The companion act – 4

“The companion act” Part-4 Continues….

“Jerk yourself off…and then squirt on us,” she told me.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! For fucking sure! I’d love seeing you do that!” Tom said, jumping in. “samuel off that nice hard prick of yours all over our cunts while we pussy fuck!” Tom moaned deeply, growing more and more excited at the thought of seeing that.

“Yeah baby…we want to feel that hot sticky cream of yours splashing against our cunts while we do this,” Henry added.

I stood above them looking down, no longer worried or concerned about coming too soon, the joy of doing this for them…with them, already urging my balls into doing just that only seconds away now. Hearing, watching…listening to the slickness of their respective cunts as they slid, pressed, and humped against one another was music to my heart, and soon to become even more so I imagined, upon releasing what I knew would be a torrent of spunk splashing against and between them.

“Oh fuck…fuck, am so fucking close!” I exclaimed moments later, now bent at the knee, still hovering above them, though aiming…pointing my purple swollen cock at the twin split targets below me.

“Spurt it baby! Spurt it…shoot it all over us!” Henry urged.

“Yeah samuel…do it!” Tom added, “Let’s see that hard stiff cock of yours explode!”

I almost toppled over from the sheer force of the pleasure that suddenly leapt from the end of my dick. Watching these amazing spurts leave my cock, ribbon after ribbon of spunk shooting from the tip, splashing almost perfectly between them, bathing them both in copious amounts of cream that began to pool up in between them. It wasn’t long before the sounds of the squishy sticky mess was even more easily heard than it had been, now fucking one another, using my own spent semen as additional fun sauce in order to accomplish that with. I stepped back, still throbbing, listening…amazed.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” Tom cried out seconds afterwards. “Fuck me sis! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking cunt!”

Henry screamed out her own incredible climax, unintelligible sounds suddenly ripping out of her throat, the slap of flesh suddenly dying out in an instant as they merely held one another, pressing against one another with every ounce of strength that they had. As though in suspended animation, they stayed that way for a very long period of time, neither one of them moving, though holding…still quivering, pressing…throbbing.

“Holy…fucking shit that was good!” Henry finally managed to breathe coming down.

And all Tom could do…was cry.


I damn near called into work. Though had I done that, there’d be no way in hell I’d have been able to take off Friday if I were to do that. Still half in the bag from lack of sleep, we’d finally collapsed, exhausted sometime around three in the morning. We’d finished off in the wildest of ways…at least for me anyway. Henry kneeling down on all fours, doggy-style, her favorite position, but with an amazing twist. Tom, draped over her,

her own cunt accessible as I plowed into one…and then the other, back and forth, over and over, fucking each in turn, sometimes once, twice, a few times. In and out, back and forth, until I started cumming again, shoving it in one…squirting, in the other…squirting, cumming…squirting. I soon after collapsed, exhausted, spent…done. All three of us remaining like that until the fucking alarm went off. All too soon.

I had showered again, coming out a while later, Henry still out cold asleep in our bed…Tom obviously up, though the smell of coffee alerting me to where she was. I headed down stairs, eager for some caffeine to give me a boost before leaving for work, though I envied being able to stay in bed for a while, for a number of reasons.

“Thank you!” I said taking the cup Tom offered me, sipping from it, though admiring the view I was now looking at. She was wearing one of my dress shirts, open completely, looking hot as hell in it, naked beneath.

“Wish you could stay,” Tom wondered honestly.

“Me fucking too!” I wished openly for another grateful sip of my coffee, though the clock on the wall was telling me it was already time for me to leave or I’d be late.

Tom closed the distance between us, hugging me, putting her arms up and around my neck, having to stand on tippy-toe in order to do so. “Wanted to thank you for last night,” she said suddenly kissing me, affectionately not quite passionately.

“You’re ah…welcome,” I said as she stepped back away slightly, unable to avert my gaze as I looked down towards her breasts, nipples once again already hard peeking out towards me. “I’d best get going…before I can’t,” I grinned at her, already feeling the surge in my cock as it too began to awaken.

