure to sell more raffles and get higher bids than most because I was still in the “untouched” category, much to everyone’s annoyance. Brian assured me he’d look out for me if I started getting weirded out. I finally agreed to enter the raffle and then see how things went before I decided on the auction.

There would also be various other games throughout the night: sex dice, kinky sex acts drawn from a bucket on your chosen partner, and various other sex-themed party games. It sounded fun and I was really looking forward to the money.

On the night of the party, I arrived early with the other employees. I decided on the tight black latex assless shorts and black boots. My choice of clothes got a round of applause, several spanks on my bare ass, and numerous offers of sexual favors. Unlike the main-stage dancers, the bartenders and cage dancers didn’t bother with baby oil. The main stage dancers weren’t on stage the whole night, so they could put on more oil and freshen up as the night wore on. The bartenders and cage dancers were pretty much out there all night. We went with a little bit of spray cologne and then just did our best to stay presentable throughout the night.

As I helped the other two bartenders get set up I wondered if I could really go through with the raffle. I had never actually done anything sexual with a guy. The other employees and I had messed around and goofed off, but nothing that I would consider sexual, more like guys horsing around and having fun. I wondered what the guys that came here actually found attractive. Sure, I could acknowledge the guys that worked here and a lot of the customers were attractive, but I didn’t find myself being attracted to them.

Plenty of the guys here were buff and cut after long hours in the gym. We all groomed ourselves until we were practically baby-smooth. No one working here had any body hair except the bouncers and Tom, I supposed. I knew the bartenders and dancers didn’t have a hair on their bodies below our eyelashes. I had found it a little weird shaving my whole body until the guys suggested I get waxed where they went. Now I found it second nature to be so smooth and found it weird when my hair grew back.

Looking around at the other guys, I knew I had more in common with the other bartenders and cage dancers or the “Twinks” as everyone else called us (who were all smaller guys and definitely appeared to be the bottoms of a gay coupling) than I did with Tom, the bouncers, and the stage dancers (who all had bodybuilder looks and all carried themselves like tops).

I laughed to myself when I realized that I was using so much gay male slang even when I was thinking. I certainly knew what I didn’t find attractive: hairy bodies, beards, beer guts, etc. I had to be on my best behavior and force a smile on my face whenever we had a “Bear night.”

Once when we were relaxing after a long night, several of us were drinking cold Gatorade to cool down and replenish the water we had been sweating out all night. We had all stripped naked and lounged on the couches under a ceiling fan. None of us batted an eye as we all relaxed together. The only complaint came from Tom, who said, “Awww…come guys, you’re killing me here. You can’t have that many hot naked guys in one place without there being some action.”

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