The band of love – 7

“The band of love” Part-7 Continues….

Two things I knew about my sister-in-law through conversations I had had with Tomine. One, she didn’t like anyone to cum in her mouth, and two, she didn’t care to have anyone cum on her face either.

Under the circumstances, and for those very reasons, that was what I had planned as part of her punishment.

I had already told Mia early on that if I was teased for a long time beforehand, it generally ensured a rather copious load when I came. As such, the two of them had been working and playing with my cock for nearly an hour now. I also knew that my wife and son were still somewhere in the back of the house waiting for their turn to appear. No doubt they had taken off their clothes the same time Mia had.

I couldn’t help but wonder, listening to us as they no doubt were, they would or should at least be getting fairly aroused now themselves. I was even willing to bet they’d been having a little fun of their own, which was fine…provided that it didn’t ruin the rest of my plans.

It was definitely time however for the two of them to soon be making an appearance, but I didn’t want to do that until I had properly prepared Susan for when they did.

“Oh yeah, I’m getting damn close now,” I informed the two of them, though Susan immediately sat back, expecting Mia perhaps to take over at that point. “Oh no you don’t…” I warned her. “Not like that. Mia? Since your Aunt’s hands are still tied, you’ll have to help her out a little with this when I cum.”

She tossed me a disapproving look, but I merely smiled at her knowingly, giving her one of my own as Mia dutifully fed her Aunt my prick. I grinned, leering at her as Mia held it in her hand, rubbing it around the opening of her Aunt’s mouth though she had partially closed it. I had pretty much figured she would, but it would suit my purposes just fine as she did that.

“Oh yeah, yeah…keep working it baby, keep smearing it around your Aunt’s pretty face, because she’s about to…”

The whole point was, I didn’t want to give her too much warning. Not even finishing my sentence as I’d already felt the first intense surge as it traveled up my cock, watching seconds later as I spurted. She flinched. The first spurt hitting squarely against her pursed lips, though Mia laughed, now working my cock all around her face, not just her mouth as I continued to pump out a torrent of cum cream.

Within seconds, she looked like she’d just had a Meringue Pie beauty treatment. Cum was dripping off her face in thick white pasty globs, dangling down off her chin now, plopping down between her breasts. Mia had done a damn fine job of ensuring that her Aunt was a total mess.

I think what was funny for me however, was the look on Susan’s face as she knelt there actually trying to smile as though she’d really enjoyed the experience. Though I knew that she hadn’t. But I also knew, as anxious as she was perhaps for someone to wipe her off, she wasn’t about to give in and say anything either, patiently waiting perhaps for that to happen soon.

“Well as nice as that was, I still think you could stand some improvement Susan,” I told her. “Think you could do a better job of that next time?”

Rather than open her mouth to speak, as there was still an overabundance of my thick sticky cum splattered against her lips, she merely smiled a bit more, nodding her head yes. Once again hoping perhaps I’d at least remove her bonds so she could clean herself up.

“That’s good…because you’re about to do just that,” I said looking down at her as she continued to kneel there between my legs. The confused expression on her face was obvious. And though my dick certainly wasn’t as rigidly hard as it had been moments ago, she looked at it wondering perhaps if I was honestly so ready to go again that soon.

“When I was younger maybe,” I said, answering her unasked question. “Takes me a bit longer now to recover again,” I said smiling. She seemed to relax upon hearing that as Mia stood, fully aware of what was about to happen next. “No…not me,” I then added. “But since you are so fond of sucking cock, especially June’s I thought I’d bring him along with me too, and watch you do it myself. June?” I now called out, seeing my sister-in-law’s eyes widen in surprise, turning now expectantly behind her as he walked in. As I’d asked…he had a nice full hard erection as he entered the room. Even with cum clinging to her mouth still, she actually spoke.

“June? Wha…wha…what are you doing here?” she asked though he never answered her really, her eyes suddenly growing even wider as she looked behind him to see her sister, equally nude walking in behind him. “Tom? Just what the fuck is going on here?” she now asked sternly, turning back towards me. “Just what the hell’s going on Brad?” she questioned trying to stand up, which was obviously difficult with her hands still firmly secured behind her back. Though it was the cum dripping off and still clinging to her face which I mostly admired.

“Suffice it to say Susan, I know everything that’s been going on around here. I know all about your little seduction with your sister and my son. The sudden renewed interest in playing Dr. with her again the way you used to do when you were kids. And it’s funny…that wasn’t what really bothered me so much that the two of you did, it was not being informed about it when the two of you decided to do so. And worse of course, then including my son into the whole thing, even though he is culpable himself for attempting to black-mail the two of you into it.

You see…had you gotten me involved in this from the beginning, you wouldn’t be here where you are now. Though…looking at it from the other direction, you might not have had the pleasure of sucking and fucking him either. But the way I see it, it’s a bit too late for all of that now isn’t it? So…as I told Tomine and June, we’re at a place where some obvious decisions need to be made here.”

“Like what?” She finally asked, actually licking her lips though I’m not sure she was even aware of doing it as she did so. I watched her do so again, taking even more of my cream from her upper lip, effectively removing the cum-stash she was wearing.

“Well, as they’ve already agreed to do…since the decision has been made amongst the four of us at least…to continue on with this perverted decadent life-style we’re suddenly involved in. No more behind the back trysts for one. In the future, we’re all going to be totally open about what’s going on, at least amongst ourselves. And that means being invited beforehand to participate. And if for whatever reason we can’t, then at least given the full juicy details about it afterwards,” I stated though in truth…that last part was actually more for me than for anyone else.

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