“Before you go,” she said, stepping back in towards me, her hand suddenly reaching down, clasping the zipper on my slacks.

“Fuck! I can’t Tom! I’m going to be late as it is,” I told her.

“Please? I want to feel you squirt on my tits…feel your cum on me for a while in remembrance of last night.”

There was no fucking way I could leave now…not with a hard cock, and those tits just begging me to squirt on them.

“Go for it!” I told her as she hurriedly began jerking my cock, holding it against her tits, teasing her nipples with it as she did that. With no reason to hold back, it didn’t take long either…surprisingly, especially after last night, though I highly doubted I’d have a lot of good to present her with. To my surprise, I still did.

Neither of us saw Henry standing there in the doorway. I had just then zipped myself up, sticky streamers of my spunk still clinging to Tom’s breasts as she turned around facing her sister, as I did.

“And I’d have thought you’d have been empty after last night,” she giggled. “Seems having a nice big pair of titties around recharges you far sooner than I would have thought.”

“Not just the titties…and like I’ve told you, I love yours every bit as much. No…just remembering last night can do this,” I said, patting my crotch again. “Now…I really am going to be late, so I’d best be off.”

Henry came over to give me a kiss good-bye. “Have a nice day sweetie,” she told me, and then stood next to her sister, her hand already coming up to begin massaging my cream into her sister’s breasts. “We certainly will,” she added.

“Damn!” I said, shaking my head, and then headed off to work.


Thankfully I wasn’t that late, and once Robert heard how I had actually met Patrick James in person, and had spoken to him, he’d forgotten all about any tardiness on my part.

“Think you can speak to him?” He asked.

“For sure,” I smiled smugly. “We’re having drinks with him at his place this weekend.”

I almost expected Robert to give me the rest of the day off, though he didn’t. Though he did take me out and treat me to a nice long lunch. One in which had my head buzzing far sooner than I’d have preferred. Back at three, I decided to call home…see what the girls were up to.

“Need me to bring anything home?” I asked.

“Only your nice hard cock,” Henry told me, telling me something else as she said that. They’d obviously both been aroused all day. I could tell it in her tone of voice.

“Anything…exciting or interesting happening today?” I asked about fishing, though there were far too many colleagues for me to get any more specific than that.

“Maybe…maybe not. Guess you’ll have to wait until you get home to find out.”

“Tease!” I nearly whispered over the phone.

“Baby…you ain’t seen nothing yet!” And with that, she hung up.

Needless to say, I made it home in record time, coming into the kitchen to the smell of what I knew was a delicious pot roast cooking in the oven. Obviously, they were preparing one of my favorite meals. But what I hadn’t expected was to see them as they stood in the kitchen preparing it. Each of them was wearing an apron…and nothing else.

Henry handed me a scotch as I came in the door. “Dinner in about an hour,” she informed me. “Finish your drink, relax…and then sit back and enjoy yourself for a bit, while we do,” she hinted, telling me little else. “We have a surprise for you…we went shopping today.”

“I’m not sure that’s much of a surprise, I fully expected you would,” I answered back. Henry stuck her tongue out at me.

“It’s what we went shopping for,” she informed me. “So behave, or we won’t show you the appetizer we’ve prepared for you before the main course…later,” she added. “Now, run along…get comfy, something sexy even like…a robe,” she once again hinted letting me know she wanted me ready, willing…and available. “The blue silk one,” she then added.

It was a nice robe, but it wasn’t meant to be a warm one, almost feeling too sexy whenever I wore it, so I didn’t do much. Now however…it seemed like the perfect thing to be slipping into. I finished my drink, passing on another as my head was already buzzing enough as it was from the late liquid lunch I’d had. I then raced upstairs shedding my clothes, donned the silk robe, and was back downstairs within ten minutes.

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