Reality or the consequences – 3

This Story is part of Truth or Consequences Series

“Reality or the consequences” Part-3 Continues…..

Now past her own shock at her sister’s twisted boldness, Leo Lifted her feet bracing them against the edge of the kitchen table, likewise spreading herself even more widely as Jincy continued to lap away at her now very exposed cunt. Still looking on in abject disbelief, Bincy suddenly reached down removing that all too familiar garment she slept in, once again confirming she was naked beneath it. She looked down at me then, seeing my hard stiff throbbing cock. I could see by the look in her eyes what she wanted to do.

“Thought you wanted me to shower first,” I laughed.

“Fuck that. We’ll shower afterwards. I’m too damn horny to wait now!” She charged, suddenly walking over, though turning around so as to continue to watch her twin sister going down on her eldest sister.

FAnd though this now effectively blocked my view, I didn’t really mind as Bincy’s pussy made contact with my cock for the very first time. Without any fanfare, she simply impaled herself, the entire length of my blood engorged cock now captured within the deep dark recess of her tight hot pussy.

Though she sat, unmoving for a moment. “Hmm, stay still,” she almost purred. “I just want to feel it being in there for a moment.” I didn’t mind that, I was in no real hurry myself, savoring the moment as well, though I did reach around her, gathering her small, yet firm pliant breasts within my hands, caressing them. “Ooh, that’s nice!” She mewled again. “I do so love having my tits played with.”

“And I love playing with them,” I told her, only then thrusting up a bit, driving myself even deeper into my loving sister’s cunt. She giggled, thrust back, and proceeded to ride me in a reverse cowgirl while looking on at her sister as she continued eating Chris’s cum filled pussy.

“My turn!” Leo Announced a few minutes later. Reluctantly standing up again, Leonow helped Jincy to finish removing the rest of her clothes, taking her robe and spreading it out on the kitchen table. “Lay down,” she said, leering at my sister, though now my view was perfect as Jincy complied with her sister’s instructions. Spreading out on the table, legs dangling over the edge just off to the side of where Bincy and I were. Sitting down in a chair now, Leoleaned forward, her mouth immediately seeking and finding Jincy’s wet juicy split.

“Who’d have thought my elder sister would ever eat pussy?” She laughed, though groaning in delight as Chris’s tongue slowly ran up and down the length of her split.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she answered back. “Yours isn’t the first one I’ve ever gone down on.”

There was obviously a story there, and I’d be interested in hearing it. But at the moment, I was too absorbed in the wild, wicked spectacle taking place all around me. Not to mention Bincy’s wet slick cunt now pounding up and down like a runaway freight train on my prick. It wasn’t long after that, that I felt the second orgasm of the morning begin to manifest itself.

“Oh fuck…Bincy, I’m gonna…”

“Yes! Yes!” She cried out, interrupting me. “Shoot that nasty cum-fuck juice in my cunt!” She cried out, already in the throes of orgasmic bliss herself at this point. Feeling her pussy contract around me, spasms that clenched, milked and pulsated over and over, I released. Squirt after delicious squirt began filling my sister’s cunt as she continued to sit there grinding against me now, receiving my hot nectar until I finally collapsed back, drained and exhausted.

“Bring it here!” Jincy cried out having watched us, all the while Leowas still lapping away at her pussy. Bincy immediately climbed up onto the kitchen table, straddling her sister’s face now, cupping her mound with her hand, keeping my cream from dripping out prematurely. Once positioned however, she settled down onto her twin sister’s face, a devious smile on her own face as she grinned at me.

“She does eat a mean pussy,” Bincy groaned as she knelt there over her sister’s face, with me more than content to just sit back now…looking on.


“Well, that was certainly interesting,” Leostated a while later as we all sat around the table, still naked, as she poured coffee for the four of us.

“I think that’s an understatement,” I quipped, smiling back at everyone, though we all really were. It was like seeing several Cheshire cats grinning at one another as we all fought to collect our wits and sanity after all that, though it was Jincy now who was suddenly pouting.

