Lone time of brother and sister

This is a story of a brother and sister when their parents were not home.

“Bye Mom! Bye Dad!” Lia and Ben waved frantically as their parents headed out, Mom looking more anxious than ever.

“We’ll be fine!” Ben said as their dad finished reversing out of the driveway and put the car in drive.

“Take care of your sister,” their mother said from the passenger seat.

“I will have fun!”

“We’ll call you as soon as we get to the hotel,” said Dad. A final wave and off they went.

Lia and Ben stared at each other.

“Wow… A whole weekend!”

This was the first time in their young lives – Lia was a sexy little 18 year old stunner and Ben was a 19 year old hunk – that their parents had ever left them for any real period of time. To say that Lia and Ben were sheltered was an understatement.

Overly anxious, their parents had kept them home schooled and unsocialized for their entire lives. Leaving them now was wrenching, but technically they were old enough… and Jake, their father, hadn’t had alone time with his lovely wife Becky in years. She was the driving force behind keeping her children at home, and he was the driving force behind their weekend vacation, now that the kids were old enough that he’d managed to convince her to leave them at home.

Of course they’d been left with strict rules, which neither Lia or Ben would ever imagine breaking, seeing as they were both very good kids.

1. No visitors

2. No computer

3. No unapproved television channels

4. Stay out of Mom and Dad’s room

“So,” Ben said, turning to his sister. “What do you want to do?”

Ben adored his sister. They’d been each other’s playmates and best friends all growing up, partly because Mom never let them spend any real time with anyone else.

She was always too worried about “bad influences.” But that was alright, he had Lia and they’d always loved each other, rarely fought, and had a good time playing together. Since his parents had left him in charge, as it were, he considered it his duty to keep his sister happy and make sure that she didn’t get bored or lonely while they were away. Ever since she’d become a teenager, Mom had spent more time with her than he had, and he missed the bond they’d had growing up.

“I don’t know,” Lia said, looking up at her brother with worshipful blue eyes. “What do you want to do?” Lia would do anything for Ben.

He’d always looked out for her, even though he was only a year older, and when she’d cried because Mom wouldn’t let her go to a sleepover that a little girl she’d met and played with for a day had invited her to, Ben had held her and they’d had their own sleepover. He’d even let her put her play make-up on him. He was the best big brother in the whole world, she was convinced of it.

“Want to play doctor?” he asked hopefully.

Doctor was a game that they’d started years and years ago, like most little boys and girls, giggling over the differences in their anatomy. But they hadn’t played doctor in years.

It was a half remembered game for them, one from their childhood that they hadn’t been able to continue playing as they’d gotten older, knowing, with that sure instinct of naughty children, that if they were caught, their parents wouldn’t approve. Not at all. So they hadn’t played.

Lia lit up. Doctor had been one of her favorite games growing up, and playing an old game seemed the perfect way to get closer to her big brother again. Mom had gotten possessive of her as she’d gotten older, and while she loved spending time with her mother, she missed her brother. Now they could return to the times when they’d been so close growing up. And she had the perfect suggestion to make.

“Can we play new doctor?”

“New doctor?” her brother asked, perplexed.

Lia nodded, her blonde pony-tail bobbing eagerly. She looked so cute in her pink button down shirt and white linen slacks. “I went to a new doctor last week, remember? Because I’m a woman now.”

“Oh yeah,” Ben remembered that, although he hadn’t realized that there was anything new about this kind of doctor. “Did they do things differently?”

Giggling, Lia nodded. “Lots! Come on, I’ll show you.”

Within twenty minutes Lia was wearing nothing but her bathrobe – which was the closest she could get to the thin paper robe that the doctor had provided – belted in the front and Ben had her lying back on a Lazy boy chair, her pretty slim legs draped over the arms of the chair, spreading her thighs.

As Ben looked down at his sister’s naked legs, he could feel his penis stirring… it did that sometimes although he wasn’t always sure why. At night sometimes he would wake up to the most wonderful feeling… but when he’d tried to ask his father about it, his dad had just told him that they’d have the talk someday and that, in the meantime, he shouldn’t touch himself to try and make that wonderful feeling happen.

“Okay, so now you open my robe and you massage my breasts.”

Ben flipped open his sister’s robe, exposing the creamy ivory mounds tipped with sweet pink nipples. Now his penis was swelling inside of his pants, making him uncomfortable… he wanted… something. He didn’t know what.

“Like this?” he asked, reaching out and grabbing both of them, one in each hand. They were soft and yet firm, he squeezed them and rubbed them as if he was rubbing her shoulders. Lia let out a little moan that sounded so nice.

“Not quite like that,” she said. “Use your fingers, start at the edge and then you push in towards the center, all around it.”

This movement wasn’t nearly as pleasing, but since they were playing doctor Ben obligingly did as she directed, since that’s what the doctor had done. The little rosy buds of her nipples were standing fully at attention by the time he was finished.

“I like my way better,” he said, and started massaging her breasts again, enjoying the hefty weight of them in his hands and the way her flesh spilled through his fingers. Lia moaned again, and his penis got even harder.

This wasn’t what the doctor had done to her, but it felt so much nicer than what the doctor had done… and Lia was more than willing to change their game a little if Ben was enjoying himself. After all, she didn’t want him to get mad at her or ruin their nice time together. It was becoming a very nice time… it felt so good the way he was touching her. This was much better than playing doctor the way they used to.

Ben started pulling on her little pink nipples, completely entranced by the firm nubbins.

“Ooooo what are you doing?” asked Lia, arching her back. The sensations going through her were so divine that they just had to be sinful. She squirmed, wanting to press her legs together… but they’d been held apart the entire time at the doctor’s office and that was the game. “The doctor didn’t do that.”

“Does it hurt?” Ben asked. Somehow he knew from the flushed look on Lia’s face and the fact that this portion of her body was so different from the last time he’d seen it, from the way his mother always kept this part of her and Lia carefully covered, that he wasn’t supposed to be seeing this part of his sister, and probably not touching her here either. But she looked so pretty, all squirmy, and the look on her face told him that she was enjoying it. Even if it was wrong, he didn’t want to stop.

“No,” said Lia. “But that’s not what the doctor did.”

“Fine,” Ben said, a little petulantly. He stopped tugging on her nipples, watching as his sister pantsed. “What now?”

“I slide down the ‘table,'” said Lia, sliding her pretty little but forward until it hit the end of the seat. Because the arms of the chair were much shorter than the stirrups her feet had been in at the doctors her pretty little pussy was already clearly visible, spread wide and glistening with juices. “Now you go and stand there.”

Lia pointed between her legs, and Ben found he wasn’t at all loath to do so. This was the part that had always fascinated the both of them, comparing the ways in which he was different. Even though at the doctor’s Lia’s gown had been closed up top when the doctor moved between her legs, she left her gown open. Ben obviously got a lot of pleasure from looking at her breasts, not just touching them, and she liked the way his eyes felt on her.

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