The band of love – 4

“The band of love” Part-4 Continues……

I was still putting the pieces of my little plan together in getting back at both June and Susan. I’d pretty much figured out how I was going to deal with Thomas’s sister, but I wasn’t ready to do that until I’d first dealt with my son. And that was going to take a bit of unplanned timing for that. Mia was of course more than willing to do whatever I asked her to do, but it was Thomas who was hesitant. It was almost ironic. N

ow that the cat was out of the bag and things had taken an interesting turn at home. She was far less anxious to continue to do things with June under the circumstances. I had to remind her however that until I did settle the score with my son, she wasn’t to act any differently around him than she had been. And if that included occasionally playing grab-ass with him and her sister like she’d been doing, then so be it.

“So how much longer is this going to go on?” She asked. It was Wednesday, I’d just gotten home from work and Tom was preparing to get dressed and head off to her “Book Club”, though we both knew where it was she was really going. June was at work, though Tom had already told me he’d made arrangements to get off earlier on Wednesdays, and then head straight over to his Aunt’s house where they would all usually meet up.

“Perhaps by the weekend,” I informed her. “It all depends on if June has a date on either Friday or Saturday, and when he might come home afterwards. Timing is everything,” I said smiling as she finally removed the bath towel she’d had on around her in preparation for getting dressed. I smiled inwardly,

Tom still had a very sexy, very attractive body. And though I’d most recently enjoyed seeing, let alone touching my daughter’s magnificent breasts, I still found my wife’s tits just as alluring to look at as well. I noticed as she opened her lingerie drawer that she was hesitating as she rummaged around inside it trying to decide what to wear.

“What do you usually wear on Wednesday’s?” I asked. “Certainly not your everyday bras and panties?”

I saw her face turn red a little with embarrassment. It was still hard for her, and in some ways she was still feeling guilty about all this, but I personally found it amusing. Though we were certainly getting along a lot better than we had for the past several months now, I hadn’t entirely let her off the “paybacks a bitch” hook yet.

“Not usually…no,” she admitted, her face a titch redder now than a moment ago.

“Well then? Wear that one,” I said as she had briefly held up a very sexy red-laced bra before discarding it off to one side. It was one I hadn’t seen her wear before either. “How long have you had that one anyway?” I now wondered.

Once again she seemed a bit uncomfortable as she held it up for me to see.

“Actually, I just got it a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t even worn it out yet,” she admitted.

I knew she had purchased it for my son’s enjoyment, and not my own. But I didn’t bring the issue up with her. “Wear it,” I told her. “Put it on…let me see how it looks on you.”

Once again she was hesitant, but she did what I asked. There was just enough patterned lace to give hint at the flesh beneath it as she slipped into it, readjusting her breasts slightly more comfortably. When she did, I noticed something else. There were two very small holes strategically placed where her nipples poked through.

“That’s nice,” I said, feeling my cock twitch as I sat in one of our two very comfortable chairs in our bedroom. I then noticed she had set aside a tiny gold chain that had been attached to the garment on her dresser. “What’s that?”

“It uh…came with it,” she told me. “It’s a…well, it’s a nipple clamp, you attach it to your nipples and then that supposedly keeps them hard so that they stick out through the opening the way they are now and remain that way,” she said with what looked to me like a bit of a lusty look to her face.

“Let’s see it,” I told her again, my hand now rubbing the ever-growing bulge in my slacks. Thomas in fact attached the tiny gold chain connecting her breasts, though I also noticed now there was a longer chain that was attached to the middle of that one. And it too had what appeared to be some sort of clamp attached to the longer chain. “And what about that one?”

She was about to remove it, but once again I asked her what that one was used for.

“Well, it sort of goes down here,” she said pointing towards her pussy, which is when she also removed a matching pair of red lace panties, the crotch of which was open as she slipped into them for me. “This one, you sort of attach on the hood of your clit, another sort of arousal thingy,” she freely told me.

“Do it!” I said again, watching her as she now finished attaching the longer chained clamp to her exposed clit. Seeing her standing there like this, both nipples comfortably pinched and connected, along with her clitoris now, had me seriously considering fucking her before she left.

