I love her family; but one of them too much – part 3

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When Grandma came back, several minutes later, I had one of the pieces on the bench. She was obviously in a great mood, giggling as she walked over to me. She moved up close and rubbed my chest when I turned toward her.

“I was naughty again, Bob. I hope you’re nodding mad.”

Mad, no. Surprised? Hell, yeah! “How naughty, Kate?”

She gave me a fake pout, her eyes shining, as her hand traveled down my front, only stopping when she reached my zipper. “Just a little, honey. Not really bad. You know I’d never be really bad for anyone but you.”

I was actually enjoying this. Seeing how Grandma used to be. I had no idea. I put my hands on her waist, and pulled her in close. “Tell me.”

She giggled, her hand rubbing where she shouldn’t. “I kissed him. I even let him touch my bottom.”

Shit! Adam had kissed her! “And that’s all?”

She nodded vigorously, grinning. “Forty bucks, cash money. And you’ve got an extra three days to finish the work. I made him give you the weekend. I did good, right honey?”

“You did great, Kate. You’re the best.”

She lowered her head, looking up at me through her eyelashes, pouting again. “You’re not mad, are you? It was just a little kiss.” Then she smiled. “Not like this.”

Her arms were around my neck, her body pressed against mine, and she kissed me like her life depended on it. Holy crap! Grandma was a good kisser. When she finally pulled away I was stunned.

“I’m gonna go to work for dinner. You need to get my chair done. Dan’s stuff can wait.” She grinned mischievously. “If we need extra time, I’m sure I can get us a few more days. You did order the hardware, right?”

I nodded.

“Good. Then get to it. And maybe tonight, I’ll let you punish me for being a naughty girl again.”

* * *

Kate was riding me, by far her favorite position, and she slapped my chest. “She didn’t!

I laughed, grabbing her hips and grinding into her. “Yep. Grandma’s bad. She kissed Adam, or I should say ‘Dan,’ and earned us a few more days before I have to finish the cabinets. She even made him pay us forty dollars.”

“Oh my God! Grandma!?”

I almost laughed, but Kate decided she’d been idle long enough, and started rocking back and forth on my cock, dragging a moan out of me. That put a smile on her face.

“You better not be thinking of Grandma,” she said, and smacked me on the chest again.

“Be real, Kate. You’re the love of my life. Shit, I’m probably the only man in America who after twelve years of marriage fantasizes about his wife.”

She slowed down her rocking, taking her time. I could see her mind was elsewhere, but I didn’t mind. Sometimes our love was romantic, sometimes passionate. A lot of times it was just playful, like tonight. I was happy enough to have her riding me. This was one of those fun times, and teasing her about Grandma was turning out hilarious.

“You think he told Mom?” she asked.

“Probably. I’ll talk to him. He thought it was funny that she was hitting on me. Let’s see who’s laughing now.”

“This is so weird, Glover. She was in a great mood tonight, almost completely lucid.”

“And her chicken was to die for. Damn, that woman can cook.”

“Dammit! I know you’re not thinking about Grandma, with that big cock up inside me.”

I smacked her ass cheek pretty firmly, making her yelp. “Behave. You know you are the only woman for me. This thing with Grandma isn’t my doing. Hell, you and Adam both were encouraging me.”

Kate leaned over, her arms bracketing my head, her perfect titties swaying as she rocked back and forth, fucking me slowly. “I know,” she said, gazing into my eyes. “And I love seeing her happy. But you have to admit it’s weird. I mean, kissing Dad!”

I chuckled, reaching up and playing with her tits. “That’s your problem? Adam?”

She blushed, and it was adorable. “She thinks she’s married to you. But Dad? That’s just wrong. And you said he touched her ass?”

“Grandma’s a pretty woman, using her feminine wiles to help the business. She confessed immediately. She also made it clear she’s been naughty before, and she wasn’t the least bit regretful.” I chuckled, tweaking my beautiful wife’s nipples. “She did say I’d get to ‘punish’ her tonight for being naughty.”

