The Magic of a Quality Massage – 02

The Magic of a Quality Massage – 02 continues…

“There is a bathroom right around the corner there,” she reminded me. “I’d hate to see you in any pain on the way home.”

“Maybe next time,” I responded back, not sure what else to say as I turned to leave, once more taking a look at her before I left.

Her nipples were harder than ever.

I showed up again as always for my Saturday morning appointment. After undressing and laying down, face down on the table, I heard Susan’s knock just before she entered. I looked up in greeting. She was again wearing her same familiar shorts, but this time the top she had on, really was a bit more revealing. I couldn’t help wondering if it really was a bikini top, especially with a bit of a Hawaiian print, and a hell of a lot more cleavage than I’d ever seen.

“If this is too revealing, just say so,” she actually said. “My other one’s dirty, and I didn’t get a chance to wash it yet,” she explained.

“No it’s ah…perfect,” I spoke, trying not to leer at her as I said that. Though I noticed even as I turned away, her nipples seemed to be poking against the material already. And already, as I lay there face down on the table, I could feel myself becoming aroused from the get-go. I knew then, I was going to be leaving my own little puddle of moisture on the fresh sheets long before I actually turned over.

“So…did you?” She asked as she began work on my lower back. And again, I swore I felt a slight touch of her breasts against me as she reached up towards my shoulders.

“Did I do what?” I asked, relishing the sensation, and not really focusing on what she’d just asked me.

“You know, take care of things before you get home. Or…did you wait?”

I realized then she was actually asking me if I masturbated. “I’ll tell you, if you’ll tell me,” I challenged, not really thinking she’d take me up on that, which she did.

“Oh yeah, and pretty certain I was before you’d even reached your car,” she giggled unashamedly. “Right here in fact,” she added, and asked. “So? You?”

“Well, I didn’t do it in the car, no,” I offered. “Though I did have to make a major adjustment before driving home. Though admittedly, I was tempted yes. But…I did wait until I got home, yes, so…there you are.”

“What did you think about?” She now asked as she continued to massage me, though I daresay, the way she was doing it now was far more sensual and erotic than the way she’d done it before.

I didn’t know what was going on here, or what to really think about it either. But I was getting damn horny here, which would soon become quite obvious. “What do you think I thought about?” I responded back, which I soon discovered wasn’t actually quite good enough.

“Specific’s,” she told me, adding…”and turn over.”

I turned, looking up at her as I did so. The look in her eyes was a bit different than I’d seen before. It was a look of pure lust and arousal the way I saw it. “Really? You want me to….”

“Yes really,” she smiled back at me, and then reached around, unclasping her top. It fell away, though she caught it with her hands, still partially covering her breasts as that happened. I am sure my mouth was open. “But before you do that,” she added in a much more serious tone of voice. “I’m really pushing the envelope about what’s allowed here,” she stated. “So no touching, promise me. If I touch you, or allow you to touch me, and money is exchanged, this becomes something else entirely.”

“I promise,” I think I said, though even now I’m not really sure, because it was at that exact moment she lowered her hands, removing the rest of her top as she did so. And when two of the most gorgeous breasts I’d ever seen before, came into view. As I mentioned, Susan had fairly large breasts.

They had a wonderful, sort of a teardrop shape to them, with fairly large, tannish colored areolas, and noticeably hard, thick nipples protruding from each one. Needless to say, I spent the majority of my time on my back as opposed to on my stomach, with my eyes wide open the entire time. And more importantly, I unashamedly told her, in fairly explicit detail, what I was thinking about as I jacked off only moments after arriving home. I knew without any doubt that I’d be doing the same thing again shortly after arriving home, as I also hoped she’d be doing too. Already looking forward to next week’s appointment, especially the way things had been going of late.

Boy…was I in for a surprise.


Susan came into the room. Wearing what she had usually always worn way back in the beginning. A modest tee shirt, shorts, and obviously wearing an athletic bra this time so as to ensure nothing would pop out because of it. Even her demeanor seemed different…distant. Her massage once again went back to specific, and professional, just as it had been that very first time. I knew then that something was wrong, different, as she reached for the small towel to place it over my groin as I made ready to turn over onto my back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked instead, swinging my legs over the side of the table, sitting up. “Something’s happened, so tell me. Did I do something wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“No. Not you. Me,” she said, simply lowering her eyes, refusing to look me in the face. “I allowed my emotions and desires to get the best of me,” she stated. “And I shouldn’t have…not with you anyway. Things got a little too carried away last week,” she reminded me. I almost gave you your money back David. It’s one thing to give someone a massage and accept money for it. It’s another, to do what we nearly did last week, and take money for it.”

“But we didn’t do anything…not really,” I attempted.

“It’s not really the part that I’m talking about,” she said, actually sitting down in a nearby chair now. I was in the middle of having an orgasm when I looked over and saw the money you’d given me for the massage sitting on the counter when it hit me. And I felt like…”

“But you’re not,” I said, interrupting her before she could say it.

“No…I’m not. But I felt like it,” she added, finally looking up into my eyes. “And I knew then, that things were only going to escalate from there if I didn’t put a stop to it now. “I’ve already bent, perhaps even broken a few rules now as it is, and I didn’t need to add this one to the list either.”

Though curious as to what she had meant by that, I didn’t press it. Now was not the time. But this situation between us was. “Susan, listen….you’re not the only one involved here you know. I was enjoying it just as much, perhaps even more so. Hell, admittedly, I’ve been thinking about it all week long myself. But I hear what you’re saying. And I understand. If you’d rather I not even come back, then just say so…and I’ll go.”

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