Resigned now to wear what I’d told her to, she actually did seem to be enjoying it as she smiled at me. “I should finish getting dressed and then get dinner started before I leave,” she reminded me. “That…and Mia should be home anytime now too,” she added.

But all that did was give me another idea. And as I said before, I was far from letting my wife off that easy just yet.

“You look fine the way you are,” I said, seeing the confused look in her eyes. “At least to finish fixing dinner. In fact…I’d enjoy watching you do just that, dressed just as you are now.”

“But Mia?”

“Oh I don’t think Mia will mind, in fact…I think she’ll get quite a kick out of it, coming home seeing her mother cooking dinner for us, looking the way you do. Hell, she might even decide to give you a hand with it,” I said grinning at her.

I noticed the slightly queered expression on her face when I said that. There was no denying the fact now at least, she and Mia had had a pretty erotic, pretty intense sexual experience with one another. I had enjoyed watching the two of them licking one another’s cunts, fingering one another to two very hard, nicely felt orgasms. Especially when Thomas had managed to squirt again as Mia clamped her mouth down on her mother’s pussy and drank it all up.

“Come on Tom, time to start dinner,” I said standing, letting my wife see the now very hard, very stiff cock that was protruding against the front of my slacks. Almost meekly, she followed me down the stairs into the kitchen wearing nothing more than her red sexy underwear and began preparing our meal.

I sat down at the kitchen table to watch, pouring myself a glass of wine as I did. Moment’s later hearing Mia’s car pulling up into the drive. Thomas tossed me another concerned look without saying anything however, and then continued on with dinner.

I sat back, watching her as she did, waiting to see the expression on Mia’s face when she came in through the back door.

Though startled at seeing her mother standing there at the stove dressed the way she was, Mia immediately smiled however, commenting. “Wow mom, you look sexy as hell! But I have to admit, I didn’t think you even owned anything quite that sexy!” She said walking over to stand by her, only then spinning her around so she could have a really good look at her mother’s underwear. When she did, her eyes lit up even more than they already were. “Fuck me! Now that’s interesting! My, my! Now aren’t we full of surprises!”

Mia then pulled on the chain a little, effectively applying a little more pressure to her mother’s nipples, only then seeing and realizing the chain continued on down from there.

“Holy shit! Is this connected to where I think it’s connected?” she asked, looking at Thomas, and then over towards me. Almost immediately she reached her hand down to discover for herself. I thought Thomas’s legs were going to buckle when she did. It was obvious the mere touch of Mia’s hand when she found her now sensitive clit was threatening to do just that.

“Leave her be babe,” I told my daughter. “She’s fixing dinner for us, and we don’t want her to be late for her book club now do we?”

Almost reluctantly Mia stepped back though still looking at her mother. Without even realizing it perhaps, she licked her finger off as she did that, tasting no doubt her mother’s obvious arousal before walking over, leaning over, and giving me an affectionate kiss hello. Upon doing that, she saw the very noticeable tent I was making in my slacks and giggled.

“Well, can’t say I blame you for having one of those,” she said, glancing back towards her mother as Thomas looked over her shoulder at the two of us. “But…it certainly can’t be very damn comfortable!” She added, once again leaning forward, her hand immediately reaching for the zipper which she quickly began undoing. I let her, especially after seeing the expression on Thomas’s face. She was obviously torn, still confused by all of this, regardless of the fact she would soon be on her way and no doubt end up fucking our son later,

not to mention doing god knows what with Susan before and after that. But I was also being treated to another nice surprise too. As Mia leaned forward, her braless breasts once again danced within the loose fitting blouse she was wearing. Her own nipples are just as equally hard now as her mother’s were. Even as she finished unzipping my slacks, freeing my cock, I reached up beneath the hem of her blouse and latched onto one of my daughter’s breasts.

“Here, let me take it off for you,” she told me, and then yanked it up and over her head completely, tossing her now discarded blouse over the back of a nearby chair. Once again she glanced back towards her mother who was still standing there looking at the two of us. “Wish our boobs were the same size,” she stated. “I wouldn’t mind trying on that sexy bra of yours sometime. Though I would like to try out the clamps at some point,” she added.

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