“I still haven’t fucked him yet,” she suddenly realized as everyone laughed.

“Give me a while…and this time, not before I actually do take a shower!” I informed her. “After all, we do have the entire weekend ahead of us, you know.”

A knock on the door however suddenly had everyone looking at one another, and then scrambling.

“Who the hell could that be?” Leostammered as the twins automatically bolted down the stairs to their room.

“I don’t know…but somebody better answer it!” I said as we heard the knock again, followed by the doorbell.

“You do it!” Leothrew it at me. “I sure as hell can’t, not looking like this, and smelling like pussy galore!” She cried out, already fleeing towards the stairs heading up to her room. With no other choice or options available to me, I quickly threw on my sister’s robe, having to hold it closed with just my hand as she still hadn’t found the belt for it, and headed towards the front door. I opened it, and there stood Emiliaa, my Aunt, mother’s own twin sister as she basically glared at me.

“About damn time,” she said pushing past me into the house. “What the hell’s going on around here anyway?”

Emiliaa was carrying a sack full of clothes that mom had obviously loaned her to wear. Proceeding past me into the kitchen, with no stopping her as she did, I was hard pressed to explain the obvious disarray of the kitchen itself, chairs scattered about and situated as they had been earlier, not to mention four cups of still half filled coffee sitting on the table. My Aunt looked at me, up and down for a moment.

“What?” I simply asked her, feeling extremely nervous at this point.

“What’s wrong with your robe?” She asked me point blank. Fearful, I looked down, worried I was showing or something, still having to hold it closed with my hand.

“Nothing, why?”

“Then explain to me why you’re wearing your sister’s bathrobe. I should know, I gave that to her as a Christmas present last year.”

“Fuck!” I thought silently to myself. “I ah…mine’s dirty… in the wash, so I grabbed this one to wear when I heard the doorbell,” I offered weakly. She was still glaring at me, perhaps deciding if my answer was sufficient, though why I don’t know. She turned, once again surveying the kitchen area.

“And so…where is everyone? Obviously they were here,” she said. Thankfully, Leocame walking into the kitchen at that moment, towel drying her hair as though having just come from the shower.

“Hey Aunt Emilia,” she said walking over, giving our aunt a kiss on the cheek, which Emiliaa accepted of course, but now eyeing her suspiciously.

“Something fishy going on around here,” she then said, taking a seat, motioning for Leoto pour her a coffee.

“What do you mean?” Leoasked, sounding perfectly calm, though I was far from it, especially standing there wearing my sister’s bathrobe.

“Well, for one thing…Max’s wearing your robe, and you’re wearing your mothers. I know…because I bought that one for her too.” Lemonade a face at her, laughing it off.

“Max’s was dirty, so he borrowed mine and then I borrowed moms,” she replied simply. “What’s so fishy about that?” I breathed a small sigh of relief for Leo Corroborating my own explanation. Though that was short-lived however.

“The smell in this room,” she said, eying the two of us. “If I didn’t know better…”


I almost let out a sigh of relief when my aunt stood, preparing to leave. “Yes, well…I promised your mother I’d drop by, check on you before she returned. She said something about coming back late Sunday night, yes?”

“Late Sunday yes…” I almost too quickly confirmed. Standing next to her, she sniffed, eye-balling me up and down once again, and then leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek, likewise doing the same to Leojust as commotion from downstairs told us all the twins were on their way back up. “Damn…” I thought silently.

“Aunt M!” The twins said jointly reaching the top of the stairs, rushing over to greet her. They had always called her that, though no one else ever had, and perhaps their being twins gave them some sort of special status and affection around their aunt, more so than Leoor I as her demeanor brightened considerably upon seeing them.

“Was wondering where you two were,” she told them. “Was just about to leave.”

“Yeah, we just got up,” Jincy said though she and her sister were dressed at least, though Emiliaa paused once again looking at them, and then us.

“Just?” She asked.

