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Hey guys, this time we have a great incest story called “we are back together for good”. This story is in 2 parts a great slow burner. A Brother and Sister are reunited after years apart. This is a slow burner with not much sex involved.

A Brother and Sister are reunited after years apart. This is a slow burner with not much sex involved.

Growing up Aiden James and his sister Julia were close, very close. They had to be to protect each other from their parent’s. Their father Joseph was an abusive drunk and their mother, Cynthia suffered mental and physical health problems, mostly caused by her husband’s violent behavior.

The children suffered verbally for years until just after Aiden’s sixteenth birthday his father snapped and punched him in the guts, Aiden dropped to his knees, winded and hurt. He wouldn’t cry as that would have made things worse, his sister Julia cried for both of them as she helped her brother to his feet.

Joseph meanwhile was in the kitchen yelling at his wife. Cynthia wanted to check on Aiden, she knew if she moved she would be the recipient of the next punch or slap. Aiden sat on the stairs as he got his breath back and assured his younger sister he was okay.

“That’s the last time he will ever hit me.” Aiden said quietly.

“Please Aiden, please Joseph do anything. It will only make him worse.” Julia sobbed.

“He will never hit me again and if he hits you I will kill him.” Aiden whispered.

Joseph never hit Aiden again, but their mother ended up bruised many times. The day after Aiden’s eighteenth birthday his father came home drunk and in a foul mood. He staggered past Aiden and Julia without so much as looking at them, he was heading for the kitchen, the scream made both Aiden and Julia jump. Aiden stood up and looked into the kitchen to see his mother lying on the floor.

“Get out Julia. Go to Kenny’s and stay there.”

“But what about?” Julia asked.” Just go Julia. Get the fuck out now.” Aiden yelled at her.

Julia ran out of the house as Aiden grabbed a heavy carved wooden lion.

“Leave her alone you bastard.” He screamed as he hit his father on the back of the head.

Joseph collapsed in a heap on the floor, Aiden dropped the lion and called an ambulance for his mother. The police arrived, after questioning Aiden they were satisfied he acted in defense of his mother. Julia returned to the house a while later with Kenny, Aiden’s best friend.

Aiden explained what happened and that his mother was badly hurt, the three of them set off for the hospital hoping Cynthia would be okay.

Joseph had been checked over, after the doctor passed him as fit he was arrested and charged. Cynthia was asleep in a side room when her children arrived. Kenny had dropped them at the hospital and returned home. Cynthia woke and smiled at her children and whispered she was sorry.

Julia hugged Aiden as she burst into tears.

A week later in court Joseph showed remorse for his actions, as it was his first offense Joseph was placed on probation and fined several hundred pounds. Aiden was disgusted, he knew the remorse was play acting and nothing else. That evening he took Julia to Kenny’s house and spoke with his parents.

Aiden asked if things got bad would it be okay if Julia stayed with them, knowing the family history Kenny’s parents agreed immediately.

Cynthia applied for a protection order, it stopped Joseph coming within fifty feet of her. Julia took her mother out for the day when Joseph packed his bags and left. With Joseph out of the way it was peaceful at home for the first time in many years. Knowing his Mum and sister would be safe, Aiden applied to join the army. He was accepted and joined the Parachute regiment. The training was hard, mentally and physically. Aiden buckled down and got on with it, he knew it would be hard work. Luckily he was fit.

Julia stood beside her Mum, their friend Kenny and one other male as they watched the passing out parade. She was so proud of her brother, particularly as he was named best recruit for this intake. Their Mum smiled, she was pleased for Aiden, he had realized his childhood dream. Aiden discovered later the other person was Mike, Julia’s boyfriend. Aiden quietly and politely warned Mike of the outcome if he ever hurt his sister, Mike assured him Julia would be safe with him.

