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“Mrs. Thomas’ hot tub on Monday. Mrs. Sia’s fence Tuesday through Thursday,” I explained.

“Fine. You should give me a schedule, so I can keep track of you.”

Dad gave me a financial talking to after dinner. How much I was charging, opening a business account at the bank, keeping money out for taxes, getting a business account at the hardware stores and lumberyard, marking up materials. He insisted that if I worked hard, I should be able to save up over $5,000. All good stuff, but not much I didn’t know.

I listened patiently, although my mind was wandering. I couldn’t get Railey Thomas out of my head. I begged off after a while, went to my room and did some gaming, hoping to distract myself. I went to bed early, resisting the temptation to pleasure myself. Railey had asked me to save it for her. How could I say no to that?

* * *

I was up early, 7:30 on a Saturday. First one awakened in the house. I had breakfast and cleaned up thoroughly, shaving really close and doing all the usual. At 8:30 on the nose, I pulled into Daniel’s driveway. Dale’s car was gone, which was a nice start. I let myself into their backyard.

Railey was sitting on the porch, snacking on a bowl of fruit. She was dressed casually, loose cream shorts and a simple button up sleeveless shirt. I’d been hoping for less.

She got up and met me, slipping her arms around my waist. “Good morning, Sam,” she said.

“It is now.” I tilted her head up and gave her a kiss.

“Sit, please. We need to talk.”

That sounded ominous. Again, not what I was hoping for.

She poured me a glass of juice from a pitcher on the table, pushing it in front of me. “I did my homework.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. That was talk I wouldn’t mind hearing. “And…?”

“It was good. Eye opening. I really had to think some things through, and come to some hard decisions.”

“You want to share your list with me?”

She shook her head once. “Not yet, Ok?” She looked up at me, and I could see she was getting emotional. I reached out and grabbed her hand.

“What’s wrong, Railey?”

“You’re going to hate me,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

“No. I’m not. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I can’t make love to you,” she blurted. “I know I promised, but I need to give my marriage a fair chance before I call it quits. There’s so much I want to do, I have to do, and if I can do it while staying married to Dale, and if he and I can work out some issues, I’m going to try that first.”

“That’s good.”

“Good? That’s good? You should be furious with me, leading you on, and then hitting you with this.”

“It’s what you need. You said so. I’d be lying if I said I was ecstatic about it. I’ve wanted this so long, and to have it snatched out of my grasp at the last second is hard. But your happiness comes first.”

“My happiness? This isn’t going to make me happy. Happy would be taking you upstairs and making you fuck the living daylights out of me.”

“Then why aren’t we doing that?” I asked.

She sat back and sighed. “I don’t think I could ever get back in Dale’s bed after being with you. As it is, when he touches me, all I can think of is you. Last night we did it. And all I could think was that it should be you.”

I nodded. “You’re right. It should be me.”

She was tearing up again. “I know. But I do want to give this one more chance. I don’t think it’s going to work out, but I want to stay faithful until I decide it’s over. I don’t want to be a cheater. That’s not the way to end this.”

I had to wonder about her idea of cheating, if all the oral sex we’d been having didn’t count. Still, I understood. I didn’t like it, but I understood.

I squeezed her hand. “We had a great thing. I’ll never forget it. Now I want you to do what you have to do. Give it your best, and if it doesn’t work out, walk away with your head held high. I’ll be waiting.”

She shook her head vehemently. “No. Don’t wait for me. That’s not fair to you. Things may work out, but even if they don’t, it’s not going to happen overnight. I have no idea how long it will take.”

I stood and took her by the hand. “Come on, Morning Goddess. Let’s check the pool for your party.”

She resisted, pulling me over to our favorite sunning lounge. “One more time, Sam,” she said softly.

She took her time stripping me naked, then unbuttoned her top and removed it for me. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “I’m going to leave my shorts on. I don’t trust myself otherwise.”

I pulled her close and kissed her belly. “Trust me for both of us,” I told her, unbuttoning her shorts.

“Can I?” she asked, hesitantly.

I slid them down her hips, pulling her simple black panties down after them. “Absolutely. Always.”

She pushed me back down and knelt between my legs. I was soft, and I saw her smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this small before.”

“It’s been a rough morning.” I told her with a wry smile. “Make it better, Railey.”

She took me in her mouth, sucking and tugging on my cock. Disappointed or not, having that gorgeous woman sucking me produced results quite quickly. After only a minute or two, I was once again as hard as I ever was.

She grinned again. “Now there’s the Sam I know and love.”

“I love you too, Angel.”

She gave me a sad little smile. “I know.” She licked my cock, teasingly. “No more talk of love, Ok? This is difficult enough.”

“As long as you know.”

“I do.”

She stopped speaking and started sucking. It was different, loving and adoring, she seemed to worship my cock. She kept looking up at me, and I could see the desire in her eyes. It was too much. Knowing that she wanted me, maybe even really loved me, and this was possibly our last time. I wanted it to last forever, but fate had dealt me another hand. We were only a few minutes into it when I knew that I couldn’t hold back.

