The companion act – 3

“The companion act” Part – 3 Continues…..

We soon after dressed, heading off to the beach. Henry didn’t wear the same skimpy bikini she felt far more comfortable wearing out by the pool, though the red one she was wearing was still revealing enough. And thankfully as well, Tom didn’t wear her next to nothing black one either, though the one she did wear, was just as revealing as her sister’s white one was. Go figure. Still, laying there on our towels situated between the two of them made me grin with pride (and a little knowing lust) as many men walked by periodically, gawking at the three of us, or rather the girls anyway, who seemed to enjoy the attention.

“I’m going down to stand in the surf for a bit,” I stated, catching a grateful wink from my wife upon saying that. I sort of figured she wanted a moment to discuss things with her sister, let her know I was now ok with the two of them…comforting one another so to speak.

I’d barely gotten a few yards away when they rolled towards one another in whispered conversation. Standing in waist deep water shortly after that, looking back at the two of them as they looked at me, waved, and then kissed.

“Women!” I said laughing to myself. Wondering as I did, how many other men were getting off on seeing that as much as I was.


I walked back up to where the girls were and plopped down on my back lying between them, both laying on their tummies, wearing dark sunglasses so there was no way of knowing if their eyes were open, sleeping or otherwise. I then felt my wife’s hand suddenly reach over molding itself around my somewhat flaccid cock through my trunks.

“Henry!” I chortled pleasantly. She laughed.

“No one’s looking,” she laughed again, squeezing me. For the moment at least, we were somewhat alone, the closest people to us having wandered down to the water leaving their towels behind still a reasonable distance away. With the sun starting to wane, many had already picked up and began leaving the beach, though it had been our intent to remain there and watch the sunset together.

I then noticed the wine we’d brought with us for our picnic we’d had earlier was gone, as was the second bottle we’d brought too. “You’re drunk,” I stated simply.

“That…and horny,” she replied, squeezing my cock again, feeling it begin to stiffen in her hand. I looked over towards Tom, but she remained as she was unmoving. I figured she was sleeping for sure.


“So what?” She asked.

“So…did you tell your sister?”

“About what?”

“You know damn well what…that I said, ok.” She giggled.

“Oh…that. Of course I did.”


“And we discussed it.”


“Well…we sort of came to a decision.”

“About what?”

Looking towards my wife, I didn’t notice Tom or was even aware of her until suddenly I felt her hand likewise reaching over, now resting alongside my wife’s hand. The two of them now simultaneously cupping my prick together.

“What the fuck?” They both laughed.

“Told you he’d be surprised,” Tom commented, squeezing it alone now as Henry removed her hand, leaving her sister there to fondle and caress me by herself. She reached up holding my chin, rolled over and kissed me.

“We both decided it would be a lot more fun and exciting if you were to be included,” she told me. I noticed then she had pulled her bikini top down, exposing one breast though it remained partially hidden between us as she lay there on her side grinning at me.

“You’re horny.”

“Very, and so’s Tom.”

“Very!” She likewise giggled.

“Yeah…me too,” I now said, reaching over to finger my wife’s bare nipple as Tom continued to manhandle my now very rigid prick through my trunks. “Maybe we should go back,” I said nervously as the other couple began heading back towards their beach towels, the sun just then getting ready to make its final descent into the ocean. Even as they did, glancing over towards the three of us, Tom continued to play with my cock, which was now clearly obvious.

“After it sets,” Henry moaned pleasurably as I tweaked her nipple. “And after you’ve eaten my pussy,” she then added letting me know her intention.

“And mine,” Tom tossed in.

“And hers,” Henry confirmed.

“Fuck me!”

“Later…” they both said simultaneously.


There was barely a moon, so dark now that it was hard to see anything except for outlines and shadows. Much to my surprise, the couple remained behind us sitting on their towels some twenty or thirty yards away.

“I don’t think they’re leaving,” I whispered thinking that there was no way I was going to be doing anything to anyone until they did.

“Maybe they want to watch,” Henry chuckled and then removed her top completely, likewise lifting up her legs, slipping off her bikini bottoms a moment later, now totally naked.

“Jesus Henry!” Normally a bit more subdued, though she did have a wild side, I was nevertheless surprised at her boldness out in the open like this.

“Eat me,” she said simply. “Come on samuel…you’re as excited as I am, admit it.”

“What if they…”

“What if they what? Want to come over and join us? Watch? Let them…they might learn something!”

“Yeah, come on samuel…eat my sister, because then you’re going to eat me too.”

“Maybe, he should eat us simultaneously, side by side,” Henry suggested.

“Now that… sounds like a great idea!”

Unlike Henry, Tom stood. And though it was fairly dark, there was no mistaking, even at this distance that she had completely removed her swim wear before settling back down on the beach towel laying next to her sister as I sat there kneeling in front of them, looking down, and then looking back up and over towards our willing voyeurs. In doing so however, it became obvious to me they were doing something as well, though it was hard to see exactly what. The movements they were making however assured me they were momentarily at least, lost in their own private pleasures.

“Damn!” I finally grinned, and then looked back at my two luscious naked ladies. The moonlight just painting their voluptuous naked forms laying there on the sand. Erotic shadows now displayed, the sculpture of their respective breasts, partially showing in the moonlight, partially hidden in the dark. I’d never seen anything more sensual or more beautiful in all my life. “Eeny, Meenie, Miny…moe, catch a woman by the toe,” I grabbed each of them within my hands pulling on them.

Each was giggling, though Henry finally sat up reaching towards me, grabbing me by the head and bringing me towards her as she fell back onto the sand. “Enough with the teasing!” She said loud enough for our nearby friends to hear. “Fucking eat me!” she added hotly. “Now!”

Henry spread her legs obscenely as I finally caved in, diving between them. I could feel my hard stiff cock almost burrowing into the still warm sand beneath me as I did so, lapping away contentedly at her wet sloppy split. Glancing up, I could just make out Tom’s hand as she reached over, softly circling my wife’s right nipple with her finger tips, causing her to moan even more than she had been.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she groaned audibly, loud enough I was sure, that even with the sounds of the waves still coming in, she’d been easily heard. Suddenly, the thought of that no longer bothered me, if anything…it aroused me even more. Lifting up slightly to peer over towards our audience, they…now sitting up, looking towards us. Though in that brief look, I noticed, without clearly seeing, each one had their hands in the other’s lap, and just like these two were, the woman was obviously naked. I smiled and went back to work, licking and sucking my wife’s precious pussy. “Now her,” Henry said moments later. “I don’t want to cum yet…not until we get home.”

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