Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 5

Part 5 of Business woman and cam girl on special vacation begins here

She was squirming in her seat now. I could hear tip noises, and it amused me to think that people were already trying to vibe her pussy while she was in the midst of trying to be sneaky.

“I’ll grab something in a minute,” she called.


Isabel waited a moment then turned back to her laptop. “Ooh, that was so close.” She jabbed a finger at her cam. “You guys were trying to get me caught, weren’t you.”

I smiled and watched for a moment before getting back to my work. Isabel chastised her viewers in that very deliberate way she had which just made them tip more to keep riling her up.

It was several minutes later before Isabel stood up, vibrator hidden in her pussy under her skirt, and took a quick break from her show. She skipped over to me, off camera of course, and tilted my head up away from my laptop so she could kiss me.

“That was a good one,” she said. “Catching me out while I was trying to stick my vibe in.”

“I thought you’d like that,” I said.

“I did. So did chat, the little perv balls.”

“Want me to do something else in a bit?”

“Hm, maybe catch me out for real later on. Gives us an excuse to do another spanking show.”

I laughed softly. “You’re not fooling anyone, you know. You like those even more than your audience.”

Isabel bit her lip. “Does that make me a baaaad girl?”

I snorted. “Oh stop. Go grab your snack already.”

She kissed me again and pranced off, so very pleased with herself.

I got back to work, but part of my mind was working on the best way to interrupt later on for some spanking time.


Isabel’s family left after about a week and a half of vacation time. Isabel got big hugs from all of them, and I got some warm farewells too, including a few hugs of my own.

Nancy in particular gave me a long enough hug to whisper in my ear.

“You just keep doing what you’re doing,” she said.

“Um… will do,” I answered, just as hushed.

Isabel’s mom clearly wouldn’t know all the things we got up to, but then again I wasn’t sure any parent really wanted to know everything their kid and their lover got up to. Maybe that was tacitly included regardless, since Nancy was mainly concerned for Isabel’s happiness and not her moral virtue.

I stood next to Isabel and we watched both vehicles carrying her family pull out and hit the road.

Isabel breathed a deep sigh. “Well that was nice seeing them all, but… I’m kinda happy to have our space back.”

“So you can get back to not wearing clothes?”

She gave me a crooked smile. “Don’t even act like you haven’t missed that more than I have.”


Isabel’s top hit me square in the face. As I let it fall into my hands, Isabel was already walking toward her backyard, shedding clothes with every step.

“I’m going skinny dipping before my show,” she called back to me. “You’re welcome to join.”

Emotions and arousal stirred deep inside me. “You’re a bad influence on me, you know that?”

“I most certainly am not!”

“I’m gonna end up being a nudist too at this rate.”

Isabel shook her head, flicking her gaze back to check that I was following, which of course I was. “I’m not a nudist.”

“Your lack of clothes begs to differ.”

“I’m going swimming!”

“With no clothes. In broad daylight. In a–“

Isabel laughed and took off running. I made an indignant noise, struggled out of my underwear while almost falling over in the process, and tore off after her. She hit the water well before me with her lead, and got to watch my awkward, splashing entry.

“I guess I don’t mind being considered a nudist if it gets you naked more too,” Isabel said.

“Oh really?”

“Speaking of which… I’ve been thinking about having you on my shows more, if you’d be ok with it. Maybe… maybe less clothed sometimes.”

I moved to Isabel, placing soft hands on her smooth, slippery skin under the water. “Why does that not surprise me.”

“Because of my cunning mind and entrepreneurial spirit, you mean?”

“No, because you’re a horny little thing and you want to show me off.”

Isabel bit her lip. “That too. You think it’d be alright if I told my audience we’re together?”

I arched an eyebrow. “You want to?”

“Kinda, yeah. It felt really nice telling my family.”

“Well… I don’t mind. And I think it might be fun to participate more in your shows. With limits still.”

“Yeah, obviously there are still limits. But you’d be good with it?”

“I would,” I said. “But right now… I think I’m just going to kiss you.”

Isabel nodded, a gleam in her eyes, and a happy, beaming smile on her lips. “Your terms are acceptable.”

I kissed Isabel right there in the water of the lake, not caring in the slightest that we were technically not really in a private place. I hadn’t cared when I first ran naked into the water, and I didn’t care now. Maybe she was teaching me to be an exhibitionist of sorts. To be freer about displaying sexuality than I ever had been before. I wasn’t even worried about showing off to an online audience. Not as long as we were together.

The important question was did Isabel make me braver, or just hornier? As with most such questions in life, the answer was probably somewhere in the middle.

We broke apart from our kiss, smiling at each other and floating around in the warm lake waters. We swam about, enjoying the sun and each other. We’d meet for more kisses from time to time, or just let ourselves drift while holding hands. It was a free and joyous time, and I knew there would be more like it. I’d made the best possible decision in coming back to be with Isabel. I’d take as many days like this as I could get.

