The companion act – 6

“The companion act” Part-6 Continues…..


“Don’t be. Nice reminder…it’ll dry…clear, a small spot. Keep a smile on my face the rest of the day,” she then added, finally sitting the cup down. Each of us now a bit more worriedly dressing again. Just finishing that when a knock came on the door. A brief moment of panic, though the knock was light. Had it been Robert’s it would have been firmer, harder.


“samuel?” It was Robert’s assistant’s voice, Stephanie. “Robert would like to see you, got a minute?”

“Just finishing up here,” I announced. “Be right there.”

“Ok, thanks.” She left. Mia and I smiled, quietly laughing, relieved.

“That was fun.”

“Yes…it was,” she grinned. “Again sometime?”

“I’d like that.”

“Yeah, me too.” Mia stood, walking towards the door, unlocking it. Fingered the spot on her now buttoned blouse briefly. “Buzz me when you’re done seeing Robert, we still have today’s schedule to go through.”

I agreed, but not before I had called home again. Henry wasn’t going to believe this when I told her.


“I don’t know whether to be jealous, or horny!” Henry said, meeting me at the door the moment I walked in.

“Yeah, me either!” Tom said joining my wife in greeting me with an affectionate kiss. “That was hot…that really happened?” She then asked.

“I know it did,” Henry answered for her. “Samuel’s not one to make things up like that, and besides…I love the fact he’d call me and tell me it even happened,” she added. “That’s why I love and trust him so much…because he does!” She then turned towards me again as I removed my suit Samuel et and tie, feeling unrestrained once again. “And because of that, making us all horny and all again, I guess that’s why we were a little naughty ourselves when the UPS guy arrived.”

“Oh god, what happened?” I had to ask.

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad…not nearly as bad as what you did anyway,” she chuckled. “And besides, it was your fault to begin with.”

“My fault?”

“Yeah…your fault, you’re the one with the great idea to put up that sign at the front door.”

I knew which sign she was referring to. A while back we’d found ourselves missing a couple of packages that had been left on the doorstep. After that, I had posted a sign stating that any and all deliveries were to be made around the back. After that, we frequently found UPS, FedEX and a few others waiting for us there near the sliding door entry.

“Ok, so fill me in,” I said as Tom handed me a glass of scotch. I then followed them outside onto the patio. They’d obviously been out sun tanning by the pool again, each of them once again wearing the same bikinis I had seen them in the first day.

“Well, after that phone call you made, which left us both extremely horny I might add, we’d gone out to the pool to catch some rays…and yes, fool around a bit too. Which we’d just finished doing. At the time, neither one of us were wearing these,” she pointed out towards her bikini. “We were both naked at the time, and like I said, we’d been rolling around on the blanket together having fun, just having finished that up,

sipping our drinks when I suddenly looked up and saw the UPS guy, just then entering through the back gate with a parcel for us. Needless to say, it was too late to do much of anything but sit there and try and act as natural as we could. At first, he didn’t even see us, which is what then gave me, and Tom too I might add, the idea of having a bit of our own fun, see how the UPS guy acted and responded to seeing us.”

“I’ll bet he did too!” I laughed trying to imagine it if I’d been in his brown shoes.

“Anyway, there he is walking through the gate, oblivious to the fact we were even there, which is when I called out to him, which startled him just a bit.”

“No doubt.”

Tom giggled jumping in. “You should have seen the look on his face after that though, that was even better, his eyes popped open wide as he realized we were both completely naked. He just stood there for a moment.”

“Yeah, until I said, it’s ok…we won’t bite, though that’s all I can promise you,” I told him. He laughed at that, and then came over so we could sign his delivery ticket. But that’s when Tom said…

“You have a package for her, but do you have one for me?” Tom said, speaking her own part.

“Needless to say, she was staring at the poor guy’s crotch when she said that, making it obvious, though he again laughed, his eyes everywhere at once it seemed taking us both in. He did say, we’d just made his day, and then was upset, because this wasn’t his normal route and wondered if the other guy whose route it really was, had enjoyed such a delivery before himself. Told him no…he was just lucky today,

though if he was covering for the same guy again this week, and had anything else to deliver, he might find himself being even luckier the next time. Told him what he’d just missed seeing. God…you should have seen his eyes bug out then!”

“You two really are incorrigible, you know that?” I laughed. “And I bet…delivery or no delivery, if he’s even close to being in the neighborhood, he’s likely to drop by again.”

“Well, if he does…he might very well catch the next showing then. Admittedly, that was pretty hot, doing what we enjoyed doing out here in the broad daylight. Especially after hearing about your escapade. So…what’s to say after dinner this evening, we all come out for a late night swim, see what pops up after that.”

“Sounds like a fine idea to me,” I told them both. “And what IS for dinner anyway?”


There’s something to be said about making love out in the open air. That night on the beach had been spectacular enough, but even here out on a nice comfy blanket by the pool with only the pool lights on was just as much fun, even better in some ways. Laying down on my back as Tom mounted me in a reverse ‘cow-girl’ position as it’s called, was spectacular in its own right. As she did that, leaning back against me slightly,

Henry moved up between both of our extended legs, soon after capturing her sister’s clit with her mouth, sucking it, while I in turn fucked her pussy with a nice slow easy going in and out motion. Almost the exact opposite of what my wife’s rapidly flicking tongue was doing to her sister’s clit. Drove her nuts…and me too actually as she periodically pulled my dick out of her sister, sucking and licking it a bit, before sticking it back into her.

After a while, after Tom had had a spectacular orgasm, they traded places, and then I got to enjoy the whole thing all over again as Tom sucked her sister’s clit, and sometimes me as well.

After the day’s events…I lasted a lot longer than I might have, seeing to both of their immediate needs long before I got even close to thinking about my own. But when I did, that again was equally fantastic. I think I’m spoiled now…”ruined” in a way perhaps. But damn…the feel of two mouths, tongues and lips, devouring you together, molding themselves around your hard stiff cock, sliding up and down one side and the other simultaneously…

fuck that feels good. Almost too good. And then exploding, watching the geyser of cum spurting up into the air, the girls fighting over it, feeding it to one another back and forth, fuck…even that is hot just watching it, let alone how it fucking feels.

It had been an exhausting day however, and after several late nights, I was pretty much done in, actually crawling into bed by ten o’clock. Both girls are comfortably on either side of me. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, visions of morning coffee…both here and at work now, dancing inside my head as I fell deeply and dreamily asleep.


I was sitting in my office when the phone rang. Mia and I were just finishing up some actual business having gone through the daily planner. This time I didn’t bother hiding the fact it was my wife on the phone, putting her on speaker instead, though not before telling her that I had, and that Mia was sitting with me.

“Hi Mia!” Henry said, speaking directly to her. “By the way…I wanted to thank you for sending home a very horny husband to me yesterday,” she told her. I had by then of course already confided with Mia that I’d told my wife all about it, and that she also obviously knew all about her sister, and was ok with that.

Apparently, she too had had a few curious growing up experiences she’d had and shared with her sister, but none since then. I’d also briefly told her about the UPS guy, and then about our wild little evening out by the pool, with the three of us.

“Anytime,” She answered back. “And damn jealous of the three of you,” she added after that. “Wish my husband was as open minded and understanding as the three of you are. That little thing I enjoyed here in the office with Samuel yesterday is about as wild a thing as I’ve done in all the years I’ve been married now,” she freely admitted, which was sort of sad to actually hear about.

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