I love her family; but one of them too much – part 5

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“Of course, Kate. I’ve got you. What would I want with her?”

That seemed to settle things a bit, but it was shortly after that Grandma announced it was bedtime, lockin’ up the house, turning off the lights, showing the wife and kids to their rooms, and dragging me off to hers. Damn, this was a mess of the highest order.

I guess Grandma had it in her mind to reinforce the order of things. I had her in her bed for the first time. She was almost frenzied, like near fucked my brains out. I didn’t know the old woman had it in her. The second time was better, quieter, and when she rode me near the end, I watched her trace our names on the headboard, so much like her granddaughter.

It was about an hour later that I slipped out of her bed, while she lay sleeping, and snuck down to my room, where I had a lot of explaining to do.

Kate was mostly Ok with everything. She understood that it was both of our faults, for not recognizing this probably would have happened eventually. It took her a good bit of effort to get me hard enough to re-establish her position as my wife.

“You’re my husband, damn it!” she growled, while riding me. “Don’t you forget it either. Mine!”

“Of course,” I tried to reassure her. “She’ll probably have forgotten all about it tomorrow.”

* * *

Grandma had, and she hadn’t. She woke late as she often did, but it was Saturday, and when she came out, we were all there, Kate making pancakes and sausages, while I was trying to explain to the kids that sometimes Grandma thought I was Grandpa, and that they should try to play along.

Grandma was moving slowly, and seemed to be in one of her confused states. That was until I took the boys out to the workshop to help me stain the finished cabinets. She came out a little later, and I saw her hesitate at the door, looking us all over, before heading back in. Half an hour later she was out of her nightgown, and back in one of her light summer dresses. Her yellow one, my favorite. Or Bob’s favorite. Hell, somebody’s favorite.

“Why don’t you young gentlemen check in with your mother,” Grandma said, addressing the boys. As soon as they were gone, she was in my arms. “She told you?”

I nodded, with no better answer. I had no idea what she was talking about, unless this was some kind of continuation about yesterday’s episode.

“That Donnie was always good for nothin’. We’ll take her and her boys in, of course. It will be good for Hailey to have someone to play with.” Grandma gave me a kiss. “She’s a pretty one, I’ll admit. I don’t have to worry about you, do I?”

So now Hailey was our daughter? Not Kate’s and Uncle Donald’s? This was getting too confusing. “With you around? What do you think?”

Early in the afternoon, Grandma took a nap, while I took the kids out shopping. When I came home, Mom and Dad had shown up, huddled with Mom in the living room, while Grandma made dinner.

I was barely in the door, when Grandma spoke to me. “Glover, did you get the brown sugar?”

I put the grocery bags on the counter, and put away everything on her list. That earned me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re a good man, Glover. Thank you for putting up with me.”

That damn near brought tears to my eyes. I gave her a hug. “This is your home. Thank you for putting up with us.” I started to pull away, and she grabbed my arm. “Glover?”


“My … my bad moments, they’re getting longer aren’t they? I can’t seem to remember much of the last few weeks. Is it bad?” She looked upset, and it hurt me to see her like that. Especially after what we’d been through lately.

“They’re more frequent, and longer,” I admitted. “But they’re not bad. Sometimes you think I’m Grandpa.”

She gasped, and put her hand over her mouth, one of her gestures I was coming to adore. Then she giggled. “Oh! I guess I can see that, you’re near as handsome a man as my Bob was at your age. I’m not … misbehavin’ am I?”

I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I teased her a little. “You mean naughty?”

She blushed so cutely. “Bob and I, we had a very loving relationship. You and me?”

I hugged her and gave her a little wink. “You’re a great kisser, Kate.”

“Glover!” she hissed, looking around. “You’re a married man!”

“I am, and very happily married, with a beautiful wife, and an equally beautiful Grandma. It’s all Ok, Kate. I promise. You have nothing to worry about.”

It was another great afternoon and evening for Grandma, and stayed that way throughout the weekend. It was probably the longest stretch of lucidity we’d had in a while. Things were looking up.

* * *

The following week was more like it had been earlier in the month. Three days of Bob’s girl, sex twice, including a naughty, shy blowjob, great afternoons with the real Grandma, and incredible nights with Kate, still doing her damnedest to remind me who was married to whom, with oral sex at least every other time, both ways.

My home life was pretty incredible. Work was another issue. We’d had another big problem, and by Friday, I was working non-stop trying to craft a design fix. These were the worst. It required a lot of effort, extended communications with the team, multiple-levels of integration and testing, all in a mad rush.

The fallout was it looked like I was going to miss out on a family outing. We were all supposed to head down to SeaWorld that weekend. Mom and Dad were joining us. Alice had planned to take care of Grandma while we were gone. But with the project in the state it was in, I knew I was going to have to work all weekend. In the end, it was decided not to disappoint the kids, and they’d all head down to SeaWorld, with Alice taking my place.

Grandma was fuzzy Saturday, while I toiled away in my basement office, only coming up for lunch and to use the bathroom.

That afternoon I had my breakthrough, and was able to check in a fully-functioning sub-system. I was ahead of the rest of the team, that’s why they paid me the big bucks. I was worn out when I came upstairs asking Grandma if she had plans for dinner or if she wanted me to take her out. I was surprised when she said she’d love to go to dinner, we hadn’t been out to eat in ages, which was true.

I showered and put on jeans and a western shirt, not my usual garb. I called ahead and made reservations at our favorite steak house. When Grandma came out, she was looking her prettiest, all made up, wearing a dress and her pearls. Her eyes lit up as she saw me. “Don’t you look handsome tonight?”

“Not near as pretty as you,” I said.

She walked up and gave me a hug and then a kiss. A real kiss, setting off my alarms. “It’s been ages, Bob, thank you.”

Dinner was nice, if overly flirtatious. Grandma got a little tipsy on two glasses of beer, which was something I couldn’t remember seeing. I’m pretty sure she had a great time, and I know I did. At home, she dragged me straight to bed. Tipsy Grandma was a lot of fun in the sack.

Grandma rarely went naked. Never around me. She changed in the bathroom, and always wore a nightie to bed. During the day, when we had our quickies, or even not-so-quickies, she always wore dresses or the occasional skirt. That night, for the first time, she came to me in just her panties. She was blushing when she came out of the bathroom, and insisted I turn off the lights.

We made love, long, slow and tender, and it was great. Then she went down on me, and we had a more playful time, while I ended up taking her doggy for the first time. She enjoyed that one a lot, coming for me loudly. To be fair, I liked it a lot as well. A whole lot. I ended up falling asleep with Grandma in my arms, as content as I could be.


I was startled awake, with Grandma pulling the sheet up to her chin, slapping at me, looking frightened. It took me a few seconds to adjust to the situation.


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