The get together – 2

This Story is part of The Party Series

“The get together” Part-2 Continues…..

“Dice game?” I asked as Grace now opened a small box she had brought outside with her having set that down on the patio table.

“Yeah, it’s something Thomas and I made up a while back, but it’s proven out to be a lot of fun, especially whenever someone new is introduced to the group. Sort of helps ease into some of the erotic, naughty fun things taking it slowly as we go. But I think you’ll find it entertaining and a hell of a lot of fun.”

“Great idea!” Oliver said, sliding over to sit next to us. “Been a while since we’ve played it, though what about Tom and Mike? Should we wait until they show up?”

“No, they can catch up after they get here, by then we’ll probably be through most of the milder tamer stuff anyway, so they can jump in on the more interesting situations.”

“So…how do you play this, ah…dice game?” I now asked.

“It’s basically pretty simple really.” Grace then produced a hand printed sheet that had several drawn out sections on it, and some sort of point total for each level. There were a total of six six-sided dice, three white, one blue, one red, and one green. “The way this works is like this. On the white dice, odds are for the guys, and evens are for the girls. Once that’s determined, then you look at either the red dice guys, or blue dice girls. The number of that dice determines two things, who gets to pick what off the list, though the numbers on both dice indicate who those people are. Obviously, we’ll assign everyone a number. For example…”

Grace rolled all the dice, white rolled up a pair of threes for six and a two, so the option went to the girls. The red rolled one, and the blue rolled another three.

“So let’s say your number was one, and mine was three, that would mean it would be you and I together for this first adventure, and that it would be my choice in picking something off the list.”

“Ok, I follow that so far…but what’s the green dice for?”

“That one only comes into play if all three numbers on the white dice roll up the same, sort of like a Yatzy” she stated. If you do…then again, if all three numbers are odd or even, that determines as a group…guys or girls that then select what we call an “orgy act” where everyone participates all at once.”

I nodded my head catching on. It did seem fairly straight forward, and simple indeed.

“The total of ALL the dice is the point total for the act itself. Once performed, both people receive those points and can then apply them to the next higher level. It usually takes at least three acts to move up a level, which basically helps to really get things rolling, and very often does at that point.”

I looked through her hand printed list. The first level was indeed fairly tame, a bit of touching, kissing, those kinds of things, for a two minute limitation in time. The next level got a bit more involved, with some obvious oral situations, and the time limit now at five minutes total. The third level included just about anything and everything you could think of, and the time level had increased to ten minutes.

“Now, there’s only one major rule here,” she added. “If at any time you choose not to do something, or participate when it’s required, you’re out for the rest of the game. It’s only fair that we do that, and ask that for everyone else who’s participating. You’re certainly free to sit and watch and even enMike yourself while doing so…but as far as joining in after that? Then no. Understood?”

By some of the things on the paper, I could see how that situation could indeed arise, and it made me wonder further…”Just how far was either Kate or I willing to go with this?” I guess the two of us would soon find out, especially after Tom and Mike arrived and were included into the mix.

I realized then there were more numbers on the dice than men or women participating, and asked what happened then.

“That’s the beauty of the game, you can improvise on things like that, either double up on the numbers, or you can make it a “solo” event for someone, or as we very often do, make an unassigned number and all included. So in that example, if only my number rolled up, and an unassigned number rolled up, that would mean I’d have to perform that particular act with everyone.”

I sort of liked that idea, as did everyone else, so it was decided, especially with Tom and Mike not having arrived as yet, that we’d do that until they got here.

“Ok then, let’s get started!” Numbers were then assigned to everyone, with me getting number one, Oliver two, and Thomas three. Same with the girls, Kate also number one, Rose number two, and Grace number three. I didn’t mind the idea at all of matching numbers on the blue and red dice, as that meant Kate and I would also be doing things together. Though I was a little nervous and worried as to how the orgy thing would turn out, which eventually it would. Not to mention the potential for other things to occur, especially in level three where one of the categories was “girls” choice, or “guys” choice. That I knew…could get interesting.

First roll of the dice

Since it really didn’t matter who rolled the dice, Grace did after also taking out of her little box what appeared to be an egg timer. She set that off to one side, along with a pad and paper where she could keep track of everyone’s individual points. Placing all the dice inside a cup, she shook it, and then again just like we were playing Yatzy, she rolled the dice out. The whites rolled up even, meaning it was the girls who selected, or specifically Kate, as the blue number rolled up a one, and the red rolled up a four.

“Well, looks like our first all guys and Kate roll,” Grace announced, handing the sheet over to her to select something from. “So sweetie…you pick, what do you want to do?” It only took her a second as she smiled.

“I’m taking a hand-job,” she announced, though she could have in fact selected something specifically for herself. But this was obviously something she wanted to do. “So that means I give each one of the guys a hand job for a full minute then yes?”

“Correct,” Grace announced, setting the timer. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Kate stood and walked over, kneeling down in front of Oliver first, taking his cock in her hand as she slowly began working it, playing with it. Admittedly, it was hot watching her do that, fondling and truly playing with another man’s cock for the very first time really, right there in front of me. Just seeing her doing that soon gave rise to my own needful erection, which I had long since stopped stroking myself, unlike either one of the other guys who seemed to have done so the entire time we’d been sitting out there.

After a minute, Kate moved over, now taking Thomas’s cock in hand, fondling and playing with him, enMikeing the sensation no doubt, and the differences between the three of us, subtle as they might have been. She soon of course moved over to me, likewise playing with my cock.

“EnMikeing yourself?” She asked curiously.

“I am,” I grinned honestly. “That was admittedly exciting and arousing, seeing you doing that,” I told her.

