Cooper made it intense with beach girls – part 1

This Story is part of Cooper made it intense with beach girls Series

This is a story of Cooper meeting 2 girls in the beach and the action. Let’s begin….

It was a hot summer morning in California, USA. Eighteen-year-old Nyla gazed over at the man in the distance and smiled.

“He’s hot, huh?” Nyla asked.

“He sure is,” replied Nyla’s best friend, Rachel. “But I think he’s old.”

“Yeah, he’s probably like 25 or something,” Nyla responded with a laugh. “Nobody that old is touching my vadge! Those wrinkly fingers! Gross!”

“Nobody’s touching my vadge until I’m married,” muttered Rachel. “My kus is off limits! No dicks! No fingers even! My kus is for my future husband!”

“Yeah, fair enough,” Nyla said with a laugh. “But trust me, you’ll like it when they get there! It feels amazing having a dick up there. Fingers too.”

“But when they do, my vadge will be clean,” Rachel responded with a smile. “Virgin territory, bitch!”

Nyla was helping to celebrate Rachel’s eighteenth birthday, and the hot guy in the distance was a nice bonus…a bit of eye candy to make the day even more fun. Nyla had turned eighteen six months ago, and she promised Rachel they’d have a few kicks when she hit her milestone too.

Both high school students in Year 12, Nyla and Rachel had kissed off school, jumped on the train, picked up two bottles of cheap wine, and traveled over an hour to a nice, secluded coastal bay just around the corner from one of California’s most popular beaches. It was a beautiful, picturesque spot dotted with sunbathers, swimmers and divers. Nyla and Rachel were set for a day of drinking, laughing, sunbathing and swimming.

It was, however, a big risk for the girls. Though Nyla’s olds were totally loose, Rachel’s Lebanese parents were strict Christians, and things like truanting and drinking would have seen Rachel ripped to shreds and then grounded for weeks…but she was officially an adult now, so what the fuck? It was Rachel’s birthday, and Nyla thought her best friend deserved some fun.

Blonde, curvy, big breasted Nyla was always ready for fun. She loved to drink, vape, dance, party, and, since she’d turned eighteen, fuck. On her eighteenth birthday, Nyla had allowed her friend Jonah McKenzie into her panties, and she thoroughly enjoyed those five minutes on her bedroom floor, and couldn’t wait for more.

Nyla had sex with a few guys after Jonah (and maybe even had a few orgasms, she wasn’t sure), and they were all guys her own age. The beautiful eighteen-year-old had zero interest in older guys, and found it especially gross when she got checked out by guys old enough to be her father…which happened a lot.

Nyla was naturally beautiful, and her big tits and nice butt got her a lot of attention too…her top-grade womanly assets were like a magnet for male eyes, especially when they strained against the thin cotton of her white school blouse and blue skirt.

Since she’d turned eighteen, Nyla had even noticed the male teachers at her high school checking her out. It was as if her becoming an adult had given the old pervs free reign to have at her; they obviously knew Nyla’s age from school records, and now saw her as fair game. Gross!

Nyla’s super-strict, super-old, super-disgusting arsehole of a math teacher was the absolute worst…literally the day Nyla turned eighteen, his eyes were practically glued to her tits. He’d put Nyla in detention for just about anything, and then stare at her tits the whole time she was there. He probably went home and wacked it over her! Fucking perve! Just the thought of it made her sick.

Old guys just weren’t Nyla’s thing. But even though he was older, this guy walking out of the water and onto the rocks about ten metres away from them was hot as fuck. Wearing a skimpy, sexy little pair of bikini-style Speedos, the guy was tall, deeply tanned, and heavily muscled. He was also fucking cute, with chiseled features and deep, brown, fuck-me-hard eyes.

Weirdly, Nyla could see that the man’s skin was completely smooth and free of hair from his totally jacked bare torso right down to his shredded calves. This guy probably got fucking waxed more than she did! Nyla probably had more hair on her vadge than he did on his whole body!

Though he was likely in his mid or even late twenties, Nyla had to admit that she’d never seen a man as hot and fully jacked as this before. The little Speedos were a bit pervy, but she was still pretty fucking turned on by this guy’s superhero-style rig and movie star face. There was no way Nyla would fuck anyone that old, but she could certainly look…she could definitely look…just like she did at Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling. Those guys were old too, but they were still sexy.

Standing on a large, flat rock beside the ocean in the secluded bay, Nyla reached down next to her school bag to grab her bottle of wine. Nyla’s big, soft, pliable breasts swayed and swung with the movement, not even remotely corralled by the unsupportive green bikini top she’d snuck on under her school uniform earlier that morning. Nyla stood up, smiled, and then took a long swig from the wine. Despite the early hour, the eighteen-year-old schoolgirl was feeling more than a little buzzed, and she loved it.

As Nyla swigged her wine, she kept her eye on the guy in the near distance. Dripping wet from his swim, the man swept his longish, sandy brown hair off his face, and then raised his arms above his head, stretching out his bare torso and arms, making his huge muscles bulge and pop. This guy had a hot rig, and he must have spent hours in the gym working out.

