The Years Of Discovery

“The Years Of Discovery”

Keith and Pete were my two neighborhood pals. We lived on our bicycles and had lots of other hobbies that we shared together. I was around 13 when we built the tree house. It was the biggest tree in the neighborhood and was at the back of my parents property. Our hand crafted home in the s

ky was large enough for sleep-outs.

Keith was the oldest and introduced us to a card game called strip poker. It became our favorite sleep-out activity and was basically an excuse to get naked and play touchy-feely. Feeling so vulnerable was extremely addicting. It was wonderful being touched! Pete’s boner was smaller than mine, but Keith was a freaking wonder of nature!  It was humbling to feel it in my hands as we took turns playing with each other.

One Friday a friend from school came over to spend the night. Norman didn’t feel safe sleeping 40 feet above the ground, so we settled for my bedroom. Concealed in his backpack was a Playboy magazine that he stole off his brother. I had a flashlight, so we looked at the pictures under the covers. Girls boobies were so cool!  I told Norm this was giving me a boner and he said there was something special he wanted to show me. He pushed off the covers and had me flip over on my back.

The Years Of Discovery continues

Norm grabbed my waistband and pulled so I arched my back to assist. My boner sprung out and slapped against my tummy. His hand wrapped around and squeezed sending a shiver through me. Then he began to slide his hand along the length of it.  I had no idea why this simple motion felt so wonderful.  It was fun to play with Pete and Keith but they never did anything that felt like this. Up and down, up and down, up and down.

My muscles tensed as Norman tightened his grip and started going faster! What was happening to me? I watched his hand and concentrated on the exciting sensation. He went even faster and I could feel an intense pressure. All of a sudden these uncontrollable surges sent streams of warm liquid gushing all over me!!

“Holy cow, what was THAT?!!”

Norman chuckled and asked me what it felt like.  I didn’t even know how to describe it!  He found some tissues on my dresser and helped clean me up.  I had never been so overwhelmed.

The next evening I couldn’t wait to try it myself. The nervous anticipation gave me another boner. I moved my hand just like Norm did and it felt great.  Up and down, up and down.  As I started going faster I could sense that strange pressure building again, then suddenly I was devastated by another glorious eruption! Those intense surges pumping out all that white gooey cream was the coolest thing ever!

Norman began taking every opportunity to get his hands on me.  I think he enjoyed making it happen, and it was lots more fun when he did it.  Then girls entered the picture and everything changed.

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