The companion act – 7

“The companion act” Part-7 Continues….

“I take it you’re holding it then,” Henry moaned delightedly.

“Oh yeah…fuck yeah, I’m holding it alright, and now jerking it up and down a little. Ooh…there’s some juice!”

“Nice…smear it around the head of his dick, he likes that, especially beneath the tip, try tickling that with your finger nail.” Mia did that, causing me to quiver uncontrollably, but that happened whenever Henry did that to me, which now Mia was doing.

“Oh yeah…that’s nice, he’s shivering,” Mia commented.

“Yeah…he always does,” she laughed, the sounds of her and Tom both as they continued fingering either themselves, or one another, even more easily heard.

“You’re both getting pretty juicy on your end too!” I tossed out letting them know Mia and I could likewise hear their own obvious arousal on our end.

“Are we ever!” Tom spoke. “You should see your wife’s pussy samuel…it’s running down her legs!”

Mia moaned…”So’s mine. Fuck, I’m so damn slick and wet now it’s not even funny.”

“Is she samuel? Have you touched her yet? If not…why not? So do it…slip your finger inside her cunt, tell us how wet, how hot and juicy she is!”

No power on earth could have kept me from doing that now, looking down between Mia’s legs as she removed her hand, one finger coated thickly with what looked like a frothy white cream sauce clinging to it. She placed her finger on my lips allowing me to taste it, to taste her for the first time.

“She’s feeding me her juice,” I spoke, hearing the deep audible sighs of excitement on the other end.

“Oh fuck…wish I could see that, taste that myself!” Henry announced.

“Now I’m fingering her…oh god, she is really slick, wet…juicy,” I then added. “Listen…listen to this.”

I slid one, and then two fingers inside Mia’s pussy, in and out, worming, thrusting, making obscene, decadent squishy sounds in her cunt as I did.

“Fuck that’s hot!” Tom responded first, the quickness of equal slipperiness suddenly increasing on their end. I could almost see the two of them sitting there side-by-side, fingers busily working and teasing one another’s pussies.

“You’re telling me,” I now groaned as Mia stood, standing closer to me at the edge of my desk, though it was far easier now to sit there fingering her while she in turn stood, pumping my prick up and down.

“God Henry! You have NO idea how tempting this is. If samuel wasn’t my boss…and if you weren’t now my friend…which I really do hope you are, or at least will be, I really would be tempted to sit down on this hard fucking thing!” She wantonly admitted it to my wife. And frankly…I was half wishing the same thing myself.

Henry laughed however, openly. “Tell you what Mia. If by some chance your husband decides to stick around for the after party, party. And if things happen in such a way that he gets involved in some way himself, then I’ll let you do just that, I’ll even help you…provided I get to lick you while samuel’s fucking you, how’s that sound?”

“God…don’t tell me that,” Mia moaned deeply. “You’ll make me cum here just thinking about that!”

“Then cum baby…cum. Let me hear you, like I said earlier…that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear you do anyway!”

Even hearing Henry tell Mia that nearly made me cum just thinking about it myself.

“Where’s your fucking coffee cup?” Mia nearly shouted. “I’m gonna explode here in a moment!”

“To hell with that!” I shouted back. “Just do it Mia! I could care less about the mess, we’ll worry about that later…just fucking cum if you’re ready!”

“Oh yeah! Do it Deb…do it! Go ahead and squirt baby, but samuel…you’d better fucking tell us what it looks like when she does!”

By the way her hand gripped my cock, almost squeezing it too hard, I knew she was almost there. That’s when I reached up rubbing her clit directly instead now, frigging it wildly, forcefully.

“Oh yeah…that’s it! That’s it! Just like that!” Mia cried out. “Am gonna…am gonna…oh fuck, oh fuck…am gonna, CUM!” She screamed.

Her first little squirt caught me by surprise even though I was half expecting it. I watched her pussy suddenly shoot out this long flowing stream of girl spurt…a nice clear watery little spritz, followed up by another, and then another.

“God, you should fucking see this!” I commented. “Her cunts squirting baby…nice little streams here while I’m patting her clit, fuck…there’s another, and another, she’s drenching the floor in my office!” I shouted out delightfully. As I did…I could hear the likewise cries of mutual, simultaneous release happening on the other end as well. Tom and Henry both moaning out their own unbridled pleasures, adding to Mia’s excitement and joy,

her head tossed back now in total surrender, her pussy even then spurting out one last final little squirt that I purposely directed against myself, moving in closer to her, my dick pointed dangerously close to the woman’s cunt, half tempted to simply shove it into her, though I refrained. Though I did feel and enjoy that last final spray as it connected directly against my dick, splashing and coating it in her silky hot wetness.

Looking up at me, her eyes filled with desire, lust and completeness, she once again reached down, grasping my cock pulling on it. “Do that to me too,” she begged. Let me feel your cum on my cunt, please!”

