A pool boy with extra perks of benefits – 04

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“Please, call me Hannah. I didn’t know you did pool work, Sam. I may have to have you over. Our hot-tub isn’t working. Do you work on hot-tubs?”

“Sure. If you’d like, I could check it out on Monday.”

“That would be wonderful. Don’t let us get in your way, pretend like we’re not even here.” While she said that, she put her drink down and peeled off her shirt, exposing an almost non-existent bikini top. “You have the best yard, Railey. The west exposure is perfect. And so private.”

I tried to ignore them as politely as possible. I took off my shoes and shirt and climbed into the pool. The new water was still only knee high in the deep end. I carefully inserted the new bulb using a rag, and closed up the housing, carefully aligning the lens, gasket and housing. Didn’t want to have to do it over. Two more screws and it was firmly reattached to the pool wall.

Going to the shallow end of the pool, I peeked up over the ledge, where I could see the ladies were laying out, their legs pointed toward me, both open enough to give me a nice view. I could hear them talking. I sat down to work on the light, while listening.

“You’ve been holding out on me,” Hannah said teasingly.


“You’ve got yourself a nice bit of eye candy, a hunky young pool boy. Is he full service?”

“Shh! Behave yourself,” Railey whispered.

“Come on. I know I couldn’t keep my hands off that. Please tell me you’re getting something off of him. A little afternoon delight?”

“God! He’s just a boy, Hannah,” Railey said softly.

“Hardly. Did you see that package on him? I’d like to invite that thing to come out and play. Say, do you think he’d do my back?”

Railey giggled. “He does lotion, if you ask nicely.”

Apparently that was all she had to hear. “Sam? You’re almost done with those lights?”

I moved away from the wall back toward the deep end, to hide my eavesdropping. “Just a couple of more minutes.”

“When you’re done, could you be a darling and put lotion on my back? I wouldn’t want to burn.”

“Of course. Gimme a minute to make sure everything’s working.” I went back and finished the install of the second light, returned to the breakers and turned on the fuse, then gave each light a brief test. Working like a charm. Things really were going smoothly.

Hannah was in trouble. No doubt about it. When I turned to the ladies, I saw that she was topless. Big round fake boobs, sitting like ripe melons on her chest. Not that I had problems with soft, yummy melons.

She had sunglasses on, but her head turned toward me as I approached. She stretched, making damned sure I got an eye-full, then rolled over. “Thank you so much, Sam.”

She had a bottle of bronzing lotion next to her. I picked it up and squirted it into my hands. “You have a great tan so early in the season.”

“Tanning booth. It gave me a head start. I’ve been trying to talk Railey into going.”

Railey’s tan, though not as dark, I thought was much better. A nice smooth golden tone, bikini lines showing the sharp contract of her hidden white skin.

I started on Hannah’s shoulders and smoothed the oil into her skin, giving her a nice little massage at the same time, squeezing and kneading her muscles. I continued down her arms and started rubbing her back.

“Make sure you get the sides, sweetie. The tanning beds are lousy for the sides, and I’d hate to get burned.”

I added some more oil, and let my hands slowly drift down her sides. Her breasts were pushed out from the pressure of lying on them, and I slid my fingers down and around them, feeling their softness.

“That’s perfect, sugar, be as thorough as you can.”

I reached further, rubbing her tits from the sides, up across the top, and on the bottoms. She raised her body up a bit, inviting more. I slid my hands underneath them, feeling the roughness of her nipples against my fingers. “Mmm, you’re good at this,” she sighed.

I gave her a couple of more good squeezes, even pinching her nipples between my fingers, before I returned to her back. She settled back down as I covered her lower back. When I reached the swell of her hips I rolled her bottoms halfway down her butt, before rubbing the oil in. She sighed contentedly. I let my hands wander under the material, giving her tight little ass a thorough massage. My motions pushed the material even lower, and she lifted her hips letting them slide downward. With her firm little butt completely exposed, I sat on the lounge beside her, and played to my heart’s content, while she cooed contentedly.

Rolling the material back into place I started on her upper thighs. She reached back and pulled her bottoms up tight into her crack. I took the hint and massaged her ass some more, even reaching into her crack and teasing her a bit.

“Remind me to wear a thong next time I’m over,” Hannah giggled.

“Hannah!” Railey tried to act shocked.

Hannah opened her legs and I oiled both of them from top to bottom and then back up again, working along the inside of her legs on the return. When I reached the top I pulled the material on her butt back in place, then reached between her legs and tugged the material aside so I could rub the oil over her bald pussy. She cocked one knee open wide, and I slid my fingers along her moist opening, easing my middle finger into her. “God, Railey. This one’s a keeper.”

I probed her for a few seconds, until I was afraid that Railey could hear the squishy sounds of her wet pussy, with two fingers working her diligently. I started to pull out.

“Just a little more, please, baby?” she pleaded.

I moved up on her body, my fingers still playing inside of her, taking a few moments out now and then to tease her swollen clit, while my other hand rested on her upper back and shoulders, softly caressing her.

“Oh,” she gasped softly, and I felt the spasming of her pussy around my wet digits. I felt her relax totally, and I carefully adjusted her bottom.

I leaned over her and pressed my lips against her neck. “Let me know if I can do anything else for you, Hannah.”

“Monday,” she said softly. “Promise me you’ll come over on Monday.”

“Of course,” I told her, giving her bottom a soft pat. “How about you, Railey? Can I do your back for you?”

“Would you?”

“I’d love to.” I moved over beside her, getting the lotion and starting in on her shoulders. I took my time carefully covering her back, rubbing the sides of her breasts, making sure to take good care of her nice round bubble butt, and doing a thorough job on her legs. I did take a few liberties between her legs as well, but she was much better at hiding it.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “God, I want you right now.”

She whimpered slightly, while I pushed my fingers deep inside of her. “Later, I promise,” she breathed into my ear.

I only wanted to get her worked up, not give her any release. When I had her squirming, I pulled out of her, and adjusted her suit as well.

“Better get back to work,” I finally explained, wiping my hands clean. “The boss here is a real hard-ass.”

That got a giggle out of both of them.

I had barely started taking the automatic cleaner apart when I heard the car pull into the driveway. “Asshole’s home,” Hannah griped.

“Hannah, don’t.”

“Whatever.” She stood up and put on her top, watching me watch her. Afterward she pulled on her shorts and shirt, then stopped by the table I was working at. “Don’t forget me, sugar. Stop by Monday, there’s so much I’ve got for you to do.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for the O,” she whispered.

Railey was back in her cover-up, and came over to get her friend. “Let’s go, trouble.”

“Who, moi?”

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