With a naughty smile, Nyla also noticed not just that this guy had a hot butt, but that he also had a really big bulge in his skimpy little Speedos. It stuck right out and was really noticeable, even from a distance. This guy must have had a very, very big dick. Nyla giggled and looked over at Rachel.

Sitting down on the large flat rock nearby, Rachel drank from her own bottle of wine, her long, black, silky-straight hair fluttering ever so slightly in the sea breeze, and hanging in wisps over her olive-skinned shoulders and big, spongy, perfectly shaped breasts, which hung loose in a black bikini top. Like Nyla, Rachel was curvy and womanly with rounded hips and big tits, but had a nice, flat stomach and perfectly toned arms and legs.

Because they hung out together all the time, and because they both had hot bodies and big tits, Nyla and Rachel had been tagged with the nickname The Double D’s at their high school in california’s south-west, where they were both popular and at the center of just about everything that went on. Nyla and Rachel were most definitely on the inside socially.

“Here come The Double D’s,” girls would say when Nyla and Rachel walked up. “We all just got a lot uglier! Deal!”

As Nyla and Rachel both watched under the hot summer sun, the man quickly toweled off, and then turned around so they were both looking at his back, which was crisscrossed with muscle and a large, discoloured birthmark…hardly a fucking deal-breaker! The man then slowly grabbed the back of his Speedos with both hands, and wedged them carefully into his butt-crack, instantly turning his little swimsuit into a naughty g-string.

“Holy fuck, Fats,” Nyla laughed quietly. “G-string! Look at his butt!”

“It’s cute,” Rachel responded, also with a laugh. “It looks really hard and firm. Not many guys show off their butts like that…he must be really up himself, huh?”

“Yeah, like us,” Nyla giggled, and then gently jiggled her own g-string-clad butt, making its tanned cheeks wobble ever so slightly.

“You got that right, bitch,” Rachel said and stood up, shaking her own g-string-clad butt, its cheeks a little fleshier than Nyla’s and far more mobile. “Fuck, look at him, Beth. He’s pervy and old…but he’s hot.”

Nyla and Rachel watched intently as the man sat down and then spread himself out on a large, flat rock, lying back on his elbows with his powerful legs slightly apart, offering the perfect view of his barely contained bulging package for the two eighteen-year-old schoolgirls.

“Not a bad birthday present, huh?” Nyla asked. “A hot guy to look at by the sea? Practically showing off his balls? It’d be better if he was our age, but what the fuck, yeah?”

“He’s hot,” Rachel said with a smile, “and he’s nearly in the nuddy…that’s enough for me.”

“Happy Birthday, Fats,” Nyla said and winked at her best friend, and they both took a big gulp of wine.

“Thanks, Beth,” Rachel responded. “You’re the best, girlfriend.”

Standing side by side on the large flat rock in their very revealing — and very flattering — bikinis, Nyla unquestionably saw the guy checking them out as he laid in the sun soaking up the rays. Nyla saw the guy’s eyes move up and down her body, and then over to Rachel’s equally sexy frame. The guy wasn’t exactly trying to hide the fact that he was checking them out, and Nyla smiled.

“He’s checking us out,” Nyla said quietly and took a swig of wine. “He’s looking at our tits, I can tell.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Rachel responded quickly. “He’s perving on us. He’s probably a creep.”

“His dick looks really, really big,” Nyla said flatly. “Have you noticed, Fats?”

“Yeah, that’s a big wad in his bikini bottoms,” Rachel said mockingly. “He looks like a big boy, yeah?”

“He sure does,” Nyla said, and tapped a long-nailed finger on her straight white teeth in thought. “Imagine how big it must get? When it’s…you know?”

“Stiff?” Rachel responded. “When it’s hard?”

“Yeah,” Nyla said with a giggle. “When he’s got a boner…I’d like to see that…that would be hilarious.”

“Yeah, that would be so funny,” Rachel responded. “His Speedos would probably rip apart if he got a woody!”

“Well then, let’s play a little game with this old perve, huh?” Nyla said firmly. “Let’s give this guy a hard-on! Right here in the open!”

“Oh, my god,” Rachel gasped. “You’re the best, Beth! That’s too funny! How?”

“We’re pretty hot, Fats…and we’re in bikinis,” Nyla replied with a wink and a smile. “It won’t take much, girlfriend. This guy will be stiff before we know it.”

“You’re so fucking funny, Beth,” Rachel said sincerely.

Intentionally shaking her curvy butt as she moved, Nyla moved over to her school bag, pulled out a portable speaker, sat it on the rock, and then started flicking through her phone. Was there anything sexier than two hot chicks in bikinis dancing? Nyla just had to find the right song.

After a few moments, the low, hard, sensual tones of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit cuteWAP” started to ebb and pulse from the portable speaker, intentionally played loudly enough so the man in the Speedos would be able to hear it. As hoped, the minute the song kicked in, the man looked over even more intently at Nyla and Rachel.

“Let’s dance, bitch,” Nyla said flatly. “Make it sexy, huh? Shake your ass!”

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