Isabel had to go to work eventually. I did too. I should have been working already, really.

We showered together, mostly to rinse off the lake water. Isabel ate me out in the shower and made me cum. She declined an orgasm of her own, not wanting to be worn out for her show. There was a certain low level of arousal, so she claimed, that made her shows the best. Not too much, but enough to just keep her on edge.

“You’re telling me I don’t make you crazy any more?” I asked, lazily kissing her neck. “Used to be you couldn’t handle how horny I could make you before a show. That didn’t take long for the magic to fade.”

“Unf, no, V, it’s not that. I mean yes, I don’t get quite as crazy anymore. Not quite as needy. But I think it’s only because I know I don’t have to worry. You know when something’s new and wonderful and you want as much as possible because you don’t know how long it’ll last? Well… maybe sometimes that becomes something wonderful you can rely on.” She looked me straight in the eyes. “You came back for me, V. You met my family.”

I flushed. Despite just coming on her tongue, the look on her face got me all hot and bothered all over again. “Don’t you have a show to get ready for?”

“Hehe, maybe I’ll skip it and take you to bed, hm?”

I shook my head and slapped her butt. “Get moving. Don’t tempt me, or we’ll both be out of a job before long.”

Isabel grinned and took her time drying off and getting ready. She only put clothes on just before starting up her webcam, driving to maximum distraction.

Not that I was particularly playing fair either. I wore my smallest, sexiest bikini while sitting out in the sun with my laptop. One that I ordinarily wouldn’t wear at all, except in private. Isabel brought this kind of thing out in me.

I paid for it later on when Isabel dragged me over in front of her laptop. She was naked by then, which should have taken the heat off of me, but somehow it only highlighted the skimpiness of my outfit in my head. Plus she was so casual and nonchalant about showing off for an audience–she literally did it for a living after all–and I didn’t have nearly the Isabele experience with such things.

“So guys, big news, V and I are kind of a thing now,” Isabel said, blushing faintly in her cheeks as she spoke. “And it’s, uh, kinda great.”

I bit my lip, unsure where to look. I had my big sunglasses on, which alleviated my need to look anywhere in particular, but I still felt like I should have more stage presence somehow. I wasn’t used to being on someone’s arm and demurely allowing myself to be presented.

“Uh, hi,” I said, waving the fingers of one hand.

Isabel had a tight grip on my other hand, her fingers laced through mine. I took comfort from holding her hand, and as she babbled on excitedly I lost some of my discomfort and mostly just smiled at her excitement.

“Guys, no, I’m not going to get into our personal business too much,” Isabel said. “I know you all want to hear all our dirty secrets, but that’s between us. However… I think V’s gonna participate in shows a little more, so that’ll give you all a taste anyway.”

I was ready to slip away at any point, but Isabel didn’t let go of my hand. She was so bubbly and engaged I wasn’t even sure she realized she was clinging to me like that. And so I sat and let a bunch of dudes–and maybe some women?–play with themselves while I sat in my itty bitty little swimsuit.

This was a part of my life now. Part of being with Isabel, and somehow that made it ok with me. In fact, it might even be quite hot doing stuff with her with her audience watching. Our spanking shows have always been fun. This was just more of that, basically.

“Honestly, I really don’t know how it happened,” Isabel carried on. “Like… it wasn’t something either of us meant for. But it’s one of those things, you know, how like if you try really hard for something it never works out, and sometimes if you’re not looking for it, there it is.” She shrugged. “I’m really not a relationship expert, I don’t have better words of wisdom than that.”

“Sometimes you just get lucky,” I said.

Isabel turned to look at me, a gleam in her eye, lips open to say something. I didn’t let her, I kissed her before she could speak.

She made a surprised little noise at first before melting into the kiss. I didn’t let it linger too long, lest we make too much of a show out of it, but it was more than enough to derail Isabel’s whole train of thought.

She looked from me to her laptop back and forth a few times, then took a deep breath and tried to center herself.

“Yeah so she just does stuff like that,” Isabel said. “And it’s pretty great.”

She chatted away, getting back into a rhythm. I was pretty sure I was done, and thought about getting back to my work.

“Are you done with me?” I whispered to Isabel.

“Um, wait, almost. Chat’s asking if I’m gonna get you naked.”

“They are?”

“Mhm. How do you feel about taking your top off?”

“Oh god, Isabel.”

Isabel turned back to her cam and raised her voice. “She might do it, guys. The top anyway. What do you think?”

“Oh stop,” I said. “You know what they think.”

“Hehe, yeah. They horny.” Isabel batted her eyes at me. “We could give them a chance. Say… ten minutes, two thousand tokens, see how bad they want it?”

“You’re bad.”

“That’s true. Are you up for it?”

“My boobs aren’t that g–“

“First of all, yes they are,” Isabel interrupted. “Second of all, this is the great democracy of camming. People tipping get to decide what they want.”

“I don’t know if that’s strictly democracy.”

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