Aiden was flown home on emergency leave when his mother was killed. Joseph turned up drunk and beat her to death. Julia and Mike found her battered body on the kitchen floor when they arrived home from a night out. Joseph was questioned, several hours later he was arrested and charged with murder. Mike attended the funeral and looked after Julia leaving Aiden with his thoughts on this sad day. After the trial, Aiden and Julia severed all contact with their father.

Aiden and Julia kept in touch as best they could via email, as he was posted to Afghanistan she knew replies might take some time. Over the next few months the contact between them slowly dwindled. Aiden knew Julia was safe with Mike and didn’t worry too much about it. He was unable to get home when she wrote saying they were getting engaged, sadly the same happened when she got married. He did email whenever he got the chance, Julia looked forward to hearing from her brother.

Aiden spent a total of twelve years in the army, most of it was spent in hotspots across the globe. The day he finally got out he breathed a sigh of relief as he drove out of the barrack gates. He spent the next four years working for a private military contractor as a bodyguard, the day one of his friends was killed Aiden knew it was time to find other work.

Aiden had money saved, with that and what he had from his Mother’s life insurance would see him okay for a while. Back in the UK and not knowing exactly where his sister was he drove north to Yorkshire for a few day’s peace and quiet. Leaving the B&B Aiden went for a walk.

“Are you alright young un?” The old man’s voice snapped Aiden back to reality.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just out walking and admiring the view.”

“Aye it’s grand up her lad.”

“Do you come up here often?” Aiden asked.

“Aye, too bloody often. I own all this land, it’s my farm.” The old man informed him.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to trespass.” Aiden apologized.

“It’s alright lad. Just so long as you stay at the edge of the fields then no harm is Josephe.” The old man laughed and coughed. “My name’s Ted.”

“I’m Aiden.” The men shook hands.

“That cottage looks lovely, stuck in the middle of nowhere. Just the sort of place I wouldn’t mind having.” Aiden said.

“It looks good from up here, but close up it isn’t too clever. Come on, I’ll walk with you and show you around.”

Aiden followed Ted to the cottage, right now he had nothing better to do with his time. When they got close Aiden could see what the old man was getting at, the grass that looked so green from a distance was waist height and full of weeds.

“Told you it wasn’t so good close up.” Ted smiled.

“It’s not that bad. I’d live here if I had the chance.” Aiden replied, looking at the cottage.

“I’ll sell it to you if you really want it?” The old man replied. “Nobody has lived in it for over twenty years though, my wife died in it.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Aiden said quietly.

“I’m bloody not! She was there with her lover, a bloke from the village. His missus caught them in bed and shot the pair of them with his shotgun.” Ted laughed and Aiden just humored him with a smile.

Ted explained to Aiden that he had cancer and didn’t have a great deal of time left, his sons were not interested in the farm and they would sell it as soon as they possibly could. He offered Aiden the cottage and the ground that went with it for thirty-five thousand pounds.

“Bloody hell Ted! That’s almost giving it away.”

“Maybe, but the money Is no good to me and you want the place. Besides I know you soldiers Joseph’s get paid a fortune.”

“How did you know I was in the army?” Aiden asked.

“You can tell lad. You blokes wear it like a badge, even when you’re out.”

Ted and Aiden shook hands on the deal and two months later Aiden became the owner of Meadow View Cottage. About this time he has finally established some semi-regular contact with his sister. Julia promised to come and visit him once the cottage was finished. Ted passed away a few weeks after Aiden started work on the cottage. Ted’s sons fenced off the land so they could sell the farm easier, the land Aiden owned included the drive for access to the cottage.

Aiden employed a local builder to carry out the work he was unable or un-qualified to do, four months later Aiden stood outside and admired his new home. He was proud of what the cottage had become, considering the poor state it was in when he bought it. A van arrived with the last few items of furniture Aiden wanted. He helped the driver unload and carry the items indoors, Aiden tipped the driver and watched him leave.

We are back together for good – part 1 will continue in the next page.

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