Surprise Surprise

“Surprise Surprise”

It was my first attempt using an internet dating service, and we were spending our third evening together.  It made sense to select someone based on common interests and goals. We both liked hot rod car shows and Asian restaurants plus she was so easy to talk to. There was always something new that she wanted to share. And she had one of those hourglass shapes that is so rare these days. We hadn’t been intimate yet but I didn’t want to push things and make her think I was only interested in sex, because there was so much depth to her soul.

Tonight we went out to the movies and she picked an action flick which seemed unusual, but just another reason she is so cool.

I was also seeing more of her passionate side tonight which had me excited. When we got back to my apartment we started snuggling and making out on the couch. Her hands began to travel down between my legs causing an uncomfortable bulge in my jeans. As we continued to kiss she started to bite my lip and I felt a hand unbuckle my belt. Damn, this was it!  I removed her top as she struggled with my zipper. I decided to stand up so she could slide my pants off followed by the boxers. My prisoner leaped out begging for attention.

I was just about to unhook her bra when she suggested that we move to the bedroom. My hard-on swayed from side to side while following her down the hall. I pealed off my shirt before leaping onto the bed with her. She turned her back to me so I could unfasten the bra. The straps dropped off her shoulders revealing a beautiful pair of large perky tits. I ran my hands up her tummy until I was cupping the warm softness. I couldn’t wait to feel my cock slip inside her.

I unbuttoned her tight jeans and she wiggled to help slide them off. All that remained between a beautiful pussy and my stiffy were the red panties. I pinched the waistband and began to slide them down when she grabbed my hand and said that we needed to talk, but she hadn’t spoken soon enough and out popped out a freaking wiener!!

“Wait, I can explain!!”

“Explain? Don’t you think you should have mentioned this sooner?  Like, ‘Oh by the way, I have a dick.”

“Yes I should have, and I’m sorry, but I really like you and didn’t want anything to spoil it.  I’m not one of those ‘trans’ cross dressers.  Look down here, I have a vagina too.  I’m called a hermaphrodite and was born this way.  It’s a very rare condition, and living with it has been extremely difficult.”

I had never heard of a hermafro-whatever, but damn, she really did have both!  I kissed her again and gave her a hug so she would know that I wasn’t too freaked out. She grabbed my ass and pulled our hips together. It was a little disturbing to feel our cocks nuzzling. I needed to keep an open mind about this so I reached down to touch. She giggled when my fingers wrapped around and squeezed. It seemed so strange to be looking at a beautiful pair of tits with this appendage growing in my hand. I continued exploring and slid my fingers down across her slippery pussy lips.

She was now fully erect so I took the opportunity to try something I had always been curious about. I nervously slid my mouth over the head and began to stroke the firm shaft. The muscles in her legs tensed and she began to moan and twitch.  It felt so intimate!  She clutched a handful of my hair while starting to rock her hips. After about five minutes of my sucking and stroking she began to wheeze and strain in panic, then abrupt jets of warm liquid filled my mouth.  I swallowed because it seemed like the polite thing to do.

After relaxing for a couple minutes, she asked if I wanted her pussy. Her legs spread apart and I eagerly moved into position.  A delicate hand directed me to the right spot and I slid in effortlessly.  I started to move and could feel her tallywacker sliding between us, still hard as ever!

I grabbed her ass and began thrusting deeper.  It was inspiring watching her tits bounce and hearing all the wild sounds she was making.  I hope the neighbors weren’t listening!  Suddenly her cock erupted again spewing more warm cum right between us. I could feel myself winding up and in a few moments unloaded a dose of my own excitement into her!  She was obviously able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We continued dating and spending more explosive nights together in ways I never dreamed of.

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