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“Mom, gimme a break! I only got back from college two days ago. How about a little time to relax?”

“If you’re not going to work for your father, you’re going to stick with our deal. I won’t have you laying around the house all summer.”

“All summer? I’m talking about a week’s break, Mom. One week. Not a weekend. I’ll start with the handyman services next Monday. I still haven’t seen any of my old crowd or anything,” I argued.

“Two days should be enough rest. Railey Thomas needs pool help in a bad way. I told her you’d stop by and see what you can do. Think you can find time for her on your busy day?”

Railey Thomas? “Uh, when does she need me?”

* * *

“What’s the verdict, Sam?”

She’d been following me around for the last hour, like a nervous kid. The pool was a dark green swamp. I was trying to get to the root of the problem, but she was seriously distracting. I’d always had a thing for Mrs. Thomas, in a huge way, and her current outfit was reminding me why. She was wearing a bikini with a diaphanous waist wrap that left far too much of her MILFish body exposed for me to maintain my concentration on the task at hand.

I’d glance at her at every opportunity, taking in every little detail of her bodacious body. Her bikini top squeezing her skin, the flesh of the tits bulging at both sides of her bikini top. How the wrap around her narrow waist hung at the swell of her hips. The way her skin glowed, moist with perspiration, little drops of sweat rolling down her cleavage. The fine down of nearly invisible hairs on her forearms. Bowed lips, with fine lines of worry at their corners, as she listened to me explain each issue. I could barely tear my eyes off of her.

She and Mom were friends, good friends, had been ever since she and her husband first moved into the neighborhood four years earlier. They’d been newlyweds – he was about my parents’ age; she was a lot younger, just a couple of years out of college and the perfect arm-candy a go-getter needed to move ahead in the business world. Or so Mom said when they had first moved in.

“Mrs.Thomas, how long has it looked like this?”

“Since the end of pool season last year. Cash has been kind of tight, and we put off the work as long as possible, since we weren’t going to use the pool,” she admitted guiltily.

“Your pump is shot, the filter lines are clogged, and the scum on the bottom has gotten too good a hold to simply scrub off. No telling if the automatic cleaner is working at all. I imagine the filter itself is a complete mess. It’s probably going to take a couple of weeks to get it clean. I think you’re going to need professional help.”

She was wringing her hands; I thought people only did that in movies. “I’ve already talked to the pool people. They want more than $4,000 to fix it. And they quoted three weeks to get the parts in and get it cleaned up. I was hoping we could have it done this weekend. And four grand is way out of my budget.”

“This weekend? I don’t think I could get it done that fast if I worked day and night on it. And it would still cost thousands of dollars.”

She sat down on the spa wall, her pretty head in her fine, long-fingered hands. “Dale’s going to kill me. It took me two years to convince him to put the pool in, and I promised I’d take care of it. Now we’ve got this huge party planned, and if it isn’t perfect I’ll never hear the end of it.” She looked up at me, with her big green eyes. “Isn’t there anything we can do? Please?”

I sighed. For Railey Thomas, I knew I’d do whatever it took. “Let me look into it, and I’ll see what can be done. No promises.”

She laughed, jumping up and giving me a big hug. “Thanks, Sam. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I promise, you won’t regret it.”

The hug was definitely worth the effort of doing a little research. Four years ago she’d been this sexy older woman, tall and beautiful, who would come by the house regularly to cry on Mom’s shoulder. When I was 15 years old, she’d been my favorite fantasy. At nineteen, my freshman year behind me, she was sexier than ever, a body of dreams, with long brown hair and the biggest green eyes I’d ever seen. I was taller than her now, by several inches, and she seemed smaller, frailer, someone who needed taking care of.

It was almost lunch time, so I headed back down the street. Mom fed me while I spent a little time on the internet and making a few phone calls. By the time I was finished I had a possible solution. “You’re killing me Mom. This pool job could kill half my summer. It’s a mess.”

Mom laughed. “Don’t be a drama queen. Just fix her pool, Sam.”

