The Magic of a Quality Massage – 03

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“Well, it does, and it doesn’t,” I smiled back at her, using her same logic. “How about you explain it to me? Though would you mind if I loosened up my belt just a little while you do? My pants seem to be getting tighter again for some reason.”

Susan stood up, walking over to the counter to grab the pot of coffee in order to freshen up our cups. When she turned around, she had already lifted the front of her tee shirt up and over her breasts, once more exposing them to me as she returned to the table.

“So do you want the long? Or the short version?” She asked.

I stood up, removing my pants and shorts all together, along with my shirt. My cock already standing straight and proud out in front of me as I looked down at it, drawing her eyes towards it as well.

“I think…the long, hard version,” I told her. And then sat down again as she began telling me the story.

In a way, it was a little similar to what had happened to us. Only the woman she was telling me about, Helen, had been a good dear friend of hers back in high school. They had almost by accident met one day while Susan had been shopping.

They had gone to lunch after that, where they caught one another up on their lives, as well as their careers. It was here that Susan had told her about her being a massage therapist. To which Helen immediately asked her if she could set up an appointment with her for a massage.

Which of course she had done. Now the one thing Susan knew about Helen, from way back when, even before most women were even coming out about being gay and lesbian, was the fact she was likewise interested in women. Oddly enough, she had in fact gotten married as she’d always wanted to have kids, and had done so.

Her husband had been well aware of her natural desires, and had permitted her certain entertainments from time to time, without even wanting to be a part of them. Which worked out fine with her. And then her husband died due to an illness. One would have thought it would have been easier for her after that, but if anything, just the opposite was true. Until Susan, which didn’t even happen until much, much later, Helen hadn’t been involved with anyone. Man or woman.

Helen had gone to Susan for her massages over a significant period of time, until one day she simply announced she wouldn’t be coming again. Susan had asked her why of course, to which she had openly and honestly responded, that she’d been constantly and continually fantasizing about being with her. And because of that, to continue to come to her, and lay there as Susan gave her a massage all the while thinking the things that she was, was something she felt she could no longer do, in all fairness to herself, and to Susan.

“So was this the woman you sort of told me about? The one who you knew was having the secret little orgasms?” I asked.

Susan nodded her head yes. “What happened next wasn’t really something I had expected, or ever even intended to happen. To be honest David, I’d never even been with another woman before, not even during any experimental, or curiosity days back in school. I’m willing to bet I was about the only woman, who had never even kissed another woman, even back then when it came right down to it.

So the fact I was pretty one side of the mind in thought about that, is perhaps what led me to being a bit more curious about it than I might otherwise have been. Knowing that Helen had desires for me, made me all the more curious about it, and about her.

So we sat down and had a long deep chat about it. What came from that, was this. She has a life, a family which she loves, cares, and provides for. She’s in an upper tier position where she works, that would not allow for a woman, especially in her position to have a relationship, especially an open relationship with another woman. She does better being a widow under the circumstances, right or wrong. But there it is. As such, she comes to me for her weekly release now. Her stress releases if you will.

And as such, no one thinks the wiser of it. And no, since I assume you’re already wondering and thinking about it, she doesn’t pay me for it either. It’s now nothing more than a friend’s thing. I do her a service as a friend, and from time to time, she helps me out as a friend as well. My business has grown because of her. Because of all the leads and introductions she’s given me. Because of her, I now have the steady client list that I have, which pays well, and allows me to have a little more self time for myself because of it.”

At least now I did understand, and though our situations were sort of similar in design, they were indeed different. Susan continued to see Helen and give her the relief that she needed, and it was nothing more than that. Though admittedly, she openly enjoyed their time together too.

“Mostly, it’s all about getting her off. Pleasing her, or satisfying her needs. We don’t always end up having sex together, that is in fact more of a rare occurrence than the norm, believe it or not. But we both sort of agreed to that over the course of time, ensuring when we did, that our relationship didn’t turn into anything more than what it is now. Anyway, you need to be aware of that too, before you and I go any further with this either. And just so you know. I have every intention of telling Helen all about this the next time she comes in. I think that’s only fair to her too, don’t you?”

I had no problem with that, and told her so. Though I think I showed her that as well as I stood behind her, fucking her doggy-style with her bent over her kitchen table. “So…do…you…enjoy…eating…pussy?” I asked, plunging in and out of her with each word.

Susan laughed, groaned, laughed, and responded.

“You really are a naughty little boy aren’t you?”


Three days later I had gone over to Susan’s place in the evening, for one of our special appointments. She had met me at the door wearing nothing more than a robe. I had already told her that I was more than willing to give her a massage, if she was willing to walk me through it. To my delight, and hopefully hers…she was.

I’d even brought along a pair of tight fitting shorts to wear, and a brand new clean tee shirt, though I wondered how long I’d be wearing either. She lay on the table as I began rubbing some oil into her. I felt like I was doing it more like at the beach than an actual massage, though she didn’t seem to mind too much, obviously enjoying it as I amateurly worked away at her.

“So…how did things with Helen go?” I asked, which was something I’d been wondering about ever since we’d seen one another the last time. I knew Helen had come over for one of her massages since that time.

“Things went good,” she teased, actually moaning a little, though I gave one of her cute little ass cheeks a not too friendly slap.

“You know what I mean,” I said, now soothingly massaging the area I’d just spanked. “What did she say?”

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