“Yeah…we just got up, thought we’d come up and see you, after we heard your voice up here,” she responded back. Emiliaa glanced at the table…at four cups of coffee sitting there. And suddenly sat down again.

“Shit!” I said suddenly to myself as Leolikewise looked at me, worried on her face. I am sure she was thinking the exact same thing.

“Ok…enough’s, enough. I think it’s time I got down to whatever the hell it is that’s been going on around here,” she said looking sternly towards the twins now, not even bothering to look at us again. “Too many puzzle pieces,” she explained. “And let me put it bluntly for you all. For starters, I don’t know a single man that would parade around in a woman’s bathrobe…no matter what. Secondly…there are four cups of half finished coffee on the table, not two. Which tells me…the two of you aren’t telling me the truth here.

Third? Leo Looks like she just got out of the shower, but her hair wasn’t all that wet for one thing, and last but not least…I know the smell of pussy, and frankly Max…you reek of it, though so does this entire room,” she finished.

That last comment had everyone standing there wide-eyed, though no one was saying a word one way or the other, which in my estimation, was as good as confessing we had in fact been up to something.

Emiliaa folded her arms over her breasts, sat back in her chair and glared at each of us. “I’m not going anywhere, until I have some sort of reasonable explanation, other than the ones you’ve all been trying to feed me. That…or I’ll be calling your mother here shortly to let her know what it is I’m suspecting. So, it’s up to you. Either come clean with me…or come clean with her…your choice, either way.”

As far as I was concerned, the jig was up. Bad enough that my Aunt was going to hear about all this, but that was a damn sight better than mom finding it out for herself. Though she could at times be a pain in the ass, the one thing I had learned about my Aunt, was she had always kept confidence, leaving it up to us to deal with whatever consequences for our actions, whatever they might be.

Just her knowing about it was usually enough to cause any one of us to fess up, make things right without her ever having to say anything. But this went a damn sight further than anything we’d ever done before in having to fess up to.

“I’d say you’d better sit down for this, but you already are,” I began. “So maybe…we should at least all go into the family room and get comfortable. This is going to take a while.”

We had long known of course that my Aunt had been a so-called closet lesbian for years. And though she didn’t really try hiding it, it just wasn’t something we discussed or brought up around her. She had never married of course, and had a long time “friend” for several years until just a few short months ago, though they had never officially lived together. Unlike mom, my aunt hardly ever worn any makeup,

which perhaps contributed to her looking a lot older than mom did. Beyond that, like Jincy and Bincy, they looked pretty much identical beyond that, and I very often wondered why my Aunt was into women…and why mom was certainly more interested in men. At least she was dating at the time, though nothing too serious.

I sat, telling the story as honestly and as completely as I could from the very beginning. The twins fidgeting on one couch looking somewhat shame-faced, Leo Sitting across from me, though next to our Aunt in matching oversized chairs. Twice I caught her trying to gather my attention, though I didn’t want to stop in the middle of things…not yet, not while I had all this fresh in my mind. She eventually looked exasperated,

shook her head dismissively, and eventually gave up. I figured whatever she was trying to tell me, or signal me…would just have to wait. Thirty minutes later, I had finished with her knock on the door. Whatever her thoughts now…well, we’d soon learn of the consequences. But at least I had told the truth. Sink or swim.

Only then did she look around at each and every one of us. “Well frankly…I’m not too terribly surprised by any of this,” she said pleasantly enough, though I had half expected her to explode or something, even prepared for it to some extent. “You four always have been rather close…especially lately, now that Max’s become obviously a virile young man. And judging by the size of his cock, I’m not too terribly surprised you all decided to sample it either,” she added.

It was then I looked down, realizing I’d been sitting there talking to her, with my robe having fallen open quite some time ago. I’d forgotten all about trying to keep it closed.

“I tried telling you,” Leoactually laughed. “But after a while I figured, oh hell…we’ve all seen it, might as well let Aunt Emiliaa see it now too,” she giggled again, which my Aunt suddenly did too, surprising, and actually embarrassing me a little as I suddenly grabbed my robe with my hand, closing it again.