* * *

Mrs. Thomas was working on her tan, and she got up as soon as I opened the gate to the back yard. Same bikini, sans the cover-up. Wow.

“Sam! Any ideas?”

“Maybe. Instead of cleaning the water, we could empty it. I could give the inside an acid wash, and refill it with clean water. I can probably clean the pool lines, with a simple fish tape, some acid and a pressure hose. The pump is a bigger issue, but I can replace the motor instead of the whole pump. That could get the price way down. I’ll have to clean out the filter, and all the pipes. It’s going to take a while. Won’t know about a lot of things until we get to them, though.”

“How much are we talking?” she asked.

I had completed my preliminary pricing and figured about $400 for the motor, $200 in chemicals, a couple of hundred in supplies, o-rings, baskets, and lube, and $300-$400 more if I had to replace all 8 filter elements. If the automatic cleaner was still working and the salt-water chlorine converter was functioning, it would still run at least $1200 in materials, and of course something for 3-4 days of my time. I wasn’t working for free.

“I can probably keep it under $2000, and I’ll have to work on it all week,” I told her. “I should be able to get it done in time.”

I thought that would be great news, but she was still acting distraught. “$2000? Any way we could do it for under $1000?” she pleaded.

“A thousand?” I asked, incredulous. “The new pump alone would be over $1000!”

She came closer, putting her hand on my chest. “Sam, please. As a personal favor? I’d owe you one.” Her hand burned where it contacted my chest.

A favor from Railey Thomas? Stay calm. Om-Mani-Padme… “How am I going to buy at least $1200 in material, for a thousand dollars, Mrs. Thomas? As much as I’d like to.”

“Call me Railey, Sam. You’re a college man now.” Her hand ran down my chest, coming to rest on my belt buckle. “How about a barter system? Maybe I can do something for you, if you do this for me,” she said. She was looking me in the eye, and I had a strong feeling that I knew what she was talking about.

And it wasn’t milk and cookies.

It made me a little nervous. Strike that – a lot of nervousness. This woman was several years older than me, and a good friend of my mother. On the other hand, she was my life long fantasy, and hot, really hot. Then again, she was married. But let’s not forget, it’s hot. She was way out of my league. And I dreamed about her more than any woman alive. Hot.

“What did you have in mind, Railey?” I asked, reaching out and bravely placing a hand on her waist.

“How about if while you were working, I was sunbathing topless? If you could do the job for $1000, I think I could ‘accidentally’ forget to wear my bikini top when you were over.”

Not quite the offer I was hoping for. $200 out of pocket, and working 4 full days for free, all to get a little peep show? Hopefully I can negotiate better. “I could knock it down to $1500 for an offer like that,” I countered.

She pouted cutely. “And if I let you put sun-tan lotion on me? I’d need to be lathered up several times a day.”

I was slow to answer, thinking of rubbing my hands over her perfect body, especially her big, round, firm boobs. So close to my fantasies, but still so far away.

She was watching me and upped the offer. “You know, Sam. I’ve even been thinking of doing a little nude sunbathing. I’m sure a clean pool would put me in the mood for it.”

The offer was hard to reject. She was my fantasy after all. I moved a little closer, putting my other hand on her hip, and running both hands along her sides, feeling her warm, slippery smooth skin. “It’s a hell of an offer, Railey. Realty. I wish I could do it. Believe me. But the parts are going to cost at least 12 to 14 hundred. And I don’t have the kind of money to make up the difference. At $1200, I’d be working for free for a whole week.”

She was thinking hard, and she moved closer, pressing her chest against me. “$1000 this week, and $200 more two weeks from now. Say yes, and we can start the lotion now.” She reached behind her neck and untied her top, lowering her hands quickly to hold the small bit of material against her large tits.

Dad owned his own business. He was in general contracting, with several sizable government projects. He’d always harped on me about three things required to succeed in business. One, have written goals, and refer to them often. Two, be scrupulously honest and fair, and you’ll be able to live off repeat business and referrals. Three, all of life is negotiating, every business owner has to be his own best salesman. Nothing’s done until something’s sold.

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