“Oh fuck,” I heard Henry sigh hotly over the phone.

I laughed. “No problem…” And with that, looked down, watching Mia’s hand as she milked me, watched the white hot tracers of semen leap from my prick, splashing, squirting and covering her own, still dripping cavern of desire. The sounds of Henry and Tom in the background, each one of them obviously coming again as they joined us.


As we’d been instructed to do, we came down through the private side-gate onto their property, a flight of turning, slowly descending steps leading down towards the beach. Just ahead, two dozen kerosene burning lanterns on bamboo poles surrounded the ground level table that had been set up, decorated with a plethora of exotic beautiful flowers along with tons of different finger-foods in addition to the pig,

now roasted and set up on the spit waiting for us. Patrick had gone all out on his authentic Luau, beautiful colored leis which Sophia dutifully placed around each one of our necks, along with a warm friendly kiss as we eventually reached them. Patrick’s friend and contractor Steve and his wife Rose were already there, along with Sophia’s sister Marsha, who we then met. Mia and Antony hadn’t as yet arrived, and I began wondering if they in fact really would. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear come Monday that he’d decided at the last moment to back out.

“Glad you could make it,” Sophia said after introductions had been made all the way around, Pat immediately giving us a freshly made Mai-tai, with plenty more available from where those came from.

The girls looked beautiful in the Hawaiian print wrap arounds they had specifically gone out shopping for. My wife’s was a bright colored red one with a white flowered print, Tom wearing an identical black one, equally attractive, especially in the way they had fashioned them with plenty of leg showing along one side, breasts just showing above the wrap with a nice hint of exceptional cleavage, and of course…nothing on underneath. For myself, I had worn a long favorite Hawaiian print shirt I had purchased on the islands years ago, an exact replica of the one that Tom Selleck most often wore in the series Magnum P.I.

Everyone there was of course similarly attired in one form or another. I took a moment to check out Sophia’s sister as she stood off with her sister talking to the girls. Like Henry and Tom, they didn’t look too much like sisters, different in so many ways, though Marsha had strawberry blonde hair that fell well down towards the middle of her back, with breasts even larger in their covered appearance than Tom’s were.

I could just see Sophia desiring to suck on one of those as I was myself. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed my secret transgression too long as Patrick and Steve came over to stand there and chat with me as we waited briefly and patiently for any word as to if Mia and Antony would soon be arriving or not.

“Understand your firm is working on buying up all that land on the other side of where Sea World is,” Steve told me, making me realize he’d done a bit of research on me before meeting him tonight. “That’s quite a bit of prime real estate, what’s the prospect?” He asked honestly, curious.

“Mostly shops, boutiques, specialty places that will cater to both the locals and the tourists. Overhead, fancy, expensive little condos, all the shops beneath, everything you need within walking distance. That’s where we’re headed with it, wanting to blend it all in though, something matching the area and topography.”

“Taking any offerings yet?” Patrick asked.

“Funny you should ask,” I told them both. “I was asked to see if you might come up with something, have something in mind for that we might take a look at.”

“I think I’ve got one or two pretty good ideas,’ Patrick said, handing me another drink. “And if you like them, Steve here’s just the man to make what I put on paper, turn into reality. I’ll say this…one of my conditions if we end up signing contracts. Steve’s my only builder, contractor. It’s non negotiable.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” I told them both, knowing full well the elation my boss was going to have for me when he heard the news. Not only had I just verbally signed Patrick on, I’d just gotten myself one hell of a bonus for having done so.

“What’s to say we go tear up some pig, get this party started,” Patrick said, steering me back towards the table where the girls were all now sitting down waiting for us. “And I have to say…I’m really looking forward to watching the girls do the hula for us, though I am sort of hoping we can perhaps convince them to do it, sans the coconut shells.

I laughed. “Tell you a secret…keep giving my wife a few more of those Mai-Tai’s, and she’ll hula for you horizontally, naked…”

“Now that…I’d love to see,” both Steve and Patrick agreed.

“Hey everyone!” We then heard spinning around. I looked up just in time to see my sexy little administrative assistant and her husband as they reached the bottom of the stairs. “Sorry we’re late…neither one of us had anything to wear, so we had to make a quick pit-stop on the way here, what do you think?”

What I was thinking was that I’d have loved to walk over and bury my face in her tits for a moment. She wore the briefest of Hawaiian patterned bikini tops and the tightest shortest pair of white shorts I had ever seen, molding that taut exquisite little ass of hers even more so than the jeans she’d so often worn into work. Instead, I walked up to her husband as she introduced us, shaking his hand.

“Now why didn’t we think of that?” Tom asked, admiring her very sexy, almost too sexy look.

“Easier for us to get naked later,” Henry told her, grinning. Now the trick will be…to see if she does.”


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