“Don’t bother Max,” she told me standing up. “We’re not done yet,” she added. “There’s a little matter we need to settle up with here first. You know the rules, the same one’s I have as your mother does. You all failed to tell me the truth when I initially asked you. So now, you get to deal with the consequences. So let me spell it out for you all. Either you all do…and I mean ALL of you do, what I tell you to do…or, I tell your mother everything you just told me, and let her deal with it. Those are your choices, period. So…which is it going to be?”

For me, there was no choice. Whatever my Aunt decided we were going to have to do as punishment, far and away would be a lot easier than trying to explain any of this to mother, seeing her hurt, or obviously disgusted with us. And again…I had always admired my aunt for at least doing that. Keeping things between us whenever it came to that, which it certainly had now. And by the looks of it, so did everyone else as they all came to an immediate agreement.

“So be it,” she said, sitting down in her chair once again. “OK all of you, stand….come over here in front of me.” We all looked at one another, but then did so, waiting to hear what our punishment was to be. “Strip.” She said softly, easily.

I started to open my mouth to speak, but she just stared at me down. “You heard me…now do it, like I said, without question. Unless you’d rather I pick up the phone here.”

Without so much as another word, we did so. Though for Leoand I, it was even easier. We just let our robes fall, revealing our nakedness beneath them, now only waiting on the twins as the girls methodically removed, and even folded their clothes on a nearby chair before walking over and joining us again. My aunt was staring at my cock, limp as it was.

“I must say Max. Even as limp as your dick currently is, it looks like it is, or at least can be…a pretty big one. Can’t say as I now blame any of your sisters for wanting to try that one on for size.”

You could have heard a pin drop after she said that, though she continued a moment or two later, looking at all of us. “You know, I might be an old Dyke in some ways, at least in the way some might see or describe me. No secrets there, your mothers certainly always knew I’ve had a thing for women. But…just because I do, doesn’t mean I haven’t on occasion enjoyed a nice ride with a man here and there either. I do know a nice cock when I see one.”

She then looked up at me, straight in the eye. “So my boy…let’s see it. Make it nice and hard for me, let’s have a look at it shall we?” She then stood, calling the twins over to her. “And while Max’s busy working on that, why don’t the two of you undress me,” she added. “I think we’ve got a long…long afternoon ahead of us here don’t you think?”

With that, Leolaughed, looking very much relieved, yet still somewhat confused. I knew I was, though I had taken a seat in the chair across from her as I began stroking myself in accordance with my Aunt’s demand. The whole thing seemed surreal however even as I did that. Expecting far worse from my aunt, especially under the circumstances, now here we all were, once more headed for a day of incestual fun and excitement by the looks of it.

Minutes later, my aunt too was naked, and admittedly, I found looking at her to be rather arousing and exciting. I know it probably had a lot to do with the fact she was my mother’s twin. So in a sense, seeing my Aunt was also seeing mom. It was a fine line I was walking here. Looking was one thing, doing was something else entirely. But, sitting here looking at my aunt as she now sat down on the couch in front of me, the twins now sitting on either side of her, fondling her rather large, somewhat droopy breasts, was exciting as hell.

And I also noticed something else. Unlike mom, Aunt Emiliaa had actually shaved her pussy. Something that was totally unexpected, especially from her perhaps. I’d seen mom quite by accident a few weeks ago, walking by her room as she was changing. Mom had a pretty full bush, trimmed yes, but she obviously still held on to the more traditional naturalness of her particular age group. Though looking at Jincy sitting next to my aunt, I again wondered why she insisted on keeping that small tuft of hair over her puss as opposed to just shaving it.

“To each their own I suppose,” I thought to myself, which obviously included my aunt now too.

“Ok Max, stand up…let’s see it,” my aunt told me. I did so, facing her, my cock hard enough perhaps, though not quite as thick or as full as it could get quite yet. “Now turn off to the side,” she implored me, the tone of her voice taking on a rather lusty sounding edge to it, though she also addressed the twins too.

