The Invitation

“The Invitation”

I accepted his friend request like so many others. Usually it’s young women in their 30s that immediately start asking questions like how old are you and if you are single. Then you start hearing things like how they had to borrow money to get their son a birthday gift, and it’s easy to see where it’s going.

But this was different. It was a middle aged guy from India who had moved to New Jersey with his wife. He said they were both software developers working for a large corporation. You know how those private chats can be… You feel at ease talking about anything to a stranger because you know you will never meet them. He began to share about no longer being able to satisfy his wife due to the blood pressure medication he was on.

He continued talking about the frustration that he was going through and sent me pictures of himself with his wife. As a courtesy I returned a few of me. It’s always nice to see who you are talking to. He was apparently impressed and ask me if I would be interested in making his wife happy. It was obvious what he was talking about.

I was amused and flattered by the crazy proposal. He continued telling me about her and even sent me a nude. She was extremely attractive and had an impressive pair of hooters. I have to admit, that’s my weak spot. I actually found myself considering his offer. He told me to estimate the cost of gas and he would mail me a check. I kept looking at her picture and felt myself getting aroused. She was like one of those trophy wives. I know you’re not supposed to think with the little head, but damn…

The next morning I found more messages and revealing pictures. There were even shots of his house and new hot tub. Perhaps I could treat it like a little vacation. A complementary room with meals and free entertainment. My god, I was really considering this. You only live once and, why not help out a poor soul in need. I was obviously trying to talk myself into it.

A check came in the mail for way more than the cost of gas. I suppose I was going on a road trip.

I packed light because I figured I would only be there one night then back on the road. I set the GPS to the address and started the five hour journey. All these scenarios were rolling through my head the whole way there. I was going to be drugged and have my kidneys removed. They are vampires and I will be tied up while they slowly feast on me for days. Or it could possibly be the most incredible experience of my life.

I was getting close as I entered this fancy gated community. Damn, where do people get all this money! I turned into the horseshoe drive that circled by the main entrance with my stupid little Toyota. Holy crap this is for real!

I knocked on the door and was greeted by a familiar face. Suresh shook my hand and invited me in. I was taken to a guest room and told to take a shower to get ready for the evening encounter. After cleaning up from the long trip I wondered into the great room where Suresh was reading a paper and smoking a cigar. He called out for his wife Asha. She came strolling in and I was introduced. She greeted me with a delicate handshake and the three of us sat down to get acquainted.

I was trying to maintain eye contact as she spoke to me but it was difficult already knowing what she looked like naked. Suresh reviewed the main reason I was here and that he was very much in love with his wife Asha. I could see her blushing. The three of us enjoyed a quiet evening meal together. I could tell that Asha was getting nervous when she dropped one of the serving dishes.

I think we were all feeling on edge as the meal concluded and it was time to head upstairs. The master suite had one of those elegant canopy beds. I was certain that Asha probably got whatever she wanted, and tonight that included me. Suresh began taking off his clothes while Asha walked up to me to unwrap her gift. She wasted no time tearing my shirt open and pealing it off my shoulders. When my pants hit the floor Suresh stared at my erection in disbelief. It felt a little awkward, being aware of his personal issue. But there I was, throbbing with anticipation, and that’s why I was here.

We both sat on the bed while Asha stood there taking her time removing each piece of clothing. I figured she had breast implants because normally tits that big aren’t so perky. But real or not she was unbelievable. She threw back her long flowing hair as she crawled up from the foot of the bed and laid on her back between us. I didn’t want to touch her with him watching but she grabbed my hand and placed it on one of those awesome tits. Suresh reached across taking my boner in his hand and began to stroke it. I suppose he hadn’t felt a hard one for who knows how long. Asha was watching him play with me.

“Asha sweetheart, look at this beautiful big cock I got for you.”

“Suresh stop talking like that, it’s rude to our guest! And stop touching him. If you make him cum I will be very upset. His cock belongs to me tonight.”

Asha pulled my hand down across her flat tummy and pressed it against her pussy. I took the hint and began to explore discovering that it was already dripping wet. She must have been playing this movie in her head from the moment she shook my hand. I moved on top of her as she grinned and spread her legs wide. She reached down and took hold of my cock, rubbing the head in little circles around her juicy clit. Eventually she moved it to her opening. Her hips thrust into me as her eager vagina swallowed up my boner like a starving animal. Then she grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper. The lady was definitely in control.

Suresh studied us intently as I began to move in and out. There was a big grin on his face. Being watched was way more erotic than I imagined! And she was definitely a loud one! Her shouting made it even more exciting. My pace quickened as I focused on those incredible bouncing tits. Both of us were totally enjoying ourselves. Suddenly she began slamming into me with impatient lust. In a few moments there was a deafening scream! Her pussy clenched me firmly as her legs quivered.

We stopped to rest for a moment and she started kissing me. For some reason kissing her in front of her husband seemed more wrong than fucking her, but I felt Suresh patting my ass, so I guess it was alright. I started to move again in long slow strokes.

I was playing with those huge tits as she moved her hips in time with me. Suresh was giggling like a little school girl. I dialed up the intensity and felt her skillful pussy begin squeezing me again. My freaking cock was in hot dog heaven!

Those big dark nipples were calling to me, so I latched onto one and began sucking as I slammed into her. She was gasping with each impact and I could feel my orgasm building.

My mind flashed back to everything I was thinking about as I traveled, and here I was, about to cum in another man’s wife. Oh shit, this was it! Our bodies were crashing head on as my cock literally exploded! Strong surges of cum filled that awesome super model. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed tight. I glanced over at Suresh and to my surprise saw him stroking his own erection. This much excitement must have overcome his impairment. I rolled off to the side to let him take over.

Now it was my turn to watch.

The Invitation ends.

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