The Magic of a Quality Massage – 05

The Magic of a Quality Massage – 05 continues….

“So, what did she say? Did she agree to it?” I asked Susan after she’d had a chance to meet with her. And meet with her, she did. They had spent almost an entire afternoon fucking one another silly in ways that even I couldn’t quite comprehend. I guess you’d have to be there.

“She agreed. Totally and completely. No conditions. In fact, she’s quite looking forward to it. As am I.”

I smiled at that. This was apt to be fun. Even better than anything, that had happened so far by my way of thinking.

Once again, I arrived at Susan’s home, and then invited upstairs to her massage studio. Helen was already there as had been pre arranged so I had some expectations of what I would find upon entering the room. Susan had already done her part before I got there.

Helen was naked, bound and sitting in a chair across the way. Her tits were bound as well, Susan had managed to wrap several coils of soft thin rope about her tits, which were now swollen almost purple. Each of her nipples likewise clamped in addition to that. Susan had also fixed some sort of brace between Helen’s legs so she could not close them, for any reason. And then the best part as far as I was concerned, was the remote controlled vibrator that for the moment at least, was inserted but sitting quietly inside Helen’s pussy.

Susan and I took our time undressing one another, not really paying any attention to Helen at all. I stood there in the middle of the room with a raging hard-on as Susan dropped to her knees there in front of me and began sucking it.

“Do you like watching Susan suck my cock?” I now asked, actually looking at her. Seeing her squirm a little in obvious discomfort was interesting. Her breasts again so swollen they looked almost painful, though Susan had assured me she loved having them bound that way. Helen nodded her head yes. “No, say it. Don’t just nod your head at me.”

“Yes,” she managed in an almost breathless tone of voice.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I like watching Susan sucking your cock!”

“Would you like to suck my cock Helen?” Her eyes went wild, she shook her head no frantically for a moment, saying it as well.

“No, I wouldn’t. Not that!”

“Then I guess you really don’t want to see Susan sucking my prick then do you?”

“No…I do,” she managed, squirming a bit more even.

“Maybe I should stop,” I warned. Once again her eyes almost pleading as I said that.

“No, no…I don’t want her to stop. I want to watch it. I do.”

“Would you just lick the tip if I promised to let Susan continue sucking me?” I asked, “Or maybe I should put your blindfold on while she does it instead.”

There was a black scarf tied around her neck for possible use later, and which I now threatened her with using. The thing was, I had promised Susan that I would not force Helen into doing anything she wouldn’t normally do, or want to do. But I had said nothing about suggesting it, or even hinting that I might. Once again Helens had a wild concerned look to them, though to my surprise, she nodded her head yes instead. I let her off the hook however, even catching a look from Susan when I did.

“Maybe later then. Right now, I think it’s time for me to return the favor. Would you like to watch me licking her pussy?” This time Helen nodded again in obvious excitement. “Then say it Helen, say what you want to see the two of us doing…remember? Maybe we’ll even turn the vibrator on for you for a bit, would you like that?”

“Oh yes, yes I would. And yes, I want to watch you eat Susan’s pussy,” she added, again squirming, almost as though she was trying to get some sort of stimulation out of the silent, unmoving vibrator currently buried deep in her pussy.

I had Susan lay down on the soft carpeted floor, right in front of where Helen was sitting. I knew she’d be able to see very clearly as I spread Susan’s legs, crawling up between them. I even spread her pussy with my fingers, giving Helen a clear tantalizing view. Susan’s moisture was already glistening, her pink lips slick and wet with her own juices.

“Hmm, she’s already nice and wet,” I said unnecessarily as I ran the tip of my tongue up and then down that sweet furrowed groove. “You can turn it on for her,” I told Susan, which she then did, though also on the lowest possible setting.”

“Is that better?” Susan asked. “Can you feel it inside your pussy?”

“Yes,” Helen acknowledged, though you could again tell by the way she squirmed that she really wanted more.

“Do you like watching David lick me? Eat me? Don’t you wish you were doing this?” Susan moaned deeply, her own pleasures betraying her as she reached up to fondle one of her own breasts, likewise tweaking her nipple. “Bet you wish I was pulling on your nipples right about now, don’t you?”

Helen had been nodding her head yes, and saying the word almost constantly. “Ask her if she’d like having her clit licked with the vibrator inside her,” I asked.

“Would you Helen? Would you like having your clit sucked?”

“Oh yes, fuck yes!” She nearly screamed.

“Even if I was the one sucking it?” I now asked, looking up from Susan’s cunt, her juices clearly showing on my face. Once more Helen hesitated, looking at me, and then actually nodded her head yes.

“You’re forgetting,” I reminded.

“Yes, yes…even if you were the one sucking my clit, my cunt. Yes. I would like to feel that, especially now!” I grinned, and went back to licking Susan’s sweet quim.

“You can turn it up a notch,” I offered, still licking, as Susan did so. The impact of which was immediately heard as Helen groaned even more deeply, audibly letting us know she could feel the added pleasure.

Susan was in fact already hovering on the edge, but I didn’t want to take her over it just yet. So I pulled back, bringing her up with me as I did.

“I think it’s time to fuck her now don’t you? While you suck on her tits a little,” I then added, seeing the surprised expression on her face. Obviously she hadn’t really expected that, contact…any contact at all. “Would you enjoy doing that? Sucking on her tits while I slid this nice hard cock of mine in and out of her soaking wet pussy?” I then whispered into Susan’s ear as we made our way over closer to where Helen was sitting. “Let her get close, but don’t allow her to actually capture one. Not until I say,” I told her.

“You’re really a very evil, naughty man. You know that?” She answered back as we now stood in front of Helen.

“Ok, lean forward a little,” I told Susan, knowing she was still well out of reach yet. “I’ll slide my cock into you first, and then we’ll move a bit until Helen can suck on one of your tits.”

Helen even tried leaning forward some, but she was too well bound to the chair to move much. Susan now bending forward, her magnificent breasts dangling there invitingly, swinging to and fro a bit as I slowly slid in and out of her.

“They’re still out of reach!” Helen complained, still straining.

I moved the two of us another inch or so. “How about now?” I asked, as I picked up the tempo a little, Susan’s breasts now gyrating a bit more wildly. Even if they had been in reach, it was making it virtually impossible for her to capture one.

“No, I can’t…I can’t,” she moaned almost desperately.

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