Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 5

I so desperately wanted to play with myself, or better yet for Isabel to play with me. But in order for that to happen, given the scenario we were playing out, I had to ‘discover’ what she’d been up to. I held out as long as I could, which was only another couple of minutes, then slowly pushed myself upright, feeling the extent of my nudity as a few scraps of my dress fell away, and the mostly intact front side of the garment stayed right where I’d been lying on it.

My acting wasn’t any better than Isabel’s as I sat up, looked terribly confused, then belatedly threw an arm across my breasts to cover them up.


Isabel contrived to look guilty and innocent at the Isabele time.


“What did you do to my clothes?!”


I glared at her. “You’re still holding a pair of scissors in your hand, and my new dress is in scraps on the ground.”

Isabel tossed the scissors over her shoulder. “A coincidence?” she tried.

I waved my free hand at her laptop. “I’m on your cam show right now, aren’t I?”

“Maybe,” Isabel said meekly.

I narrowed my eyes even further. “This is all rather naughty of you, Isabel.”

She wiggled and bit her lip, trying not to show how horny she clearly was. “I’ve been bad?”

“I’d certainly say so.” I took my cue and stood up, well aware that I was presenting more of my naked body to our audience in the process. “Bend over.”


“Bend over!”

Isabel shot a scared look at her audience and whimpered loudly as she bent over, presenting her backside to best effect. She still had panties on, somehow, but I yanked them out of the way.

Isabel was clearly excited for the spanking she’d earned by cutting up my clothes. Luckily for her, so was I.

I cracked my hand down on Isabel’s ass, making her yelp. I forgot about any pretense at all of my own modesty and really laid into her butt, spanking it hard and fast, letting the slapping sounds of my hand on her flesh fill the air.

Isabel kept pressing her ass back for more at first, until she started getting sore and had to choose a little more reticence in her behavior. I caught her subtle signals when she’d had enough, and just kind of ignored them until I got a few more good spanks in.

When she turned around, her face was red, her lip was stuck in a big, sorrowful pout, but she just couldn’t hide the brilliant gleam of her eyes, at least not to me.

“That was so rough!” Isabel exclaimed, hands moving protectively to her bum.

“You owe me a new dress,” I said.

“Ok, ok. That’s fair. But… My bum is so sore now. Can’t you maybe kiss it better?”

She looked so pathetically hopeful about the possibility that I almost cracked. However, the effect of her pleading was marred somewhat by her simultaneous showing off of her red bottom to her viewers. I glanced down at where Isabel was sticking out her bum toward her cam and snorted.

“Tell you what, you can kiss mine instead.”

Isabel protested loudly, but no sooner had I laid back out then she was spreading my legs, worming between my thighs, and burying her face in my ass. I sighed contentedly as she kissed all over my butt, including spreading my cheeks to get right at my butthole. I could get used to doing shows like this.

After the show, the sex was crazed, animalistic, and absolutely wonderful. Isabel and I were all over each other from the very moment she shut off her stream. There were several body-tingling orgasms between us before we were able to calm down and relax together in a rather sweaty and exhausted cuddle.

“Apparently we need to get you naked on stream more,” Isabel said with a soft pant.

“I don’t know if that’s the lesson here,” I said.

“I’m pretty sure it is though. I mean, how often is it that a couple gets to play sexy games and roleplays in front of an encouraging audience?”

I groaned. “I hate that you’re kind of right. That does actually make it way hotter. You know you’re corrupting me?”

“Mmm, so you’ve said.” Isabel buried her face in my cleavage. “I do enjoy corrupting you.”


Our time at the cottages was amazing, but had to end with the changing of the seasons, and cool weather intruding. Fortunately, that was plenty of time for me to feel comfortable asking Isabel to move in with me. She said yes without even having to think about it.

We had to drive separately back to the city so we could each bring our own car. I also needed to secure a second parking spot in my building’s garage, which really wasn’t a problem.

I felt quite giddy as I took Isabel up to my condo for the first time and got to show her around. I’d never had anyone there before with the intention of them staying permanently, and I was thrilled beyond belief at the idea of moving Isabel in.

“Daaammmnnn look at that view,” Isabel said, suitably awed.

“Good, isn’t it?”

“And it seems so big. Is this kinda big for this kind of area?”

“It is.”

“Rent must be insane.”

I smiled and hugged Isabel from behind while she was still marveling at the view out the window. “I’m not renting,” I said. “But yes, it’s quite an expensive place. It gets worse for one of the units at the top of the building.”

“No kidding, huh?”

“But it’s worth it. I make good money, and honestly just don’t have a whole hell of a lot that I spend it on.”

Isabel giggled. “Well you can spend more of it on me, then.”

“Hm, I wouldn’t mind being your sugar mommy, I guess. Except for how I’m not even sure that I make more than you.”

“Do we have to whip out our tax forms? See who is bigger?”

I snorted. “No, I don’t think we need to get into figurative dick measuring contests here.”

“… can I still call you mommy sometimes?”

“Oh shush you. Let me keep showing you around.”

I showed Isabel the bedroom, which we’d have to rearrange now that there would be two of us sharing it, and saved what was formerly my home office for last.

“So I used to use this room for, like, work stuff or whatever,” I said.

“Used to? Aren’t you mostly working from home now?”

“Yes, that’s true. But… what I thought was that if we took out the desk and shelves and stuff, we could put in whatever you’d want for your studio.”

Isabel frowned. “My studio?”

“For doing shows.”

She slowly broke out in a wide grin. “Oh really? Give me a whole room of my own just for showing my body online, huh?”

“I wouldn’t put it quite like that, but yes. I can work anywhere, really. And maybe I could make a corner of the main room for my desk and stuff, without getting in the way of the view or the kitchen or anything. I feel like it’s more important for you to have a good space to work.”

Isabel wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and clung close to me. “I don’t know if I want to move into your place and kick you out of your own space.”

“It’s gonna be our place, Isabel. Ours. Not just mine.”

“Hm, ok, I do like the sound of that.” She kissed me, holding me tight the whole while. I was pretty sure she deliberately guided me to the big window overlooking the city when she did so, as though showing us off to the world. “We should go get the rest of our stuff,” she said.

“Right now?”

“Mmhm. That way we can get rid of these pesky clothes.”

“Ah. Pesky things indeed.”

“And we can see what happens from there.”

My mind was already skipping ahead, picturing Isabel without her clothes–as I had plenty of reference for by now–and more specifically laying her down in our bed.

Our bed. God I loved the sound of that.

Laying her down in our bed and taking my sweet time kissing her all over, then burying my tongue in her pussy.

“I’ll lick you out really good,” Isabel promised, mistaking my brief daydream for hesitation.

I laughed softly at the difference in our visions of the near future. “Let’s finish bringing stuff up,” I said. “Then we’ll just see who gets to lick who out first.”

Isabel kissed me again. “Deal.”


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