The Magic of a Quality Massage – 04

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We entered the room, and I was indeed somewhat surprised. Helen was still fully dressed, resting comfortably in one of Susan’s oversized chairs that she kept inside the room for her customers to rest and relax in, prior to, or even after their massage. I knew that Helen and Susan had gone to school together, so that they were approximately the same age or so. But to my surprise, and to be honest, Helen looked ten years older than Susan did, more her actual age perhaps. 

The years had obviously been hard on her, her job perhaps, trying to raise a family on her own, and so on. She wore her hair short, yet stylish, not quite butch so as to indicate any sort of sexual preferences. Just more along the lines of what a female executive might wear.

Even with several streaks of gray, or silver appearing in it, which she’d made no obvious attempt at coloring. And though she did indeed wear makeup, it wasn’t overbearing, far more subtle and subdued than anything. And even her attire, a well fit, yet business like suit seemed to complete the picture of a well dressed, well respected, very mature looking business woman. To see her like this, one would never have guessed at the seething, sensual, almost decadent woman that was hiding inside.

I took a seat. Not even acknowledging her presence, nor did she mine either. Only smiling as Susan approached her, the two of them kissing as friends, cheek to cheek. Once more, nothing there to suggest anything beyond friendship. This was certainly going to be interesting.

Susan now stepped around behind Helen, helping her with her suit jacket, removing it, and then placing it upon a hanger, hanging it. She repeated the process with the woman’s dress skirt as well, and then shoes, finally leaving her to stand there in nothing more than a non-sexual looking bra, and white cotton brief panties. Short of actually looking like, or appearing as ‘granny panties’ as they were called.

Susan again unclasped the bra, Helen allowing it to fall down off her chest where Susan caught it. Only then reaching up to actually massage, and scratch at her own breasts, now free from their confinements. To my surprise, I actually felt my cock lurch just a little. Helen actually had fairly nice looking tits, though they admittedly sagged just a little. But truth was, I found that actually more alluring than most perhaps. They sat heavy against her rib cage, even as she lifted them again, as though inspecting for any tell-tale marks left behind by her too tight-fitting bra.

Susan now had her sit, slowly and then gingerly removing her panties, along with the knee-high nylons she’d been wearing. I noticed she was in no hurry to do this, removing each one slowly, even deliberately as she did. And as she did, I saw too that Helen sat watching me, almost expressionless, which was a bit unnerving, even confusing. She was a hard woman to read.

At last however, once she was entirely and completely naked, Susan once again stood, leading her over to the massage table as she climbed on top of it. Once she had done so, Susan now began removing her clothes, even taking a moment to nod in my direction.

A signal I now knew, meaning I could remove my clothes as well, if I really wished to. I figured there probably wouldn’t be another time I could do so, unless I did it now. Which I did, just as Susan herself finished undressing. She soon walked around to the opposite side of the table, which gave me a total and complete unobstructed view of everything. She poured some oil into her hands, and onto Helen’s body, and then began what I knew to be one of Susan’s very, very sensual massages.

“How’s that feeling?” Susan asked as her hands glided over the woman’s somewhat flattened out, but still bulky breasts. They were slick, and slippery with oil by now, and I could easily hear it as Susan made it obvious in her manipulations. Something that Helen obviously enjoyed hearing.

“It feels nasty,” Helen responded in kind. “I like the sound my tits make as you caress and play with them,” she added to that. “It sounds like lots and lots of wet slippery pussies doesn’t it?” She questioned.

“It sounds just like your pussy, and mine, when they’re sliding against one another,” Susan teased, now running her hand down between Helen’s legs where she spent a moment or two, obviously finger-fucking her, once again making more sound as she did, making it obvious.

“Put another finger in me,” Helen told her. “Finger-fuck me, stretch me,” she moaned, and then added. “Does David’s cock stretch your pussy?” She asked. “Do you like the way it feels going in?”

“Yes, yes it does, and yes…I do,” Susan said, actually looking over towards me as she said that. Though so was Helen.

“Is it hard?” She asked. “Let me see it.” I spread my legs, removing my hand. I sat proud and firm. Though Helen didn’t give indication either way whether she had liked that or not. “Another one. Put in your hand,” she begged. “Fist me baby, fist me. Put your fucking fist up my fucking cunt!”

I could hear it as Susan did so. Helen obviously was a juicer. She didn’t really need any help getting that way.

“Are you getting nice and wet thinking about David’s cock? About fucking it?” She asked.

“Yes, very wet. I’m getting very, very wet thinking about it. Thinking about David’s hard, stiff cock!” Susan actually moaned. I noticed then that Helen had indeed dropped one of her hands, her fingers now worming their way inside Susan’s pussy as she stood there.

“Tit fuck me now!” Helen demanded. “Bet he can’t do that to you now can he?” She asked.

“No…he can’t,” Susan said almost apologetically, though without looking my way. Helen scooted herself towards the edge of the table now, her legs once again spread as she held them up like that herself. “Tit fuck me,” she asked again, as Susan cupped one of her own breasts, placing it against Helen’s wet juicy cunt.

I watched as Susan rubbed it, pressed it, and then moved it up and down, almost furiously against the woman’s cunt. She was delirious with pleasure. “Sit on my face! Sit on my face!” She now demanded with much urgency. And once again, Susan complied, waiting for Helen to move back up further onto the table as Susan scooted up herself, finally lowering her pussy over Helen’s face, but not before placing what appeared to be a rather good-sized glass dildo in the woman’s hand. I now watched as Helen slid the toy into herself, and began working it, all the while obviously, and with much relish, licking and sucking away at Susan’s cunt.

Admittedly, I sat there stroking my cock. There was no need for additional lubricant for myself. I was making plenty of it, and even went so far as to stroke it in such a way that they both could hear me doing it. Maybe it would piss her off, make her mad, but I really didn’t care much. Nothing had been said about me making any cock-noise, so I continued. To my surprise, it seemed to intensify Helen’s pleasure however.

“Can you hear that?” Helen spoke, actually taking the time to turn her head off to one side to look at me. “I can hear his cock juice,” Helen said again. “He’s getting horny watching us, listening to us, isn’t he?” She asked no one in particular, though she now indicated that she wanted to do something else.

“Time to fuck you, and you fuck me,” Helen announced. Obviously they had done this before, so it didn’t take much by way of adjustments to get into the all too familiar position they enjoyed while doing this. I was a little surprised however that they could still manage it on the massage table.

It was a lot sturdier than I thought. Now cunt to cunt, legs crossing over like scissors, they pressed themselves against one another, slipping and sliding together like that, humping one another. I stood up for the first time, once again not quite sure how this would be received, though I recalled Susan saying I could in fact walk around. So I did so, wanting a closer look, stepping towards the table, though not too close, not wanting to invade whatever invisible barrier existed.

“Oh, he likes that doesn’t he? He likes seeing our hot, wet cunts pressing together doesn’t he?” Helen continued. “He can hear them squishing against one another too. I can still hear his cock juice in fact, same as he can hear ours. I wonder…can he smell us as well. Can you smell our nasty, stinky sweet cunts rubbing together David?” She asked, though I had no intention of answering of course.

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