“Pull on them harder girls, my titties like it rough,” she informed them. “Gets me all nice and juicy,” she added once more, turning back to speak to me. “So Max…how’s it feel to have your own sister suck your cock for you? Did you enjoy it when she did that?” I looked at Chris, smiling yes, remembering yes, and felt my prick actually throb a little, as well as even harden a bit more too.

Emiliaa laughed, seeing my prick actually throb and bounce of its own accord. “I can see that you did…do,” she added. “What about it Chris? How about you coming over here and kneeling in front of your brother for me. Let’s see your technique, let’s see how well you really can suck a man’s cock.”

“Not like I have a lot of experience doing this,” Leoinformed her as she moved over to kneel down in front of me. “But…I will say, it did appear the last time that Max certainly enjoyed me sucking him.” And with that, she quickly wrapped her sweet lips around my dick and began knobbing the tip for me in a most delightful way.

Admittedly, I think it was the combination of my sister sucking my cock, and looking over at my aunt and the twins that was making me weak in the knees. The girls were wildly molesting my aunt’s tits, just the way she had asked them to do, handling them roughly, even slapping them repeatedly as she cried out in delirious pleasure, especially when they clamped on to her hard thick nipples, pulling and stretching them.

I noticed too that the girls now knelt on the couch to either side of her, my aunt’s hands busy between their legs, obviously fingering and toying with them both. An additional sight that had my cock throbbing in pure pleasure delight.

“Ok, now let’s see it,” Emiliaa said once again. Reluctantly, Leolet went, leaning back as my cock now as big and thick as it had ever been, pointed directly at my sister’s face. “Now that’s…one fucking hard looking cock!” She exclaimed. “Been a while too…and I think as appropriate punishment for lying to me earlier, that you’re going to have to fuck me with that, don’t you think?”

Somehow, that didn’t sound like punishment to me at all as I nodded my head in agreement with that. She slid off the couch at that point, getting onto all fours there on the floor in front of me.

“Jincy honey? Come over here, lay down in front of me sweetie, so I can have a taste of that sweet little honey-pie of yours.” Excitedly, Jincy did just that, scooting down, and then laying on her back with her legs obscenely spread for her aunt. “Chris? Bincy? You two on either side, I would have you sucking and playing with my tits while Max here fucks my cunt. You do want to fuck my cunt don’t you Max?”

I grinned.

“No…say it. I want to hear the words Max, so tell me…tell me and your sister’s here what it is you’d like to do to your dirty old, nasty lesbian aunt.”

“I want to fuck her dirty, nasty, lesbian cunt,” I responded back, hearing the twins giggle as I said that, though my cock once again throbbed in heightened arousal at hearing myself speaking the lewd words back to my aunt.

“Then get over here honey, and slip that nasty old, mean looking cock into your aunt’s pussy!”

I moved over, getting behind her down on my knees. My aunt now turned her attention to her niece’s pussy as she began licking it, sucking and showing Jincy what it meant to truly have one’s cunt eaten out by a woman who knew exactly what the hell she was doing. Almost immediately Jincy was moaning and groaning, even before I had actually slipped my dick inside Emiliaa. Bincy and Leoof course, now complying with my aunt’s other wishes as they went about sucking, squeezing, and again slapping my aunt’s free swinging breasts there on the floor beneath her.

“Nice and slow Max…we’re in no hurry here,” My aunt said looking up and behind after a while. “A young man like you should have plenty of stamina, especially after having already climaxed…twice today already? In the meantime…Bincy? Time for you and Jincy to switch places here for a bit. And then Chris…I want to finish up with you when Max finally fills my pussy with his cum.”

It was a long…marvelous shag. I did indeed take my time, learning to play, pleasure and experiment a little. Sometimes I thrust as deeply into her as I could. Other times, just little quick jabs in and out, more so teasing the head of my dick than perhaps actually pleasuring my aunt, though no matter what I did, or how I did it…she seemed to be enjoying it.

