The band of love – 5

“The band of love” Part-5 Continues……

We hadn’t heard him come in, so we knew then he was trying to be sneaky as he came into the house. Had I not been actually listening to him, I’d have missed the subtle “click” of the upstairs door opening leading down into the basement area. Especially with the two of us making noise, which we hadn’t been. We’d both been quietly listening on purpose to see what we could hear. The moment I did however, I looked at my sexy half naked daughter still kneeling between my legs, holding onto my cock as she smiled back, wiggling it about excitedly.

“He’s coming down,” I whispered. “Now you can get noisy, especially while sucking my dick!”

Mia giggled and then began doing just that, making her licking and sucking my prick even more decadent and obscene than was usual. We both knew the sounds she was making, along with her vocal expressions, would suppress any minor noise June had made coming down, at least in his mind. But more importantly, what she was doing, the way she was doing it and talking about it, we also knew would be shocking and surprising to say the least as June made his way closer to the room. Admittedly, I was curious as to what he’d do. Would it simply barge in then? Or would he wait for a while and merely watch us?

“I so love sucking and licking this big stiff prick of yours daddy,” Mia said laying it on as she then slurped and licked making as loud of sounds as she could while doing so. She even spit on my prick making it even more slippery than it already was just so the sound of the juices could be heard as she jacked it up and down in between sucking it.

“You like that huh?” I responded back. “Tasting your daddy’s sweet cum-fuck juice, swallowing it for me when I cum. Or maybe, having me squirt it all over those precious sweet tits of yours, or your pussy…”

“Or in my ass!” She giggled excitedly, not faking her arousal one tiny bit, her lips working the head of my cock like a pro at the moment. It felt so good, I had even temporarily forgotten all about June, only then realizing it, and wondering where he was and what he was possibly doing. He’d had more than enough time to reach the room and simply barge in if that had been his intention. Obviously, he hadn’t.

“Oh yeah baby, daddy’s looking forward to fucking that hot tight pussy of yours…again,” I added a bit loudly, moaning purposely, yet enjoying it too as I did. My daughter’s mouth indeed was working a bit of magic on my wand as she now sat licking and tickling the head, still stroking it up and down.

“And my pussy is so wet for you,” she then said finally standing, which is something we had rehearsed briefly if and when we had gotten this far before June finally walked in on us. “See?” She now asked standing before me, lifting her nightgown up and over her head, baring herself fully as she then reached down with her hands, spreading her pussy apart with her fingers. Slipping one delicate finger inside herself, she then offered it to me. I quickly sucked her extended digit, savoring the pungent sweet taste of her girl cream, likewise being as noisy about it as she’d been while doing so.

And though I knew she was also looking, without trying to be obvious about it, the darkness behind us in the hallway would have made it impossible for her to have seen anything. Hopefully by now, Thomas would have crept out of the bathroom and be standing somewhere behind where June was, secretly watching him.

I smiled looking up at my very sexy, very naughty daughter. It was time to turn the heat up a little and see if we got the pot to boil.

“Well baby, you read for daddy to fuck that sweet hot pussy of yours yet?”

“Oh yes daddy yes! I want to feel your big hard cock inside my hot wet cunt!” She purred saying it even louder than she normally would have. With her mother supposedly upstairs asleep, had this really been going on with her there, we’d have been a lot quieter under the circumstances. But with June as we both well knew, now watching us from the safety of the dark hallway behind us, I seriously doubted he was thinking about that at the moment. Especially when it was now time to rub it in a little.

“Ok baby, then lets fuck,” I said standing up. “But you have to promise me something before we do,” I told her, which again was all part of our rehearsed act.

“What’s that?” She said already positioning herself over the arm of the chair, which we knew, would give June a totally unobstructed view of the two of us as I nailed her from behind.

“You told me that you’d enjoyed watching your brother masturbate, and that the two of you had even hinted and toyed with the idea of doing even more than that.”


“Well, what you have to promise me, if you really want to feel this hard stiff cock inside your pussy again, is that you won’t ever do anything with your brother ever again. And that means no watching him jerk off, no flaunting yourself in front of him, or teasing him ever again. And certainly, you’re to never…ever fuck him, under no circumstances! Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy,” she giggled hotly.

“I mean it Mia, if you truly enjoy sucking and fucking this big hard cock, then I’m the only one you’re going to do that with, understand?”

“Yes daddy,” she said again wiggling her ass towards me wantonly. “And that won’t be a problem either,” she then added. “June’s cock isn’t nearly as nice, or as big as yours is. And now that I’ve sucked it, and fucked it…I have no desire to do anything with him ever again now anyway,” she said easily, almost sounding like she meant it when she did.

“That’s a good girl,” I now offered, slapping my prick against her backside, hearing her moan in pleasure as I did so.

“Put it in now daddy, please…put it inside me, fuck me with that big hard cock of yours!”

“Oh yeah baby, yeah, I’m going to fuck you now, I’m going to watch those gorgeous tits of yours swing back and forth while I do. I’m going to listen to your juicy pussy while I shove my prick in and out of it. I want to hear you moan while I do baby, want to feel you cum all around my cock while I’m thrusting in and out of that tight wet fuck hole!”


“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” June suddenly started having stepped into the room from out of the cover of darkness.

I actually chuckled when he did that. Mia and I had had a twenty-dollar bet going, which she’d just lost. I’d bet he’d either say or do something before I was actually inside her. She’d bet he’d at least watch long enough to see me actually fucking her before he actually did anything. And being that we were well past worrying about Plan B, I merely stood there looking at my son.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I shot back, “I’m about to fuck your sister that’s what,” I said answering his question, totally confusing and shocking him as I said that, especially as Mia gave no hint of shocked surprise upon seeing her brother standing there having supposedly walked in on us.

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