Kate glared at me, then started pounding down on my cock. I loved the way it made her tits shake. “I’m thinking you’re the one that needs to be punished,” she said.

“Punish me, beautiful.”

* * *

I loved my current project. Some projects are more critical than others, some time-lines more crucial. This was one of those projects where time was of the essence, and the company was big enough to pay well. I’d been managing to keep up with my tasks and goals, and integration was going exceptionally well.

I’d only had two minor issues to deal with. I was being paid to be on call, during integration and tests. I understood that if my work had issues, I had to drop everything and deal with it until it was done. For the moment, as long as my code remained solid, my job was to check my emails each morning, join a daily progress conference call, and wait.

With time on my hands, I was checking on the addition’s progress, cleaning out an old shed behind the garage that probably hadn’t been looked at in twenty years, and eventually, organizing and cleaning Grandpa’s workshop and the garage which had been overtaken with all his work and tools.

I was nervous about that, but the first time Grandma came out to see what I was up to, she just looked around, and left. She had that confused look again, and I knew it was a bad day.

Adam had not made an appearance in a couple of days, and it was nice when he showed up the following morning. I was back to working on the cabinets, in full workshop apparel with Grandma’s newly stained chair ready for a final finish. I let him get settled in before I started grilling him.

“So, ‘Dan,’ I hear you’ve been kissing my wife,” is how I started.

The man turned bright red. “Jesus, Glover! The woman is a fiend!”

“Not so funny now, is it? With the shoe on the other foot.”

He grinned. “Yeah, but you gotta admit, it is kind of funny. You know Mom made it pretty clear that wasn’t the first time that I’d kissed her. I mean, Dan kissed her. The woman is a total tease.”

“Did you tell Hailey?” I asked.

He took a moment to reply. “Did you tell Kate?”

“Everything. Including Grandma kissing ‘Dan.’ “

He grinned. “Good. Cause I told Hailey everything. She hasn’t stopped teasing me ever since. How about you?”

“Pretty much the same. I think it bothers Kate a lot more that you kissed Grandma, then the fact that she’s been almost attacking me.”

“Mom kissed me,” Adam insisted.

“Oh, right. And the butt fondling?”

He turned bright red. “It wasn’t fondling, I mean, I barely touched her, and it was just for a couple of seconds.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You don’t have to tell me, I get it. Trust me. She’s a wild woman.”

He laughed along with me. “Yep. I get the feeling that Dad was a very, very lucky man.”

He was holding a piece for me, when Grandma made her appearance. I should have known. She had some kind of sixth sense, when it came to me working out there. Then again, with the fan going, and running some of the tools, I wasn’t exactly quiet. “Who’s your handsome friend, Bob?” she asked, smiling at Adam.

I thought Dad was going to lose it. Grandma came over and slid her arm around my waist tilting her head up for a kiss. It was kind of my duty to deliver. “This is Adam,” I said.

She let go of me and stuck out her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Adam. What brings you by? Here to check out the work? Best dang woodworker for a hundred miles.” She had a huge smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye, as she clung to his hand. I was getting a pretty clear idea of how Grandpa had been so successful.

“You know the counter over at McPherson’s? That’s Bob’s work. And the library at the courthouse? My Bob. Even the Mayor knows where to go for the best. Most of his office was Bob’s work. So what can we do for you?”

Adam was wishy-washy, and Grandma did her thing. It only took her a few minutes to drag him inside the house so he could see some of the completed work inside. She looked over her shoulder at me, giving me a wink.

Ten minutes later, she was back, with Adam in tow. She was holding his hand. “I’ll let you boys finish up the details. I’ve got a ham that I need to get working on, and a lot of potatoes to peel.” She gave me a quick wink, then turned and faced Adam. “You won’t regret choosing us, I promise,” she said, with more than a promise implied in her voice. “You’re welcome to stay for dinner. There’s more than enough.”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek, then planted a big kiss on me, before leaving us.

“Spill,” I said.

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