After both the twins had climaxed, and were once again joined at my aunt’s breasts, Leonow lay before her, Emiliaa tonguing my sister’s slit, and doing what appeared to be a marvelous job of it by the look on her face. As much fun as I’d honestly been having, that all too familiar tingling sensation deep down inside my balls was telling me that I wasn’t going to be able to hold out for too much longer here. Sensing it perhaps, Emiliaa again looked back at me, now thrusting back harder now.

“Go ahead Max. Pound my cunt, nice and hard, nice and fast…let me feel that hot sticky fuck juice filling me up honey…”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I was soon banging the shit out of my aunt, thrusting in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh while I did adds to the depravity of this whole situation. Though it was the ear-splitting sound of Chris’s orgasm that I think took me over the edge.

Especially when I knew, and thought about the liquid surprise she was no doubt spurting and spurting all over my aunt’s face at the moment that led me to feel that first massive spurt leap from the tip of my cock, now flooding my very horny aunt’s slick slippery pussy.


Unfortunately I was drained and exhausted after that wild-assed fuck with my aunt. Collapsing contentedly down on the couch once more, though enjoying the sight of all three of my sister’s, once more cleaning out my aunt’s pussy for her. They soon after formed a daisy-chain in fact, licking and eating one another out, which almost…not quite, but almost…got me hard again. But, even young and virile as I hopefully was, I was too spent to actually get it up again. An hour later, everyone had dressed as my aunt prepared to head home.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow?” She asked.

“Well, not much really. Aside from cleaning and straightening up the house before mom gets home, we really don’t have any,” Leo Answered for all of us.

“In that case, I’ll be by again in the afternoon…perhaps we can do this again, provided you all want to,” she asked. The twins of course were immediately excited at the prospect of that, though I once again had to admit…looking at my aunt, reflections of my own mother, I too would be looking forward to that.

“Alright then…see you all tomorrow afternoon. And…I think I don’t need to say it, but I think it might be a good idea if we keep all of this amongst ourselves right?”

“Yes Auntie M!” The girls quipped in unison, though Leoand I both shook our heads in agreement as well. Bad enough now we’d included aunt Emiliaa into the mix. If mom were to find out about any of this, she’d no doubt have a conniption fit!

Even after we all walked my aunt to the door, saying goodbye to her, I turned, Jincy standing behind and off to one side, once again pouting in that almost sexy little girl way she had been doing.

“Now what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I still haven’t gotten to fuck you yet,” she said simply.

“Don’t worry sis. I’m pretty sure you will soon enough.” She smiled then, and then scampered off after her sister who had already headed off towards mom’s room for yet another shower.

Leo Looked at me. “And you for sure need one now too,” she said, taking my hand in hers. “Come on…I’ll wash your back, and you can wash mine.”

Somehow I knew…it wouldn’t end there as I followed Leoback up the stairs again.


Unfortunately, I still had to work that evening. Taking a short, but much needed nap before I left, I was just getting ready to head out the door when the phone rang. Being the only one around at the moment, I answered it.

“Hey mom!” I said shortly after hearing her voice over the phone. “How’s the trip going?”

“Sadly enough…almost too well,” she told me. “I need to stay one more day, tie up some loose ends and finalize things here on my end before I can come home. So let the girls know, I won’t be home until sometime late Monday night now.”

I smiled inwardly upon hearing that. With me having to work this evening, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything with the girls myself until Sunday. But now with mom staying an extra day, it meant we’d at least have one more night to actually be together. I also knew my Aunt had come by again while I was taking a nap,

dropping off a few items for the girls to try out together. I had heard giggling downstairs while I was getting dressed, along with a snippet or two regarding a particular strap-on affair they were ALL dying to try out on one another. I was disappointed I wouldn’t be around to see that myself. But now at least, perhaps on Sunday they’d do it again for me.

Reality or the consequences – 3 will continue on the next time

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