“I’m going to come for you, beautiful.”

She pulled off and licked me again, staring into my eyes and smiled. She sucked me hard, stroking my cock with her hand, using her tongue to tease my sensitive glans. I groaned, resisting until the last moment, and fired off in her loving mouth. She sucked me through completion, then sat up. She opened her mouth, showing me my spend, and closed her eyes before swallowing. She went back down on me, cleaning me, sucking gently, keeping me hard.

After a while she laid down on me, her head on my shoulder, her legs open, soft thighs outside mine. “Sam,” she whispered softly.

I hugged her, kissing the top of her head. “Railey,” I answered.

She reached down between us, and I felt her hand on my cock. She was rubbing it against her moist pussy lips.

“Don’t, Railey.”

“I want to feel it.”

“I promised you we wouldn’t. Don’t make a liar out of me.”

She rose up on her hands, lifting off me, her amazing breasts hanging down. “Can you be strong for us? Let me feel it inside, once. That’s all. Can we do that?”

“We shouldn’t.”

“I know. Please, for me. One time. Just slide it inside and let me feel what it should be. But that’s all, Ok?”

“Will you be able to stop?” I asked her.

“Maybe not. That’s why I want you to be strong for both of us. Don’t let me do anymore, no matter what. No matter how much I beg.”

“You’re asking a hell of a lot.”

She kissed me softly. “I know. And you’ve already done so much for me. You’ve changed my life these last few days. Now I need you one more time.”

“Put it in,” I told her.

She sat up, raising her hips up high, and bent over, watching as she slid my cock inside of her slowly. She lowered herself, sliding down my shaft, watching the whole thing disappear inside of her.

She sat down, resting her full weight on my cock and sighed. “Damn,” she moaned. “I knew it.”

I reached for her and pulled her down onto my chest, holding her in my arms my cock buried deep inside my dream woman’s tightness. We stayed like that, kissing warmly and lovingly, my hands caressing her body, her tight confines pulsing around my cock.

She started to raise her hips up, and I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her back down hard. “No.”

“Just a little, baby?” she pleaded.

“No. Relax. Let’s stay like this a little while longer.”

She ground her hips against me and I slapped her ass hard. “Don’t, Railey, or I swear I’ll pull out.”

She whimpered softly and settled back down. She buried her head in my shoulder, while I caressed that amazing body. I was rubbing her back when I felt the sobs start.

“Shhh,” I whispered, hugging her.

She started crying, hard, the sobbing echoing through her body around my cock. I grabbed her ass again, holding her tight against me, my cock throbbing inside of her, while she let it out.

When she calmed down, I let go of her ass, feeling her adjust herself and settle back on my cock. I wrapped her in my arms, kissing her pretty face, tasting the salt of her tears, all of which I kissed away.

She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me again. A long passionate kiss of desperation. She finished by nibbling my lip and pulling off of me. “Thank you,” she said.

“I love you,” was all I could answer.

She nodded, then turned around, lowering her pussy over my face before taking me in her mouth.

It was beautiful. Magical. Just as she’d worshiped my cock, I did the same for her tasty little pussy. Teasing, kissing, tasting, memorizing every little fold and bump, knowing this might have to last for a lifetime. I was able to get her to come for me softly, then once more, with my cock all the way down her throat, she came hard. My own need burst upon me unawares, and I thrust upward with my hips, shooting my load down her throat.

She pulled off in the middle of my cumming, sucking the head, and drawing every last drop out of me. I kissed her perfect pussy goodbye, my heart shattering in my chest.

She laid down on me, my softening cock in her mouth, my lips glued to her clit, sucking softly, never wanting to stop. I felt her head resting on my thigh, her lips still holding onto me gently.

She held me in her mouth, her tongue slowly caressing my sensitive helmet. I licked her gently, lovingly, along each side fold and then up the middle and inside her. I relaxed, my mouth glued to her pussy, my tongue taking a last tender journey until I rested, the tip barely inside her.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes until she slowly got up and turned around. I held her silently for a bit until she kissed me and got up. She was wearing a forced smile. “Let’s go, poolboy. We’ve still got some work to do, right?”

She got up and slid her panties on, while I pulled my shorts up. She took me by the hand, her beautiful tits still on display, and walked to the pool.

We took a few minutes to check the water, add the shock, and check the skimmers. I showed her how to turn the salt-water chlorinator from its super-chlorination setting to the normal level.

I wanted to do more, but the pool was immaculate and our job was done. We stood by the side of the pool, looking at it.

“We did a good job, didn’t we?” she asked.

“We did. I have some good news. All the materials came to less than $900. We’re even. No second payment necessary.”

“I want to pay you the rest,” she said.

“I won’t take it.”

She was holding my hand and gave me a squeeze. “We’re done, aren’t we?”

“As good as it’s going to get.”

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