“Obviously,” she said, still slow-stroking my cock up and down, especially when she managed to squeeze out a rather nice sized droplet of juice from the tip of my prick, smearing that around the head of my now very sensitive cock. “Me too,” she added, winking.

“Time!” Grace announced counting up the point total under Kate’s name and making a note of it on the pad. Once again she gathered up the dice, rolling them. This time it turned out that it was me dominating, and Rose being my partner. I looked at the list and immediately knew what I wanted to do.

“Suck her tits,” I announced happily. And then for a full minute afterwards, I dined on Rose’s sweet strawberry cupcakes.

Things progressed with just about everyone’s number being turned up, and a lot more mutual fondling, pussy fingering, and tit sucking. It was indeed a nice easy way to immerse oneself into the atmosphere of all this, the voyeuristic side of my own personality being quite stimulated while watching everyone, as well as in being watched. And then we got our first “triple play” with three one’s rolling up on the white die.

“Hmm, so that means we get to select right?” Oliver said, sounding devious.

“It does!” Grace chuckled as she handed off the list for the three guys to choose from. “So what is it you want to see the three of us do with the three of you?” She now questioned. It turned out to be an obvious and easy one with there being enough points now for us to be able to select something off the second category.

“Blow jobs all around!” We announced having come to an agreement. In order to also keep things interesting, we decided to keep things mixed, which was also easy to do, with Grace now kneeling down in front of me, Rose in front of Thomas, and my wife, kneeling down in front of Oliver as Grace set the timer for five minutes.

“I might not be able to last for five minutes!” Oliver said jokingly, though I think by the look on his face he was half serious too. “Especially when I’ve never felt Kate’s mouth wrapped around my dick before…it might be too much for me,” he said, taking it further.

“That’s your problem,” Grace quipped. “Or pleasure…either one. EnMike, I’m certainly planning on it!” And with that, she started the timer, and proceeded to suck my dick.

Tom and Mike

Sure enough about three and a half minutes later Oliver announced he was about to shoot his load.

“Oh fuck…fuck! Too good! Too good!” He exclaimed looking down. “Not gonna make it baby, where would you like it?”

I had been wondering about that, as Kate didn’t do that very often for me either. She answered his question however, removing his cock from her mouth, now placing it between her tits as she continued to stroke it for him as he leaned forward a bit, now holding onto her head, and began squirting. He was still doing so, pumping out several thick streamers of spunk against my wife’s breasts when Tom and Mike came strolling out onto the deck.

“Well, well…looks like we’re missing the really good stuff here!” Mike said as she walked over looking down at Oliver’s still spurting cock, though everyone else was now standing, including my wife who now turned with massively drenched cum-covered tits.

“Mike? Tom? These are new friends of ours, John and Kate Matthews,” Grace said, introducing us. And of course, Tom walked over, reaching down, and shook my dick. To everyone’s surprise, including my own…I then did the same to him.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said, as a smattering of giggles suddenly erupted all around, along with a wide-eyed look of surprise from my wife, along with a most pleasured smile and nod of her head as she stood there looking at me. Kate then walked over towards Mike, and promptly reached down cupping the woman’s cunt, palming it, as Mike then did to her moments later.

“Pleased to meet you as well,” she told the woman, as I now stood grinning back at her own sensual little greeting.

They were indeed an older couple, and I hate to say it, but were well preserved for their ages. If anything, Mike looked extremely sexy for an older woman, something that had caught me off guard just a bit. She wore her hair fashionably short, which really looked good on her, especially as she had made no obvious attempt to color it. And though her breasts were certainly no longer perky,

and just a bit smaller than my wife’s were…they were nevertheless quite stimulating to look at (and as I would later discover) quite soft and erotically pliable when being played with too. She also had fairly long nipples, which even then were hard and stiff as she stood there greeting everyone in kind, just as Tom then did, saying hello to Oliver and Thomas’s prick with another friendly little hand shake. As the two of them sat down, taking up on the offer of a drink as we all took a bit of a break here, it afforded me the time to look at the two of them even more closely, without being too obvious about it.

Though Mike did have a small patch of pubic hair, (it too being a wispy silver color) I found it erotic as hell while looking at her there, as was Tom too. His hair likewise gray, though his features didn’t at all make him appear to be old looking, and quite physically fit for someone in their early sixties. In addition to that however, was the fact that Tom did have what none of the rest of us appeared to by way of comparison…that so-called ‘monster’ cock as I called it.

Not even hard (yet) it hung easily a good seven or eight inches down between his legs, and actually swung to and fro as he moved about. I had of course noticed that right off when I reached down and shook it hello.

“So…the dice game huh?” Mike said upon seeing the dice still lying on the table along with the score pad and timer. “Been a while since we’ve all done that…sounds like fun.”

“Yeah, it’s been fun!” My wife excitedly stated, “Looking forward to playing with you,” she then added, getting an affectionate kiss on the cheek from Mike upon saying that.

“And I’m looking forward to playing with you too!” She answered back, reaching out and giving one of my wife’s breasts an affectionate little feel.

“Well, I guess that makes you guy’s couple number four then,” Grace announced, adding their names to her score sheet. “And we’ll spot you two enough points to catch you up to everyone else…how’s that sound?”

“It sounds perfect. Now…whose cock do I get to suck first then?” She asked, as everyone laughed.

“I think you need to roll the dice first,” Grace told her giggling.

“Oh damn…you mean I have to wait before I can do that?” She said jokingly, though Grace soon rolled the dice, and sure enough as it turned out, Mike’s number came up along with mine. She grinned almost too wickedly, not even bothering to look at the list. “Oh goodie…I get to fuck the new guy!”

Facing the music

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